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BBCELEB US Live Feeds & Updates (this thread contains spoilers)


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  • SPOILER! BBCELEB US Live Feeds & Updates (this thread contains spoilers)

    So apparently the feeds are up already I'm behind guys.

    If anyone gets the scoop on the Live Feeds, spill it in here

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    So far it appears that the women are getting along

    There was a competition and these individuals appear to be safe (not sure how safe, how long they're safe or what they are safe from?! lost here lol): Brandi, Ariadna and Shannon...not sure who else is safe or what happened! LOL


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      HOH is unconfirmed but there is speculation that it is one of the girls and Rudy Huxtable, I mean Keisha

      From Hamsterwatch:
      Unconfirmed, as of now:
      Someone is HOH (one of the girls)
      Chuck, James are nominated
      Shannon holds veto

      There is also internet buzz that Omarosa has a good social game so far.

      ETA: It appears that this information appeared because CBS allowed a sneak peek at the feeds for several minutes on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe it was to generate buzz for the show since the cast is a mix of meh and interesting. LOL
      Last edited by 80sBaby; February 7, 2018, 06:52 AM. Reason: Added why the feeds were up


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        Keshia is HOH
        Chuck, James were nominated
        Shannon won veto/did not use
        Ariadna, James are dressed as babies until Wednesday night


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          Thanks Penelope!

          Here are some updates from last night, Brandi is acting a fool with alcohol:

          James had a quick chat with Ross about his position on the block with Chuck. James explained to Ross that he and Chuck had tried to make a deal not to come after Keshia and Shannon, yet they didn’t take it. James thinks that they wont take a deal from him alone if they turned down a two person deal. James said they keep making up BS reasons for why he is on the block, and it will be nothing to do with game if he ends up going over Chuck. Ross suggested that James promise the moon and the sun, then stick to his word as much as possible. James said he is fine with going to the end with strong competitors if need be, should he have to promise to leave certain people until last. James told Ross he believes that he has a few votes already.

          Brandi was drinking throughout the night. Out in the yard, where the majority of the houseguests were hanging out, Brandi brought up that Chuck and James said they are going after her because she knows the game. Mark questioned it. Brandi said the two of them went to Shannon to say that. Chuck denied it. Minutes later, Shannon pulled Brandi aside to say that she told her these things in confidence. Brandi said it doesn’t matter since the guys see Shannon as their biggest threat either way. Shannon pleaded with Brandi to not throw her under the bus or bring up her name. Shannon headed inside. She quickly said to the cameras that she will be out next week unless her alliance wins, because Brandi is drunk and throwing her under the bus. Back out in the yard, Brandi again told Chuck and James that she heard they are after her, which is why she is after them. Brandi’s allies eventually got her to head to bed. Keshia spoke to the guys in attempt to smooth things over. She said this is what happens whenever Brandi has liquor. Keshia mentioned that Brandi was even calling her “Rudy Huxtable”. James and Keshia agreed that Brandi’s attacks were not game related. In the bedroom, Brandi told her allies that she felt alive for the first time in eight days since she was able to speak the truth. Ariadna pointed out that people are getting angry. Brandi was not concerned about that. She said that they are all feeling the same way about the guys. Shannon said they are worried about the guys getting in power, though Brandi said they don’t have a chance. Back outside, James told Mark that he will be a little relieved if he ends up going home. James explained that he does not like the pettiness. He told Mark that he has a strategy for tomorrow. If it is unsuccessful, James said he will be relieved to get out of the house. Up in the HoH room, Keshia and Omarosa discussed that they have to do better in terms of managing the alcohol that Brandi gets.

