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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Hoooooooooooooooooooooo Cowboy!!!


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      Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 3, 2015:
      9:50 AM BBT – HGs got their wake-up call.10:10 AM BBT – Clay checks with James about his decision, but James says he’s still undecided.
      10:45 AM BBT – James reports to Austin what he was told overnight by Shelli and Clay. Austin is upset and can’t believe they did that.
      11:05 AM BBT – Austin lets Liz know what James told him. Liz is really upset and says she wants to vote Shelli out.
      11:10 AM BBT – Shelli is worried that James has told Austin what she said. Meg doesn’t think James would do that. Yep and yep.
      11:15 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Shelli and Clay that whichever one stays will have her support 100%.
      12:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back and Veto Ceremony is over. Noms remained the same.
      12:01 PM BBT – Shelli is crying and telling Clay she’s going to miss him a lot. Shelli tells Clay when she leaves he’ll still have Vanessa. Clay says no he won’t. Vanessa hears.
      12:10 PM BBT – Austin and the twins are trying to decide who to vote out. They’re going back and forth on who is the better choice. They don’t trust either of them.
      12:15 PM BBT – John and Becky discuss who to vote out this week. John says he gave his word to Clay that he would keep Shelli so that’s what he will do.
      12:23 PM BBT – Austin, Liz and Vanessa talking about the possibility of working with James moving forward. Vanessa is upset that Shelli and Clay blew up their game but they can’t call them out on anything because they still have more information on them that could further mess up their game.
      12:30 PM BBT – Steve tells James it was Clay and Shelli who were trying to get James nominated.
      1:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli not to campaign against Clay because it won’t look good for her. Vanessa says she will do the campaigning for her.
      2:05 PM BBT – Shelli explains to Austin, Liz and Julia that James tricked her into selling people out and that she felt backed into a corner.
      2:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Shelli that she and Julia will vote to keep her over Clay.
      2:35 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to Steve about who to evict. She says that Becky and John will probably vote to evict Shelli (no he won’t). She tells Steve the two of them need to vote together. Vanessa is trying to trick Steve into evicting Clay. But Steve is saying Shelli is too big a threat. Vanessa keeps working on Steve.
      2:42 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve he REALLY needs to win an HOH because he’s being looked at as a floater and she can’t keep winning everything.
      3:30 PM BBT – HGs are lounging around. Shelli and Clay are talking about missing each other after being split up this week.
      3:52 PM BBT – James tells Meg about Steve knowing about Jason getting backdoored last week because Clay and Shelli told him. So James says he knows he made the right decision this week.
      4:05 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay lay down for a nap as other HGs are already sleeping or talking in the kitchen. This is about it for the day.
      So it’s starting to lean toward Shelli staying over Clay, but there’s still a lot of time for this cast do to what they do best and that is flip-flop. Expect a lot of strategy this week and that should make for some interesting FEEDS
      Continued next page


