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Thoughts on BB19 House Guests


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  • Thoughts on BB19 House Guests

    By now, we should have some idea of who we like, dislike and why.
    Here are my thoughts. I adore Raven; I think she is sparkly, upbeat and beautiful. Her partner Matthew is 10 years older than her, but them seem to get along quite well.
    Dominique has got to have the whitest teeth that I've ever seen. I'm sure someone will sign her up for commercials for teeth .
    I also adore Kevin, the father of 7 who seems to have a calming effect on the houseguests and the go to guy for advice.
    Try as I might, I just don't like Paul and the houseguests need to think of him as a big threat.
    Cody IMO is unemotional as it gets and certainly not a player. His HOH stay showed his true colours.

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    I agree, I really like Raven and she really does have a positive attitude, especially considering her serious health issues. I also like Matt and think they make a cute couple. He seems like a nice guy.
    Dominique is really pretty and appears to be very level-headed and tries to be the peacemaker and the one to calm others down; she really gave Josh some good advice after Cody & Jessica jumped on his case after the last eviction. Yeah, she should be offered a teeth whitening commercial. lol
    Kevin seems to get along with just about everyone in the house...even Cody. He's certainly the dad figure.
    Mark and Elena as a couple? I get the feeling he's more into her than she is into him. IDK. They're OK, I guess.
    Alex is a very strong competitor. She was giving Jason some game advice the other night to help him out.
    Jason - I'm not sure how I feel about him at the moment. He's one of the few in the house who still communicates with Cody and Jessica. Alex advised that he needed to distance himself from "Jody" and especially stop talking to Cody of returning to house after his eviction because it's getting back to other HGs and could work against Jason. Jason told Alex that once Cody is gone, he will have nothing to do with Jessica.
    Ramses - don't care for him that much. He seems to be very sneaky... as in slinking around trying to listen in on other HGs convos without their knowledge. He's sketchy in my book. I think he's next on radar to be placed on the block after Cody is out. JMO
    Josh - did not care for him at all at the beginning of the show. Didn't like how he attacked Megan like he did, although he did end up apologizing to her one-on-one later one. He appeared super sensitive. However, he got back what he dished out from Jessica & Cody for flipping his vote to keep Christmas in the house. He's not a fave, but there are others I dislike more than him at the moment.
    Christmas - I like her; it's too bad she injured her foot and can't compete as well in comps that involve strong physical activity. Cody really messed up by blindsiding her and putting her on the block.
    Jessica - I feel a tad sorry for her... just a tad though. She aligned herself up with Cody, and mainly Cody, and now it appears he's probably going to be evicted, she's got nobody else in the house as she and Cody have both isolated themselves from all the other HGs. Not sure how she'll handle being in the house with Cody gone.
    Cody - Just don't like him that much. LOL He's scary and just way too intense in this game.
    And lastly.... Paul. I really disliked him last season, but I'm tolerating him more this season. I'd have to say that IMO, Paul is the lesser of the two evils when it comes to him and Cody. Cody acted like such an asshat from the get-go, so I'm glad Paul is getting the better of him. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Cody will probably win the battle back competition and will be returning to the house after he's evicted.

    Anyhoo, that's my current assessment of the BB HGs. However, it could change depending on how things go in the house. LOL


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      I'm liking Cody less and less all the time. Even from the start, I found him way too intense and just sour faced. The way he'd just give that blank stare whenever someone would try to talk to him. Like, how can you play a game with someone like that? And my opinion hasn't improved one whit since his plans got derailed. He's mad at Paul for not even giving him a chance to get himself off the block, when he tried to do the exact same thing to Paul! It's only the temptation that kept it from happening, not some big sense of fair play.

      I'll be interested to see how Jessica is once Cody is out, but I didn't really like her from the start, either. She just comes across as that typical "mean girl", very stuck up and into herself.

      Matt is decent, if maybe a bit dull. Seems like a good guy. Raven is fun and cute and bubbly. Elena needs to wear a bra! I think she looks better without all her makeup. She seems ok, nothing to really dislike so far.

      Mark seems like a bit of a meathead. I dunno, not too bright. Same with Josh. I think Josh seems to have settled down a bit, but they aren't showing him much, even on BBAD. Last night shooting pool was the most I'd seen. (granted, I don't watch every night)

      Ramses- one of my kids called him Urkel, and now I can't unsee that. I keep waiting on him to say "did I do that?" I agree, he's a bit sneaky, and he just seems so much younger than everyone else. I know he's only 19, but he looks more like 15!

      Paul is fun, but seems a bit powermad right now. I like Christmas a lot, I think Jason is a hoot and a half, and Keven is a favorite. He's such a total dad, it's great. Alex is fun, too. Dom hasn't gotten much screen time on the show, or even BBAD. She seems calm, from what I've seen. No drama, no major attitude.

      I guess, so far, the only ones I really dislike are Cody and Jessica, still waiting to see more of Dom, Ramses, and Josh to form a better opinion.


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        Cody and Jessica actually mingled around with some of the other HGs last night on BBAD. For a little while, they were hanging around Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena and Dom, in the bathroom/shower area. Cody seemed more laid back than I'd ever seen him. (Maybe b/c Paul, Josh & Christmas were in other areas of the house?) I thought he'd be in a real sour mood as I had read that yesterday is when Paul replaced Josh on the block with Cody, but he was behaving like a normal HG and was more jovial than I've ever seen him. He even admitted he had lied about his age when he first introduced himself to the HGs on the first day. He said he was 32 yo instead of 28. IMO, it's only 4 yrs difference, so not a really big deal, but I'm not sure why he did it in the first place. Anyhoo! lol


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          It's a shame that Cody didn't portray himself in this light hearted way and maybe he wouldn't have found himself on the block.
          Josh needs to stop being confrontational all the time. He's certainly putting a target on himself.
          Ramses is way too young for this group!


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