          In the bathroom, Omarosa attempted to refocus the girls alliance. She told Ari, Marissa and Shannon that they need to be ready for HoH, so they need to study, be disciplined, and be prepared. James spoke to Ross about the upcoming vote. He asked if people will go along with what Keshia or Shannon want if they are the ones making the decisions. Ross said he imagines that that would be the case. James thinks he already has two votes in Mark and Metta. James said he would only need to get two more if Ross votes in his favour. It was discussed that James could talk to Keshia and/or Shannon in attempt to strike a deal. Ross later filled Shannon in on James’ plan to talk to her and to Keshia. James also briefly talked things over with Marissa, who later compared notes with Ross. They both agreed that they have always liked James, but Marissa said she thinks it is too late for him at this point.


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            Shannon won veto/did not use
            Ariadna, James are dressed as babies until Wednesday night


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              Last night's HOH went very long, and when they came back up, Ross was HOH, and Omarossa was in the hospital. Apparently, she had an asthma attack, and no word yet if she's coming back.


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                Ross and Omarosa .........Are we taking bets???


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                  Well from what I read Omarosa returned just in time for Ross to nominate: Keshia and Omarosa are nominated


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                    Thanks for sharing guys, I've been so busy and it is moving so fast

                    There is quite a bit of drama I see.

                    I read some tidbits here and there and I think for a moment, Ross was thinking of backdooring Shannon because he thinks if anyone sits next to Omarosa during the F2 they will win.

                    Omarosa and Keisha may get into it pretty soon, I read a LFU and Keisha was talking to Mark saying that she found out why people turned on her and said it was because of Omarosa. I don't know what the heck is going on, it is all of this back and forth craziness.

                    I am picking up that Ross is insecure, he was complaining that people weren't happy he was HOH and that people haven't really been in his HOH room when he has invited everyone. LOL.

                    Excited to see tonight's show. Drama


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                      I've noticed the house seems a bit cleaner this time around. Do you reckon these folks actually clean, or that they have people come in to clean up during feed downtimes, like when it was down so long after HOH comp?


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                        Hahaha, I wouldn't be surprised if they did hire someone to clean. It is extremely clean in there.

                        But then again there are less houseguest (thank goodness) and they probably brought less for the 3 weeks.

                        Metta has really surprised me, I thought he would be more fiesty. Maybe I hadn't paid attention to him since his fight waaaaay back in the day. LOL But anyway he is chill, aloof and I love it

                        Holy Moly lots of drama with trying to back door Shannon.


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                          Live Feed Updates:
                          • Keisha learns Shannon's role in saying that her and Chuck were working together: Keshia asked Marissa who spearheaded the movement to get Chuck out. She asked if it was Shannon. Marissa said 100%. Keshia asked if it was Omarosa too. Marissa said no. Keshia then asked if Omarosa was in any of their meetings. Marissa said no and told Keshia that Omarosa knew nothing. Marissa and Ross then discussed that Omarosa needs to go over Keshia if nominations stay the same. Ross said Ariadna is the one who they have to convince cause she is saying that Keshia is the bigger threat. Marissa said they can’t be acting crazy today since they don’t want James and Shannon to know that anything is up. Ross had second thoughts about backdooring Shannon. Ross said it would put a huge target on his back. He thinks James would come after him, and Keshia and Omarosa might as well. Marissa said Keshia wouldn’t. Meanwhile, Omarosa told Keshia that Shannon will be known as the girl who ruined the girls alliance. Omarosa said Shannon constructed the whole Keshia is working with Chuck thing. Omarosa then said she will be embarrassed if the Pillsbury doughboy wins the game, given that she called it from the beginning that Ross was playing both sides. When Keshia asked who Omarosa thinks will go up if one of them wins the veto, Omarosa said it might be Metta to complete the black trifecta.

