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Random thoughts so far


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  • Penelope P
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2007
    • 11505

    Random thoughts so far

    I'll start of by saying how much I adore James and Natalie's friendship.....they are too cute.
    Still don't like Paul, never will.
    I wish you all could see the set of BB Canada....it rocks and their nomination ceremony is fascinating.
    Do I think that Frank was out of line with Mamma Day? Absolutely and disrespectful and I'm sure BB spoke with him. I believe his apology was sincere with no game play in mind. That being said, I still like Frank and have never been a fan of Momma Day who is a DIVA IMO.
    Nice to finally see a HOH say "Who wants to see my HOH?"
    Finally, why can't they keep the house clean?.....LOL!!
  • jcwalk
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2004
    • 11840

    Although i can be hard on Frank, i still like him. I think the Frank/Day thing got out of hand, because although disrespectful Day could have stopped him the 1st time (and not giggled like it was okay, if that's how she felt). I don't think Frank meant it, in a disrespectful way (this is the other part of why i can't completely hold this against Frank). Now it still bugs me all the jumping in the beds that Bridgette and company do. Why doesn't BB make them stop doing that, these are grown women? I like James and i wish i though Natalie really liked him, because i think James thinks she does.


    • SunsetFan2011
      Contract Poster
      • Aug 2015
      • 3107

      I'm confused about Natalie and her relationship with James. I thought when the HGs go into the Diary Room, they go there to express their true thoughts about their game play and how they truly feel about others in the BB house. Why go into the DR only to lie about how she feels about another HG and to the audience that is watching? What purpose does that serve? Didn't Natalie state in the DR last night that she liked James and he's the type of guy she'd date outside the house? Did I hear her correctly on that? Why would she say this in the DR and then turn around and tell another HG that she's just using James? Sorry for all the questions, but I don't get her reasons for doing that.... can anyone clue me in here on what they believe is really going on with her thought process? I really like James and I don't like Natalie possibly leading him to believe she's interested in him and likes him and might have his back, while she's actually playing/using him to further her game. I don't watch the live feeds, so I don't know what all is going on in the house, except for what I read on this board and what is aired on CBS on Wed., Thurs., and Sunday nights. I really hope someone steps up and lets James know what Natalie said.


      • He'sAliveToday
        Senior Board Member
        • Jul 2011
        • 1854

        ^^^Yes, I agree with all of you all’s thoughts AND questions. My number one question is for CBS: Why didn’t you have segment on Paulie and Zakiyah’s heat?? There is noheat in neither Corey/Nicole nor James/Natalie. There’s something underlying there unless they felt there wasn’t enough time in the show to fully convey this heat in Paulie/Zakiyah.

        I really thought they would address it during Paulie’sHOH. They generally have a question or two for the HOH during the live show, but they didn’t do this for Paulie andthey neglected to acknowledge his thirst for Zakiyah and vice versa.

        Now, what I AM glad they did was give us a clearer understanding of the Frank/Da’ beef. Like Penelope, I was never a fan of Da’, but I gave the time of day (pun, teehee) last time she was on because I enjoyed her and Jason’s bantering and connection.

        This season, Da’ is sour grapes to me. I believe she’s been frustrated by the fact that there are couples in the house that don’t include her… she’s frustrated that she does not like her hair (no one told you to do that)… Personally, I believe she’s feeling slighted by the attention the other girls (especially Zak)are getting… and she’s super frustrated that she’s not winning anything. I believe she took the opportunity to use the house’s Frank-targeting to unleash and release her frustrations. She was ready to blow anyways, Frank's disrespect came at a perfect time.

        Now, I’ve seen with my own eyes the context in which he called the girls names and did the butt slapping. And after the dude apologized, Da’ was stillin her feelings saying she was going to “Get his azz”. Well, I’ve got my popcorn waiting to see you get his azz. But, I’d like to see you get it WITHOUT special favors from those that “throw” comps.


