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  • 07/06/2016....#PowerOfFriendship!!!

    BWAAAAAA!!!! Tonight's show was one of the funniest BB eps EVER. The shady plays were funny, the Veto comp was hilarious, the Diaries were on point, and Paul faking the breakdown after his "Power of Friendship" spiel was surely laugh-out-loud material.

    I STILL want Vanessa to be the one to leave tomorrow AND I have to say that Paul is really trying to grow on me... perhaps like toe fungus, but he's setting in.

  • #2
    Yeah, Paul's not bothering me as much as he initially did either. Love the "toe fungus" analogy, too funny.

    I'm still trying to decide who my house favorite is at this point. So far, I'm really liking Paulie. I was also a fan of his brother Cody. Oh, and I still like James a lot. I guess those are my faves so far and who I'd like to see get pretty far in the game. Wasn't sad to see Victor leave last night, but he handled the eviction pretty well.


    • #3
      I also really enjoyed the show Wednesday, pretty funny. Paulie is becoming one of my favs too. I'm disappointed with Frank, but i also like James & Nicole. I"m Day also got to play the game again, hopefully she & the ladies starts winning some challenges.


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        I don't dislike Frank, but I think he's playing too hard, too soon.


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          ^Yes, I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying. and Lanfear, I'm especially on that page. I STILL like Frank. He's still my favorite in the house, but, yes, he is playing too hard, too fast, too bold.

          It's almost like Frank is saying: "THIS is how I'm going to play. Don't like it?? Check me, boo." I just hope he doesn't play himself.

          I like James and I like Paulie as well. I haven't made my mind up about any of the girls yet because they need to win some stuff to get my attention. That's why I loved Rachel so much (drop the rocks!!).


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