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        Continued...August 3 Highlights.
        4:35 PM BBT – Liz and Austin discussing Shelli’s backstabbing. Liz says she’ll act nice, but she doesn’t like Shelli and says she played Austin dirty in that move last night. Austin suggests he might go after which ever one stays.
        5:00 PM BBT – HGs hanging around on the backyard couches being goofy. Light on gametalk with the two noms hidden away in bed.
        5:50 PM BBT – Austin talks with James about Shelli coming clean. Austin is trying to help smooth over the mess from last night. He tells James about Judas.
        6:38 PM BBT – Meg explains the whole Judas situation to Becky. They think it’s a big joke and laugh about it.
        7:08 PM BBT – John tells Austin and Liz he’s sad (over Shelli and Clay I think). They tell him about them trying to get Austin on the block.
        7:50 PM BBT – John and Julia talking about teeth. It’s a gripping night in the BB17 house.
        8:28 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are talking about Shelli and Clay. They are still not happy with them. Liz calls Clay a coward.
        9:04 PM BBT – Clay tells Vanessa the game is going to be nothing but floaters at the end. Clay asks what Austin is thinking. Vanessa tells him Austin is pissed. Clay says oh well, he’s also pissed.
        9:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Liz and Julia that Clay thinks he’s going to stay. They laugh (because they believe Shelli is going to stay).
        10:01 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa talking about keeping Shelli. He says he’ll tell Clay tomorrow. They agree that Shelli is a bigger target and her staying would be a target they can hide behind. Vanessa says she will try to trick Meg into giving Shelli a pity vote.
        10:05 PM BBT – Vanessa’s plan for next week is to let everyone think they want Shelli out, so they’ll nominate her and then backdoor someone else. Right now Jackie and John are their backdoor candidates.
        10:15 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that Shelli isn’t telling Clay that it’s looking like she’s going to stay. Austin is shocked Shelli isn’t telling Clay everything. He says something along the lines of “that showmance didn’t last long” (thinking his is not only real but going to outlast theirs).
        10:20 PM BBT – Austin talking to Jackie about how annoyed he is with Shelli and Clay. They talk about targeting Steve (even though we know Steve isn’t Austin’s target).
        10:38 PM BBT – Shelli and Austin are talking. She apologizes to him again and he says he forgives her. He tells her he wants her to stay and that so do the twins.
        11:10 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests to Austin and Liz that maybe Clay and James are working together and that this was all an act to get Shelli out (Vanessa is losing it).
        11:15 PM BBT – Liz says that Shelli and Clay are betraying each other a bit. She thinks Vanessa should tell Shelli that Clay is campaigning to stay.
        11:45 PM BBT – Steve confirms that he’ll vote to keep Shelli also since the rest of his “alliance” is.
        1:55 AM BBT – James and Steve talk game. James promises Steve safety from him, Meg, and Jackie. James believes Shelli will be evicted even without Steve’s vote so he encourages Steve to vote as he sees best.
        So again, this week should be quite the mess. And who knows what’s going to happen next week. So far everyone in the house has been mentioned as a potential target, so it’s going to be fun to watch.


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          Becky is the new HOH.
          Clay was evicted 9-0, and Julie made a few announcements: she told the remaining 11 they are now in jury, but that being evicted to jury house might not be the end of their game and she told us next week is a double eviction.
          Then they were sent out to their comp, which was the feedster favorite where they have to skate in soap and/or Crisco or something similar, on an incline.. this time they carried liquid to their jugs in a drippy funnel, and they each had three balls they could fish out.. anyone getting the HOH ball would end the competition, but they also each had a $5,000 ball and a Never Not slop pass ball they could opt for

          Becky had a strong lead throughout the comp, and fished out and won the $5,000, the slop pass, and the winning HOH ball at about 1 hour 40 minutes.


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            Becky nominated......Shellie & Steve Plan is BD Vanessa. Truth is I don"t care which 2 of the 3 go home (since we know it will be DE).


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              The new Head of Household has not done much to keep her plans hidden for how to use the Veto, but so far it hasn’t gotten back to that target as most were waiting to see just how big of a mess this plan might become.

              From the start Becky, our current HoH, wanted Vanessa out the door but per “the deal” this week she put up Shelli and Steve. That deal had been part of yet another 8-HG agreement that the remaining half of Chelli plus JMac would go up. Now obviously Becky only put up Shelli and then used Steve in place of JMac so that was a change of directions, but the target remained Vanessa.

              Becky was open with Shelli telling her that if she won the Veto she would use it on Shelli to save her and make way for the Vanessa renom. Shelli was well aware that Vanessa was the plan and agreed to go along with it while keeping the truth from Vanessa. It didn’t take long for Vanessa to catch on with suspicions though.

              With Vanessa on to the threat she campaigned to make sure she would be playing. Vanessa told both Steve and Shelli that if they picked her then she’d save the other. Great plan as long as those two don’t compare notes. Oops. They did.

              Overnight John petitioned Steve and Shelli to pick him as well. His plan was to save Shelli and leave Steve on the Block. John didn’t hide that from Steve when he asked to be picked. Yikes. By the end of the night Steve decided he would use HG Choice for John and agree to stay on the Block until Thursday night.

              Houseguests received an early wake up call and that gave Steve and Shelli a chance to talk (8:20AM BBT) and realize both had been offered the same deal by Vanessa. BUT in that same talk Steve says maybe he should still pick Vanessa to play for him expecting John to remain safe at the hand of Becky. Soon after Vanessa talked with Steve again (8:30AM BBT) and worked to convince him that she should be his pick if he got HG Choice.