        • bbgamer
          Senior Board Member
          • Apr 2013
          • 1569

          Originally posted by jcwalk View Post
          Although i can be hard on Frank, i still like him. I think the Frank/Day thing got out of hand, because although disrespectful Day could have stopped him the 1st time (and not giggled like it was okay, if that's how she felt). I don't think Frank meant it, in a disrespectful way (this is the other part of why i can't completely hold this against Frank). Now it still bugs me all the jumping in the beds that Bridgette and company do. Why doesn't BB make them stop doing that, these are grown women? I like James and i wish i though Natalie really liked him, because i think James thinks she does.
          Wait you still like Frank who acts like a 12 year old boy with no impulse control but the girls jumping on the beds need to grow up? Okay then. Let's not forget he is 32 and they are in their early 20's.

          Since when should a grown man of 32 be told he should NOT slap a woman on the butt? Since when should a grown man be told that he should not insult women they way he does?

          And no IMO he was not sincere with his apology. Not half a day went by before he was saying they had go get rid of Day because she was too emotional. He had no problem with her UNTIL she stood up to him.

          That is why Tiffany is in danger this week. She stood up to Frank and he said she was too emotional (this was after he "apologized" to her)


          • 80sBaby
            Senior Board Member
            • Aug 2009
            • 2466

            Great Thread Penelope!

            So far, this group has been interesting. I'm over roadkill and the teams. And I HATE SHOWMANCES ruling the house. I really liked Zakiyah and Paulie but now Paulie is so cocky and I think he has an agenda with the girls . I hate when women get played on these shows AND play themselves with all of this inner bickering. This show should be disected in every freshmans Sociology courseor Womens Studies lol.

            Dislikes: Bridgette/PAUL/Tiffany/Nicole/Corey
            Paul: he lies alot and will float to the end if someone like James does not stop him. James is on to Paul's lies and is very wary of him.
            Tiffany: It's just too muchI wish the girls would have stuck together, but I'm also glad her madness is exposed. When she talks it sounds so much like Vanessa and her stories.
            Bridgette: she will slip through the cracks too if they don't watch her. I don't like it that she is so gullible that it seems like she doesn't have a brain cell in her body. The giggle and all. Over her.
            Nicole/Corey: Shelli and Clay, need I say more #BYENICOREY....seriously, Nicole is so smitten that it is disgusting and I think he is playing her so much b/c he is in love with ALL of the guys.

            UNDECIDED: Big Meech (Michelle)/Frank/Paulie
            Michelle: I was really rooting for her at first, because I thought she was a superfan, playing them all with her ditziness but now I don't know. She may make it far b/c she is very likeable, has an in with everyone and currently not on anyones radar.
            Frank: I don't hate, despise him nor can I call him a fave. His game play was smart until her ran his mouth too much and people decided to show him he was not the boss. Him being pissed is funny, alot of what comes out of his mouth is funny but I go back and forth with him. LOL
            Paulie: Another one that I do not hate, despise nor can call a fave. He has had great gameplay so far but now he has become cocky. Plus I can't tell if he is using my girl truly or not he likes her, but I don't think he wants her in the end with him.