                          • Discussion on who is the best choice to evict: James pitched to Marissa that Keshia should be the one to go this week. Marissa said there are pros and cons to both. She said what scares her about Omarosa is that she used the race card with Shannon. Marissa said she is unpredictable in that sense, and she could say something to mess up someone’s life in the outside world.
                          • Nominee replacement discussion: While a group of people were up in the HoH room, the potential replacement nominee was being discussed. Ross said Metta is the only option cause he doesn’t want to put one of their allies up as a pawn. Shannon pointed out that it could look bad if Ross does that, referring to the comments that have been made that it is about race. Shannon mentioned that Mark already offered to be a pawn once before. She said James could be used as well, seeing as they have the votes no matter who it is. In the storage room, Marissa let Keshia know that Ariadna, Brandi and herself are in on the plan to backdoor Shannon. Keshia said she doesn’t think that that’s the plan. Marissa said she heard it from Ross himself. Keshia advised Marissa to be careful. In the bedroom, Ross asked Mark if they should put Metta up if the veto is used. Mark said he is willing to go on the block if needed. Marissa was in the room and said she doesn’t think she knows what the plan is. She mentioned thinking she is actually on the outside. Ross said it seems pretty clear to him and she knows everything that he does. Marissa said they both might be on the outs then. Talks then shifted to Shannon. It was discussed that they may never get a better chance to take her out than they have this week. Ross said they will have the numbers as long as Ariadna and Brandi are on board. Mark said James would be on board for sure, cause he wants to win the game. Mark said now is the time to strike at Shannon when she is not expecting it. Ross quickly reported back to Brandi that Mark is on board with targeting Shannon this week, even saying that he himself would have done it had he won HoH.
                          • Omarossa believes Shannon could be backdoored: Keshia and Omarosa briefly spoke in the bedroom. Omarosa said she really thinks they have a backdoor plan. Omarosa suggested that Keshia should look at the shade being thrown Shannon’s way. She thinks the backup plan is either Shannon or Metta, since people know that Keshia will be targets anyway. Omarosa brought up that Shannon is no longer even hiding what an expert at the game she is. Keshia said getting her out would be the smart move, though she isn’t sure if they would actually do it.


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                            Live Feed Updates continued
                            • Ross plotting: Ross told Marissa the worst thing that could possibly happen right now is that James or Shannon catch wind of what’s happening and then they cannot follow through with the plan to get her out. Marissa told Ross he doesn’t have to backdoor Shannon if he doesn’t want to. Ross said he doesn’t know if the time is right. However, he said it will be hard not to do it if they get the chance. Ross mentioned that James and Shannon will know something is up if he doesn’t pick one of them if he pulls the houseguest’s choice chip. Ross said he is going to pick James. Ross headed up to the HoH room. He asked James who he thinks he should pick to play. James said either he or Shannon. Ross pulled Shannon upstairs to ask the same. He suggested that she might get a bigger target on her back if she plays and has to win. Shannon said her target can’t get any bigger, though he can pick James if he wants. The houseguests were eventually informed that the veto competition is tomorrow. In front of everyone, Metta said Omarosa is most likely to get evicted. Everyone quickly said Metta has not talked to anyone about this. Metta initially said he would leave Omarosa, not Keshia, up on the block if he wins veto, then he switched and said he would take her down since she is more likely to go.
                            • James wants Keisha out: James, Marissa, Mark, Ross and Shannon discussed the plan for tomorrow’s eviction. James and Shannon pushed for Keshia to go. Mark agreed. Ross said he wants Omarosa out. Shannon said that is an emotional decision. Ross said it’s not since Omarosa is after him. James said that’s not a fair decision since Keshia is after him. Ross clarified that he is putting his opinion out there but they can all talk and then reach a consensus. Ross and Mark momentarily left the room. Ross said they have been playing Shannon’s game the whole time and she always has a motive when she is pushing for something. He said they have to stop playing Shannon’s game.
                            • Ross is in the thick of it LOL: In the kitchen. Ross let Keshia know he will seriously consider another option if he has that option. He told her he hopes that she wins the veto. Keshia told Ross he can’t be afraid. She explained that if the move is not made, whoever is HoH will never actually be HoH. Ross asked Keshia if they could work together if the other option happened. Keshia said absolutely. Ross then spoke to Brandi to fill her in on the group wanting Keshia out. Ross admitted he doesn’t have a good argument that he can say in front of the group, because his argument for wanting Omarosa out is that she is still working with Shannon. Ross said Keshia will be leaving if nominations stay the same. Up in the HoH room, Marissa and Ross discussed that they would like to get Omarosa out if nominations stay the same. However, Ross said they will use the veto on Keshia in order to backdoor Shannon if they have the chance. Ross headed back down to talk to Ariadna and Brandi. He asked them to say they will vote Keshia out just to avoid conflict. He explained that he doesn’t want to get into a big discussion in which their faces could potentially give something away about the true plan to backdoor Shannon. Ariadna, Brandi and Ross then joined James, Mark and Shannon to talk things over. Brandi threw it out there that Omarosa used the race card and she may continue to do so if she stays. James said that has nothing to do with the game. Shannon said Omarosa has dropped that. Brandi said she will go along with what the group wants. Ross told them he was being emotional and he is fine with Keshia going, though he would like for Omarosa to be next. They agreed that they will vote Keshia out if nominations stay the same.
                            • Ross playing the game LOL: Ross asked Brandi if it’s stupid to go against someone who is in their alliance. Brandi asked if he is talking about Shannon. When Ross said yeah, Brandi said no. She said the alliance is over after tomorrow. Ross said he can’t decide if backdooring Shannon is stupid or smart. Brandi said it’s smart and has to be done. Ross asked what he should do if he gets houseguest’s choice. Brandi said he will have to pick Shannon. Ross agreed. He said he at least will feel better about making the move if Shannon loses the veto.