              So what happened? Veto players were picked just minutes ago and we have our roster. Austin, Meg, and Vanessa will join Becky (HoH) with Steve and Shelli (noms). Not good for John’s overnight plans. What’s worse is that Shelli chose Vanessa. Yep.

              Flashback to 10:58 AM BBT 8/8 as Shelli apologizes to John for having used her HG Choice to get Vanessa in the game instead of him. Good grief. Shelli says she was afraid of what Vanessa might do if she hadn’t made that choice.

              John says it was a gamble by Shelli but maybe it’ll pay off. He assures her he has a plan, but we’ll have to see what that is.

              Now Vanessa will have a chance to keep herself safe by winning Veto and could even keep her ally Shelli safe. If that happens I’d expect an Austwins to go up and we’ll see Steve evicted. Well, there are lots of outs and plenty of other ways for Becky to ruin her big plans.

              Shelli is worried that Austin might leave the noms the same if he won Veto and I think she’s right. Using it would risk the twins and Vanessa. He wouldn’t use it. Meg, however, would use it as she’s in on the plan to BD Vanessa. That means today’s comp is 4 vs 2 to get the Veto used and Vanessa out the door.

              Power of Veto spoilers coming up later


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                Johnny Mac Moves To Cut Off Vanessa

                Posted: 08 Aug 2015 07:45 AM PDT

                Vanessa Rousso might have woken a sleeping Johnny Mac on Thursday when she went after him ahead of Clay’s eviction. The Rockstar Dentist felt the heat and is on the move to cut off Vanessa’s next move before she can do it to him.

                Overnight John McGuire held two important conversations with Houseguests he now considers to be his best ally hopes: Shelli Poole and Steve Moses. John worked to secure their support and draw up a plan before the Veto competition on Saturday.

                Flashback on your Feeds to 12:49AM BBT 8/8 as John sits down with Shelli. After their initial chatter John drops to a whisper and warns Shelli that he knows the plan to go after Vanessa but he fears she does too.

                John tells Shelli it’s them two and Steve fighting for their Big Brother lives. He goes on to explain the plan Vanessa helped craft was for the remaining half of Chelli to go up on the Block alongside Steve and John. This is all news to Shelli.

                When it comes to the Veto picks, John warns Shelli that if she picks him then Vanessa will know that they know. Heh. He knows that Vanessa put together the 8-person plan but then has been coming downstairs telling him that the other seven are after him and her. John is on to her.

                Shelli worries what to do about the Veto picks, but John says it’s best to pick him even if it exposes their position in the game. The clincher may come when John tells Shelli Vanessa’s modus operandi: blow up in a fight with Vanessa then evicted. Shelli realizes he’s right.

                John reiterates that it all comes down to him, her, and Steve alone against the house. He says there was never any Becky for them. Apparently something has happened to make John distrust Becky and I’m not sure what it was. He promises to use the Veto on Shelli if he gets the Veto. Shelli tells John she wants to work with him and not Vanessa.

                Vanessa’s support team is eroding fast. Vanessa placed the wedge between her and Shelli/Clay on Thursday with that big (completely unnecessary) fight, Becky knocked it in to place by telling Shelli about her plans to get out Vanessa, and John just may have rammed it home with this talk.

                Move forward to round 2 as John goes to Steve. Flashback to 1:09 AM BBT as John grabs Steve and they go in to the Lounge. John catches Steve up with the same sort of information he just gave Shelli.


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                  Overnight the Houseguests worked through scenarios as John’s game woke up and he started collecting an army. A very small army. John is on to Vanessa and needs help to take her out this week.

                  Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 7, 2015:

                  9:15 AM BBT – Few HGs up and around, but most are still in bed.

                  10:00 AM BBT – Liz wants to spray the coffee pot with Raid. Becky stops her. There are ants everywhere. Camera closeups are disgusting.

                  11:50 AM BBT – Vanessa wakes up and asks Julia if they made any deals with Becky overnight. Julia confirms a DE safety deal. Vanessa is furious. Becky had refused making a deal with her. Vanessa is cursing Becky and calls her game stupid for not accepting every deal made to her. Vanessa is certain this makes her the BD target.

                  11:57 AM BBT – Steve tells the camera he’s confident in his chances going up against Shelli. He thinks Austin might be the BD plan. (Not right now he isn’t.)

