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BB19 Jessica and Cody engaged


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  • BB19 Jessica and Cody engaged

    In case anyone is interested, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (Jody) of BB19 is engaged.

    BB has another engaged couple.


    Congrats to those two.

    There. I said something nice about BB19

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    Did anyone else realize they were already doing The Amazing Race? Somehow, I missed it til I saw them in commercials the other day.

    Anyway, congrats, hopefully, they bring out the best in each other, they both need it!


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      I know right

      Umm, I did hear about the Amazing Race shortly after the season ended. I caught the end of an episode the other day and they were in the final 4. They have been kicking butt offscreen.

      I hope BB doesn't bring back any former houseguests though. Unless it is an AllStars episode again. Paul in Season 19 and Season 18 were the worst. I would rather see all newbies or all vets.


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        I just want people who want to play, and not people who want to be famous, or just want "to make it to jury!" Preferably, of all ages and backgrounds, and not just a bunch of "hot" twenty somethings, with one requisite geek and one "oldie".

        If they're going to do All Stars or other returnees, I'd rather see people from earlier seasons, who we haven't seen in a while, or people who went home early, and didn't have time for us to get sick of them. No other repeaters, no Paul and Nicole or Mama Day and Frank, etc.


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          Agreed! I think this is why Celeb BB is very enjoyable, they are gaming hard and there are no showmances and no super young. Heck Ari and James are hardcore playing but they aren't trying to bed each other down. Even though Jody is a showmance, it looked like they wanted to play and were shunned for not wanting to follow the leader. BB has to change its casting format and stop attempting to appeal to the super young by showmances and pretty faces. Maybe casting should be set up outside a sports practice site or something LOL.

          I do think an All Stars with people from older seasons is the smartest option.


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            Congratulation to them, I'm so very happy for this couple. Wishing them a very happy beginning. They were treated like dirt on BB and yet they persevered.
            The only contestant IMO the played a great great game was in Season 16........Derrick the police officer. No more Frankie Grande's, or Paul............ever.


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              You're right, no Paul's or Frankie's. They have to cut their losses with them.

              I never saw Derrick's game but I heard that it was quite crafty. I wish that their casting would really get it together. People game really hard when they are duking it out for the prize, not just waiting for jury.

              Looks like we'll be seeing Jody as BB guests at least.

              Oh, not sure if you all know but Dani Donato (or whatever her new last name is), her and Dominic are expecting their 1st child this summer too. Another BB baby.


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                Is anyone watching Jess and Cody on The Amazing Race tonight? Final 3, last task. I wasn't their biggest fan, but I still kinda hope they win. Cody has a kid, and doesn't seem well off, and I imagine Jess has champagne tastes, lol.


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                  Yes, Lanfear, I caught bits and pieces of them and they were awesome.

                  They won Amazing Race!

                  I am so happy for Jessica and Cody!
                  Who knew that this awful BB19 experience would allow them to win 1 million dollars and get engaged. Major Congrats!!!!


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                    OMG 80sBaby, I'm so happy for them. I usually watch Amazing Race and I didn't this time . Yes, the BB19 experience was damn awful........I share your Major Congrats!!


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                      Looking at some of the footage of their journey, I am just stomped at how much I appreciate them and their strength in challenges.

                      I know that they may not have been super great in the BB house during the whole time, but they are really good and cute and it is exciting to see them enjoy these great things that are happening for them. I am just still in shock at them winning all around.


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                        Hey 80'sbaby, Penelope, and Lanfear, my BigBrother friends'! It's been a loooong time since I came here to this part of SOC...Good to be back..

                        I never liked these two when they were on BB, I believe it was the season before last,season 18 when they were on.

                        I did watch them take the win on AMAZING RACE!!! I found myself rooting for the couple all the way. When Jessicca finaly beat that other guy in the last leg of the race, I screamed with joy, as if I was the winner! LOL..

                        Jessica was also on B&B, they brought in Cody too. I kinda like them now.
                        Last edited by tvaddict4965; June 30, 2018, 01:07 PM.


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                          Waving hi to're a sight for sore eyes. Cody fell hook, line and sinker for Jessica as soon as he saw her, he was a goner and his game lost in BB. Sorry I missed AR when they were on . Wishing them every success for their future. Hope you're watching's interesting and NO returnees!!


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                            HI TVAddict! We missed you!

                            I think I had a bit of sympathy for them when they were bullied on BB and I wished them well. But as time went on, they began to be a couple that I found myself rooting for, more and more. I hate showmances, especially during the show, but I will admit, I am super happy for them.


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                              Jessica and Cody are pregnant!

                              I just saw Jessica's instagram and they are a smokin hott couple (this is so shallow). They are getting married soon and the Casting Producer of BB (Robyn Kass) is marrying them.


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