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                              Live Feeds Update (3/3) This all occurred on 2/11:
                              • Brandi is WOKE to Ross and Marissa's game. LOL: Brandi told Ariadna that the problem with Marissa is she is friends with both sides. Brandi said both Marissa and Ross are playing both sides. The two discussed that they would prefer to have Keshia stay over Omarosa.
                              • Ross backpedaling: Ross told Ariadna and Brandi that he can’t sacrifice himself by taking Shannon out. He said he will be the next to go if he makes that move. Marissa joined them. Ross explained that he has crunched the numbers and there is no way that he stays next week if he takes Shannon out unless one of the three of them win HoH. Brandi argued that Shannon is after Ross anyway. Ross said it wont be for a couple more evictions. They eventually discussed having Ross pull James aside if they are going to take Shannon out. He would then tell James to vote Shannon out and throw the HoH competition, or else he is going up and going home. When Ross left the room, Ariadna, Brandi and Marissa agreed that Shannon has to go. Brandi said Ross doesn’t realize that he is a target no matter what. Brandi said everyone sees Ross playing both sides. She added that Marissa is doing it a bit too. Marissa headed up to the HoH room. Ross asked what she really thinks. Marissa said take Shannon out and make a deal with James. Ariadna and Brandi joined them. Brandi said if they can’t get Shannon out tomorrow, it’s probably not going to happen. Brandi reiterated that Ross is a target either way. Ross said he needs Brandi to talk to Keshia in order to get her word that she will work with them and she will stop saying that a woman must win. Ross said he will sleep on it.
                              • Ross, Ari, Brandi: In the event that nominations stay the same, Ross had decided they should go with what the rest of the alliance wants in terms of keeping Omarosa. Ariadna and Brandi convinced Ross that it is not smart to give up a number in Keshia. Ross continued to talk about how he will be the one to go if it doesn’t work out. He pointed out that he is now being held hostage since he went from saying that they will see what happens with the veto to now being in a position where he has no choice but to split the alliance. Ross expects that James, Shannon and Mark will not get on board with keeping Keshia. Ross eventually told Ariadna that it’s decided. He said they will try to get rid of Shannon. If that fails, he said they will split the alliance and keep Keshia.


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