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What Future Changes Would You Like to See in BB?


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  • What Future Changes Would You Like to See in BB?

    1. My first choice would be No BOB
    2. Bring back Pandora's Box
    3. What if half of the group was voted by the viewers? IMO, Vanessa should never have played in BB17 (in part to promote her new show) because it showed her nasty side.
    4. Eradicate the ants after all these years.......please, they are not part of the hgs and besides it's just gross with their invasion into food etc.
    5. Penalties should be given to anyone that doesn't wash their hands before preparing food (especially chicken). It's just nasty.

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    I agree that they need to get rid of BOB. It gets all of the stronger players out of the game first, and you wind up with one strong person surrounded by a bunch of sheep. I'd also like to see the return of Pandora's Box and the food competitions, and casting needs to do a better job finding a diverse cast of BB fans, not RECRUITS.

    Finally, the biggest change that I would make involves the veto. Everyone would play for the veto now, NO MORE BACKDOORING, and I would throw in a twist of the winner not knowing the type of veto until just before the veto ceremony. It could be a regular veto where the veto winner could be the replacement nominee, a golden veto where the user cannot be nominated, a platinum veto where the user gets the pick the replacement nominee, or a coupe d'tat where the user can replace both nominees. This little twist would make it much more difficult for an alliance, or one person in the case the last two seasons, to totally control the game.


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      I really like both of your suggestions! And the veto switch would be so awesome, it would force them to deal with the situations both comp and social as they arrive instead of setting it up for the Vanessas. I co-sign the mandatory hand washing too!

      They should definitely get rid of the BOB.
      I'd copy the veto scenario mentioned above by ragincajun
      No more twin twists EVER. To me the concept doesn't seem that good at all. OR next time, if they are discovered, they get booted, not just survival of an amount of evictions. We all see how that went this go-roundA diverse cast of different backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender, AGE, etc and no more recruiting from dating sites
      Change up the actual comp games (HOH, POV) so that people like Steve, 'Nessa and others won't see it coming. Make them work for the money!They should have Have Not comps again, but get rid of slop. Bring back PB&J. I'm such a health freak and that bothers me to know that for a week, there is some garbage thrown together that could be unhealthy.

      Wishes of mine:
      Penalty noms for Showmances or foul sexual acts in the house (I know they can't do this, but it is just a preference of mine!) This is not the Bachelor or Bachelorette
      Can they please have an exterminator on hand? Ants, mice--> gross


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        Bravo to both posts for such insightful and well thought out ideas . I only hope that BB has learned what NOT to do and improves. One only has to go to You Tube and read the comments from the fans to know why they are unhappy.


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          I have lots to say, tomorrow when I'm not on my tablet. But for now I want to say, no more returning "favorites"! I could go the rest of my life without seeing Jesse, Freddie, and Brenchel. If you have to do this, get real fan favorites, not who they want to push on us.

          I also want them to bring back diversity, stop recruiting pretty, young people, and kill BotB. Too much time is spent at the beginning on those comps, and not enough on getting to know the players.

          I also love that veto idea.


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            The person who wins the veto should be able to pick the replacement nominee.


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