            Like: James/Natalie/Zakiyah/Day

            James: rooting for him b/c he is always honest and loyal. I just wish he would get his head out of the clouds and not be so wrapped up in a girl all the time.
            Natalie: she seems like a nice person in life, I HOPE she is not playing James but she has less drama than any female in the house.
            Day/Zakiyah: I like Zakiyah and hopes she gets more focused in the game, she is sweet, funny and very charismatic.
            I may be in the minority here but I don't mind Day again (never despised or hated her, just became disappointed last season). I think she has changed a little BUT she is also playing a little too hard. I don't think she is jealous of the girls and the showmances, I think she KNOWS that they are getting distracted and will be used. Which to her point, unfortunately, they are, the guys continue to plot their way to the end and dropping the girls and are in the girls heads planting seeds and the girls have not been strong since they have been swayed by the DI'm so disappointed. I really wanted to like Nicole but for some reason, she became very dependent on Corey and if it were Corey vs any of her girl alliance she would sell them up a river. I do like Zakiyah alot but I think she has admitted building a relationship with Paulie is more of her concern than winning, while his is vice versa. So, to be honest, I think she sees right through it and let the girls have their fun. I remember once, Zakiyah was chatting with her about the Paulie alliance and Day told her (saw the video, in a nice motherly way) to worry about her game and so Zakiyah delve more into Paulie and since Corey was buddy buddy w/Paulie, her and Nicole began to bond with the showmances. I don't think there is jealousy on Day's part of the girls, I think she wants the boys gone so that Z and N can come back to the group and focus (but Nicole is GONE). So umm yeah, I'm not on the I hate Day train she is the talk of the house though. House talk about Day/Tiff/Frank goes on non-stop


            • Penelope P
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Feb 2007
              • 11505

              Bridgette.....I like her because she's a competitor and does what it takes even if she dislikes the task at hand (eg. trimming Paul's eyebrows )
              Corey.....Not much happening between his two ears........sorry
              Da'Vonne.....Didn't like her in the last BB and certainly not in this one. She's all talk and hasn't won anything to date. She should have made a true alliance with someone and stuck to it.
              James.....I will always love James because he's even tempered and treats women with respect......His playfulness makes watching BB a little better.
              Melanie.....She has image issues and should just concentrate on playing the game.
              Natalie.....Also a competitor and I sure hope she isn't playing James........we shall see.
              Nicole.....Whiney and irritating voice and showmances aren't helping her one bit.
              Paul.....Don't like him from the get go and he seems to have developed a "God" compex.
              Paulie.....Another one with a "God" complex and he certainly isn't like his brother.
              Victor.....Good competitor and I like that he respects the women in the house from what I've seen.
              Zakiya.....I absolutely have no words for her. For a woman to change her "napkin" in front of both sexes and then proceed the eat without washing ones hands is beyond belief. She also has a image problem.


              • SunsetFan2011
                Contract Poster
                • Aug 2015
                • 3107

                My favorites are James and Natalie at the moment. Like many others, I really hope she's not playing James. They are really cute together. I hope she has his back as much as he seems to have hers.

                Da'Vonne IMO is playing a bit better this season than she did during the last one. At least she's not as confrontational as she was the previous season. She seems to try to limit her rants and ravings to the DR instead of going off in front of everyone like before.

                Paul and Paulie seem like they are becoming one person - same haircuts, same type of clothing, etc. At the beginning I really liked Paulie, but he's so different from his brother in how he plays the game. He also seems to have gotten a big head, along with his BFF Paul. Paul is very talkative. Jabbers a lot.

                Michelle does appear to have image issues.... I don't understand why because she's such a cute gal and has a good figure.

                Nicole is very whiney at times. I don't understand her infatuation with Corey. He's OK appearance-wise, but as pointed out by someone else, he's not an Einstein by any stretch of the imagination. I think he is using Nicole for the game. And having Paulie as a bud certainly hasn't hurt his game either. I could be wrong, but Nicole and Zakiya seem to be more into the guys, than the guys are into them.

                Victor - I was glad when he left the house, but now that he's back, he's kind of keeping low key. I'm still on the fence with him.

                Zakiya - I don't watch the live feeds, but I was like "eww" when I read about the "napkin" incident, etc. Just gross.

                Natalie - She doesn't appear to stir up stuff in the house amongst the HGs as some of the other gals do. I haven't read too much negative stuff on the LF postings about her. Just hope she's not playing James as he's my man....lol

                James - He was one of my faves last season and I was very pleased to see him return this season. As someone else posted, I also like James' playfulness. He's a cutie and seems like a real nice guy. He's the one I would most like to see win this season.

                Bridgette - She's OK. I'm on the fence with her also. I don't dislike her, but she's not one of my faves either.


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