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    1. Austin

    For a 30 year old man, his behaviour is intolerable. He's creepy, possessive and earns the name "Judas"

    2. Becky

    She is what I call a cerebral player. I like her very much and hope that she wins a HOH and causes damage.

    3. Clay

    One of the "neatest" houseguests. Having a virginal "showmance" with Sherri

    4. Jackie

    Could have potential. She admires herself in the mirror too much for my liking instead of game play.

    5. James

    The joker of the group, always playing jokes. He has potential.

    6. Jason

    I adore this guy, for his honesty and humour and always keeping everyone laughing. Unfortunately he's going to be blindsided by a few.

    7. John

    As a dentist, I would never go to him LOL and his voice drives me up the wall. He's won a few contests.

    8. Liz/Julia

    Can't stand Liz and Julia seems to be the saner one of the two. Hope her showmance doesn't blow up in her face.

    9. Meg

    Bubbly and always smiling. I hope she can win HOH and show that it's not all fun and there is a serious side to her.

    10. Sherri

    One word to describe her is "anal" and she's a good player.

    11. Steve

    Quiet and always observing. He hasn't done much so far.

    12. Vanessa

    Bad move on her part to listen to certain hg's and put up Jason. She needs to listen more and talk less.

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    1. Austin - Creepy, Creepy, Grotesque, liar, loser, ish starter. I could go on and on and on. I think over the next few evictions, he will be toast.

    2. Becky - She is ok to me, I like that she admitted to floating last night to Jackie, but realizing that it is a good and bad position to be in. I don't know which way she is leaning toward, but it appears that she trusts Shay alot and is still blind to some of the 6th Sense moves. There is a slight chance that she will go home this week, if not within the next 2 evictions, I can see her in maybe the Final 6.

    3. Clay - Bigot, idiot, crybaby. I don't want to see him in the finals, but there is a possiblity that he will at least make it to Jury, which annoys me. He will be alright in the game, as long as Shelli is there because he can't think for himself.

    4. Jackie - I see a lot of potential too! I love it that she stood up to Shelli, Van and Liz. She has got fire and she asks the right questions. I HOPE she wins. She is a very good competitor too, she has her eye on the prize. Sadly, unless ADC starts winning, she won't be here long, b/c Shay and Liz hates her.

    5. James - annoying, but he just woke up and began to discuss Shay and the 6th sense. He finally began to speak his targets and have a little strategy. I don't see him lasting over the next few weeks. He has Austin, Liz, Shay, JMac gunning for him.

    6. Jason - poor guy, I adore him too, he is toast. IF he survives this eviction, he will only be able to make it to Jury. Sad and a waste. His knowledge of BB comps and being good in comps, could have taken him far. His social game was messed up, he needed to get all up in Van, twins and Austin beeswax and on their good side.

    7. John - Silent but lethal. Seems like he can compete (when he wants to), knows how to be quiet when drama arrives. Has created a nice bond w/majority of the house. I just hate his DR sessions. I see him in the finals, possibly even winning, floating all the way there. He will make it to like Final 4.

    8. Liz/Julia - Used to not like Julia, I thought she was rude and standoff-ish and I thought it would affect her social game. Used to love Liz, b/c she seemed sweet and outgoing. Both have annoying voices. TABLES HAVE TURNED Like Julia alot, seems smarter, more grounded, when she plays, it seems like she may have really good game moves. Do not like Liz, the mixed signals to Austin, the hate for my Jason and Jackie and she is beginning to be so rude. Jury for both, Julia might make it further than Liz.

    9. Meg - space cadet, poor thing I like her personality alot, but she is so oblivious to alot and in denial of Shay. She has admitted that they screwed her, but there are times when she falls into their trap and doubts that they were apart of an alliance that didn't include her. She will be leaving out in the next few weeks. I don't think she is strong enough to compete and make deals.

    10. Shelli - Don't. Like. Her. At. All. She is on a very high horse, acts entitled and is always amazed at the thought that people do not or will not like her. I HOPE she gets backdoored, but she may make it to the finals and/or possibly win.

    11. Steve - Quiet, sketchy. I don't like that he squeals to Shay and Van about everything, I would rather he keep a little to himself and use it for his game. I feel like he is playing the game for others now and could be expendable, leading to his downfall. He might make it to the finals, if someone like Aus or James don't get rid of him quickly.

    12. Vanessa - Crazy, amped up ladyshe needs to slow down. If she slows down and becomes a little more rational, she could win this. I think her paranoia will be her downfall. She made a big move this week and I think others might try to evict her during Double Eviction. If she survives Double Eviction, she is good. Oh, also pissed that she had a hand in Day and Jason's evicted
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      ^GREAT thread, Penelope. I will first comment that, IMO, this is the WORST BB in a long time. The most interesting people are being and allowing themselves to be pushed aside and off the board like a shuffle board game. The ONLY good boot was Audrey's; however, there are too many unlikables left in the game to feel any joy about that...