                  12:37 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed: hamburger buns. Yep. They can put slop on buns this week. Meg, Jackie, and James volunteer to be HNs.

                  12:45 PM BBT – Liz is upset that Austin is performing so poorly in comps. She says it’s a turn off and he needs to step up his game.

                  1:10 PM BBT – Jackie worrying with James and Meg that they need to get ready for the next HoH comp and think they’re due for a thinking one this time.

                  1:45 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg are upset that Vanessa was telling HGs they had been bullying others to vote Shelli out.

                  2:00 PM BBT – Steve camtalks again saying he believes Austin might be the target. He’s very upset that Vanessa slipped overnight and revealed their “Freaks & Geeks” alliance to Shelli.

                  2:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli she expects she may be nominated. Says she’ll hold up a flip flop if that happens.

                  3:40 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Shelli and Steve are nominated.

                  3:41 PM BBT – Becky revealing her plan to to backdoor Vanessa to Shelli. She tells her that Vanessa knew Shelli was going up and told her to not tell Shelli that she knew. Becky tells Shelli they will take her off the block if one of them wins veto. Shelli says how does she know that Steve isn’t being told the same thing. Becky tells her that Steve volunteered to be a pawn.

                  3:45 PM BBT – Steve is talking to the cameras. He knows that Vanessa is now the target and he says that’s not good for him. He talks about needing to protect their alliance.

                  4:05 PM BBT – Jackie talking about Vanessa asking Becky for a deal last night. Jackie says “UM we already have a deal!” They start laughing. They say Vanessa didn’t trust anyone so she tried to make a separate deal.

                  4:07 PM BBT – James says it’s only a matter of time before Austin and the twins strike at them and take one of them out. They laugh and say they have to win HOH every single week. They agree they will only go after targets. So Meg throws out the pecking order: Vanessa, Shelli and Austin. And Jackie mentions that one of them will be coming back.

                  4:09 PM BBT – Meg, Jackie and James agree that they will just lay low and rest this week and let Becky take care of everything.

                  4:14 PM BBT – Becky goes into the have-not room and they talk about Vanessa’s reaction to the nominations. Becky says she has to act shocked even though it was her idea to put Shelli up this week.

                  4:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli that she thinks she can shift the votes to keep her this week. She tells her that she got a lot of information and that she will do everything that it takes to keep her safe this week. She said it will come down to John. If she can get him in then they can get the votes (Vanessa has no idea she’s the backdoor plan and so far, Shelli isn’t telling her).

                  4:42 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli that Becky has NO loyalty and she hates that. Vanessa is acting very spastic. She tells Shelli she’ll catch her up on everything when they get to go outside.

                  So right now Vanessa is Becky’s target, but with veto players yet to be chosen and the competition played, a lot can change. Regardless, it should be another dramatic week in the Big Brother 17 house.


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                    Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 7, 2015:

                    5:00 PM BBT – James concerned about allowing Vanessa and Shelli to both stay, but Meg wants to wait until after Veto before they start worrying on that.

                    5:20 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa discuss whether or not Becky is going to hold to their deal. She’s very concerned, but he says to keep their cool until they know they what’s going to happen with the Veto.

                    6:30 PM BBT – Steve is trying to figure out what he should do. Wonders if he needs to try and save Vanessa or let her go and align with Becky, JMac, and Shelli. He knows he needs to let Vanessa go, but he really doesn’t to lose Vanessa.

                    8:05 PM BBT – Jackie announces she’s done with the knight outfit tonight. That’s a day short of the full week assignment.

                    8:53 PM BBT – Meg, Jackie and James are talking about possible upcoming competitions and how they need to win them all. Talk turns to what people would do with the veto this week. Jackie wants to see Shelli up against Vanessa on the block.

                    9:14 PM BBT – Austin and Liz talking about Vanessa and Becky. They think Vanessa is the only one from their side that could be backdoored this week.

                    9:28 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin are acting cocky about next week. They think they’ll be back in power for sure because the other side won’t get lucky again.

                    9:30 PM BBT – Liz says if she gets picked for Veto she will throw the competition.

                    9:32 PM BBT – Vanessa is still nervous about this week. She asks Austin to promise to let he know if he hears her name come up as a backdoor plan. She doesn’t trust Becky.

