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Almost half way mark, as of right now who do you want to win BB17 ?


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  • Almost half way mark, as of right now who do you want to win BB17 ?

    My hope was for Jason, but that dream is over. I'm not overly impressed with any of them. But i'm kinda sorta liking Jackie & next is Becky. Atleast these two are trying, sometimes too hard, but they at least play to win. I think Vanessa & Austin are playing a decent game, but i don't like either. I hope to see Meg get her head in the game, soon (or she can pack her bags).

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    Can't stand either of them and Vanessa exhausts me with her constant chatter. You can add Liz, Shelli and Clay to the list. My hope is somehow Jackie scares them a little.


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      I'm with you JC, except for Becky, she is under their thumb right now .

      This cast is so ridiculous, I don't know who I'd like to win. Right now, I'm rooting for Jackie, mainly b/c I hate the 6th sense and their minions.

      I think JMac, Van, Shelli, hopefully Jackie might be able to win this.


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        I would like to see James and Jackie in the final two. Austin and his twins will probably make it though because they are not on any ones radar. I really dislike Vanessa. She wants to be treated one way and she treats others the opposite. Don't care for Shelli.


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          Welcome Swamp thing......totally agree about Vanessa and Shelli. It behooves me that they put in a wealthy poker player into the house.


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            Welcome Swamp thing!

            I never thought I would say this, but I'd like for James to win (Jackie is still #1 for me, thought I'd add James to the mix). This season really sucks, b/c the game play for all sucks, but Jackie and James are the lesser of evils to me. Meg has a great personality, but ummm yeah, no.

            I previoulsy thought Shelli, Van or JMac would win it, b/c of their edits and Van and Shelli's manipulations. But now that Shelli and Van are on the block, I don't think either will win. Both have been exposed for their ratchet game play.


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              My number 1 pick, gone

              I thought BB would just have someone in the house and not necessarily return to the game. As she talked to Shelli tonight, I was like poop, BB is rigging it for Shelli or Van to win

              Now that Jackie is out, I secretly hope she gets to play again. I have no one else to root for on this show, except possibly James.

              Even though if Van winsI do believe I can stomach it. She is crazy, but she had these HG's like a 70's pimp!


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