      In the start, I thought his body was banging and everything, but I despise anyone that thinks it's entertaining to emulate Judas. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ. How can HE be your hero?? Even if you're NOT a Believer, you don't want to be betrayed. Anyone who trusts this character, with his obvious writings on the wall, deserves to be backstabbed by him. If you can betray Jesus (or support the act), even your grandma is in trouble.


      I want to like her, but it bothers me that she hasn't been paying attention to the game. You'd think the quieter ones are the most perceptive --NOT in this case. I hope she can wake up and redeem herself.


      I LOVE the fact that he brought his Bible in the house; however, I haven't seen him read it, nor demonstrate any traits of integrity from it.


      I agree that she has potential. She's shown she's a competitor and a thinker. I appreciate that although she was quiet, she was still paying attention.


      I agree, he also has potential. I both like and am turned off by his game. I appreciate his social game, and his self-deprecating side; however, he comes off as a jester sometimes that will lick boots for approval.


      I like Jason as well; however, he,like Day, should have come to play! He's putting more of a mark on his lungs than he is on the game. His social game was/is his blessing and his curse.


      I HATE that production keeps him in that Bobcat Goldthwait voice. SOOOO irritating. If ever he starts to win for himself, it could be interesting. He's one of the only ones I can appreciate winning the whole thing.


      No comment. I have nothing nice to say. Too bad the houseguests aren't allowed to thump, because I would love for liz to get mollywopped right there on that fake turf.


      She's another one that's having too much fun to play the game effectively. Some of them act like this is spring break or summer camp.


      I don't like her AT ALL, but she's playing the game. I do not want her to win, but I won't be surprised if she does. She and Clay have some balls to lie around and rub their ankles together like they are Danny and Sandy in Grease, but who's gonna check them, boo?


      He IS quiet and observant, but SO WHAT!!?? He's using his good for evil as far as I'm concerned. and Sir, you are NO Ian.


      Wolf in sheep's clothing. Pot that judges kettle. A walking paradox. A breathing oxymoron. I think I want her gone more than anyone left other than Judas.


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        There is a word for Liz that I'm sure you can guess. Last night on BBAD, Liz, Austin and James were eating at the table. Liz was wearing a "scant" bikini top almost spilling out.........within 15 minutes or so, she had a t-shirt on


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          I forgot, HesAliveToday, I agree on the Judas thing. I would never in a million years, use that as an alias, nickname, stage name or whatever. Austin is just such a mess, I wish he went home this week

          Wanted to add more on these 2:
          Becky, I am kind of over her, unless she says that she is playing Shay or Van in her DR. She is a mess, I thought she would be hardcore like Jackie and would be pissed about what’s going on, but she is kind lazying around and sniffing up Shay’s arse. OVER HER, not as bad as I despise Liz, Shelli and Van, but she is a wild card

          Jackie, starting to really, really love her and her DR's had fire tonight, but she has to tone down the hate and open her eyes tomore people being connected to the 6th sense.


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            Liz: Can't stand the girl. Her vitriol spewing of hatred for James makes me and her nasal voice drives me bananas. To allow a fellow houseguest to paw me and return the gesture to further herself in the game is disgusting IMO.
            Vanessa: Her lies are catching up to her.
            Steve: Sneaky and creepy.
            Austin: I have no words .


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              Hey fellow BB fans, glad I found a place to discuss

              I am surprised to hear people say they find Jackie to be a good player..... I found her to be a part of the scenery for entire season so far and NOW suddenly she is playing AND she is calling everyone else STUPID and laughing about how NO ONE has had the sense to make an alliance ..... it doesn't occur to her that since SHE hasn't been playing and since SHE hasn't made an alliance that doesn't mean that others haven't......

              and unfortunately for her, they have ......

              her and her friends seem to be on summer vaca and don't want their buds to go home...... Jackie actually said - I don't WANT to be here if people don't want me here .... well hello you ARE their competition for half a MIL so of COURSE they don't want you there ?????

              it amazes me that this year MOST don't seem to be playing a game.... but seem to think they are just on summer vaca.... like JASON ????? he was a local, so of COURSE I would support him AND he was GREAT and I loved him and then he bombed as a player ???? what happened ????? so disappointing ???? I couldn't believe it ???? wish he could start over and PLAY this time!!!!!!

              I THOUGHT Vanessa was going to be my fav.... then she just became miss paranoia and miss I don't want blood on my hands ? huh ? THAT is why I have respect for James, say what you will about him .... HE is willing to get blood on his hands and say YES, I MADE THIS MOVE

              OK, I may have started with some unpopular opinions, don't hold it against me cause I am glad to have found you

              I forgot to mention JohnnyMac and Becky.... they are secret allies and that is smart and I think they COULD go far .... and I think JohnnyMac is a riot !!!! his brain works in a twisted way they could both surprise people by flying under the radar of those who think they are running the house and swoop in to win the game !!!!!
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                Welcome jenmormul and yes I agree with a lot of your opinions. So far, nobody has figured out that Becky and JohnnyMac are in an alliance. The head spins each and every day in that house.