                    9:50 PM BBT – Becky tells James and crew that she doesn’t want Shelli to remain on the block because she already told her she would come down. Becky says that won’t be a good move for her game if this week coming up is a double eviction (it is).

                    9:57 PM BBT – John tells Becky that Vanessa said she’s coming to him with some information tonight.

                    10:35 PM BBT – HGs gather to play celebrity charades. All game talk dies for now.

                    11:30 PM BBT – Still playing Charades.

                    12:00 AM BBT – Jackie is all done with the knight costume. Let the shunning begin.

                    12:30 AM BBT – Vanessa worries that she might be the target. Austin suggests they’ll stick with the agreed DE plan. She wants to win Veto and take down Shelli to force the JMac renom deal.

                    12:50 AM BBT – John goes to Shelli. Game talk time. John warns Shelli that Vanessa made a deal to get out whichever half of Chelli remained. He goes on to explain how Vanessa has had a hand in most of the evictions. John promises Shelli he’ll save her with the Veto. Shelli says it’s him, her, and Steve now.

                    12:55 AM BBT – John tells Shelli that Becky isn’t part of their team.

                    1:10 AM BBT – John shifts to Steve for game talk. He tells him Vanessa has been lying to them. John warns Steve he’ll have to save Shelli and Steve will be left on the Block.

                    1:20 AM BBT – John tells Steve he does not trust Becky.

                    1:25 AM BBT – Vanessa heard from Julia that Steve and John were talking. She’s freaking out and goes to wake up Shelli. She tells Shelli the twins also have her back.

                    1:40 AM BBT – John and Steve are back to talking. John warns Steve to not let on that they know there is a plan against Vanessa or he (John) could end up out this week.

                    1:45 AM BBT – John tells Steve he trusts Becky.

                    1:50 AM BBT – John tells Steve it’s them and Shelli for an alliance.

                    2:01 AM BBT – “Steve, there are 5 gray pics out there. I’m number 6.” John knows the pattern is Vanessa picks a fight with a HG and then they’re gone. It just happened to him so he knows he’s next.

                    2:05 AM BBT – John asks Steve to pick him for Veto even though he’d use it on Shelli if he won. John says he’d throw it to Steve or Shelli knowing he’s safe at that point, but he wants the blood of Vanessa’s renom on his hands.

                    2:15 AM BBT – Steve says he thought he was good with Vanessa. John points out everyone is good with Vanessa. Steve understands. Steve realizes Vanessa really is nervous is she’s telling both him and Shelli to pick her for Veto and she’d use it on each of them.

                    2:40 AM BBT – Alone, Steve tells us he doesn’t know what to do. His two allies (John & Vanessa) are at odds.

                    2:45 AM BBT – Steve is in the Lounge. Says he doesn’t know if he should tell John about the other alliances he’s formed with Vanessa. Steve says he wants his mom for help. He announces he’ll pick John for Veto if he gets the HG Choice chip and, he’ll throw the comp. Yikes.

                    A calm day turned in to a busy night of game talk as John stepped up knowing his game was fully on the line this week. He isn’t the only one though and Vanessa will be out for blood. His blood. Oh Saturday is going to be a good one. Veto players picked early in the day followed by PoV competition around midday.


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                      Winner of POV: Steve


                      • #86
                        From what I've been reading, Vanessa has no idea a "blindside" is coming which makes it all the sweeter IMO. Somewhere, Jason will have the biggest smile on his face, because Becky did the very same thing that Vanessa did to him. The fallout will be the proverbial you know what hitting the fans, but come on Vanessa, it's just a game, right? Besides, you may have the opportunity to come back into the game and that's one scarry thought.


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                          POV Ceremony is over: Van is nominated


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                            thanks 80sBaby, that is awesome news. Vanessa nominate I hope Vanessa & Shelli leave during DE


                            • #89
                              ^^ me too JC! to be honest, as much as Vanessa makes my head hurt w/her maniac rants. I still want Shelli goneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


                              • #90
                                ^^^ I'll agree with that. Vanessa and Shelli both make my head hurt. And I kind of like odd ball Steve and Johnny Mac. James is stellar. Megan is a hoot. Austin/Judas is odd in a bad way for me. And Becky is fierce.


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