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                  I have just been reading the thread with updates from the feeds (I don't have the feeds) and I have just learned a LOT !!!! wow

                  I record BBAD and watch it sometimes, FF through most of it ...... but have never watched feeds..... so, I just learned a lot of what goes on


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                    ^^^There are so many BB sites that provide useful information other than feeds. I live on the East coast so the feeds don't work for me. When they are sleeping, I am awake and vice versa.


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                      Rant about BB Production pets

                      Last night JMac ate a cookie as a Have Not and when he told the HG's what happened in Production we got FISHAlso, while Shelli was a Have Not, she took a warm shower. I thought these people were supposed to get penalty votes! They gave Audrey one because she was OBVIOUSLY breaking the rules and BB couldn't ignore it, it was all over the feeds.

                      I swear, looking at these edits and how much they tried to hide their hand in things, rigging of comps, rules, etc. BB Production should just call this, their show to give money away to their faves.

                      I think this seasons pets are: JMac, Shelli, Vanessa, Audrey(she dug her own grave), definitely the twins and they like Steve a little bit or the concept of him (due to the Ian comparison).

                      Do any of you feel this way?

                      ETA: Awww, Meg liked the Grandma joke for a while, but now she's furious, bcuz I think the OTEV comp mentioned it. Now, she is ticked off, b/c she thinks it will make it into the show
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                        First of all, they are so boring. I tivo BB:AD, what a waste of time. The producers have the HG trying to market products & playing silly games. Vanessa-though i don't like some of her moves, she is for the most part playing an okay game. Becky- tried to play her own game, too little to late in picking a side. Meg- i like this girl, but she better start winning something. Because i don't think she will float to f2. Liz- she is playing the game, i can't wait to see when she has choose Julia or Austin. Side note: if Liz really doesn't like, like Austin then i'm disappointed in her letting Austin touch her all the time. Julia- better start winning something, because just like Meg i don't think she float to the end. Johnny Mac- i didn't care for how he use to throw comps, but at least now Johnny Mac seems to be trying to play the game. Steve- Creepy, starting to play an okay game. Austin- Creepy #2, maybe able to slide through a few more weeks. James- i once was pulling for him, but he & Meg are just sitting ducks (waiting to go join Jackie & Shellie & Becky). If James & Johnny Mac could some how win the next 2 HOH's they might have a chance to go further. Otherwise Austin,Liz, Vanessa, will just pluck them off.


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                          ^^^EVERY word that you said, is so true. I wonder if BB will try to throw in a twist or something, b/c right now, this show is a FAIL. I'll bet any amount of money, within the next few weeks, they will try to get the feeds buzzing by talking about a potential backstab. Like Austwins discussing getting rid of Van, only to now, say that they want to keep her for the Jury return. SMH.

                          I still hope James can win another HOH though and go after Austwins at least.


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                            ^^^I hope so too about James 80sbaby, because I can't take too much more of Austin/Liz. From what I've been reading, they have been having sex without sex (if you know what I mean )
                            I've also changed my thoughts on Steve. There is something creepy about him and I can't put the right words about how I feel of his behaviour. For someone who has studied BB, one of the worse moves IMO that he made was not putting up the twins or any version of this trio. I really don't like his game play or anything about him .


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                              ^^^ Yeah, there is something about Steve that made me change my mind about him some time ago. I think its his constant push to say he is socially awkward and the talking to the feeds like he is some mastermind. There are other things, but I can't quite put my finger on all of it either.

                              Liztin, that girlis in for a rude awakening when she gets out of the house. She believes Austin so much about their showmance, she played it up in her HOH Blog. I think she is enjoying this attention, but everytime I think of their relationship, it reminds me so much of an older man manipulating a 23 year old b/c she is stuck in the house. BUT she is an adult and needs to learn the hard way.

                              And about the sex without sex it is all over the internet, in GIFs, pics, video, on YT, twitter, Perez. Everywhere. I truly think she will be so embarrassed when she looks back at this show. I'm sure her mom, sisters and even her NANA will let her know that she embarassed herself. Disgusting.

                              Also, I really wonder if Austin really did have a GF when he entered the house or used it as a way to make himself look important. Because if he does, I HOPE she is in the audience on the Finale night and rips him into shreds. I also have no sympathy for Liz if she gets boo'ed or if ppl scold her for fooling around with a guy that technically has a girlfriend.

                              BTW, I have truly stopped watching the feedsdisgusting Liztin and boring HG's have made me tune out


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