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    Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 2, 2015

    7:12 PM BBT – Feeds return following the live episode.

    7:17 PM BBT – HGs are wondering what Kathy Griffin’s BBTakeover will be.

    7:58 PM BBT – Audrey goes into the lounge to isolate herself. She says to herself “this could’ve been much worse,” meaning who won HOH.

    8:25 PM BBT – Jeff asks Audrey why she is still alone. She says it’s because everyone turned on her.

    8:26 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Jason suspect they’ll be getting nominated.

    8:30 PM BBT – Audrey and Jeff still talking. Audrey is defending herself still and is trying to make an issue out of the one vote against Jackie (that she made).

    8:42 PM BBT – Becky and Shelli discussing nomination scenarios. No one is sure what they will be doing.

    8:47 PM BBT – “Nominations Today” is on the TV screen. So Becky and Shelli have to decide tonight.

    8:52 PM BBT – Becky and Shelli are talking about nominating Audrey. Becky mentions people telling her that Audrey called her a racist. So She’s fine with nominating her and is thinking of using Steve as a pawn.

    9:00 PM BBT – Shelli and Becky still talking about what to do. All that is certain right now is that Clay and Jackie won’t be going up.

    9:09 PM BBT – Feeds cut for a bit.

    9:25 PM BBT – Have-nots have been chosen. They’re James, Jason, Meg and Steve.

    9:30 PM BBT – HGs making their rounds with Shelli and Becky. Jason goes in to talk to Becky and she tells him that she wants Audrey out, but Steve is her backup plan.

    9:35 PM BBT – Clay volunteers to go up as a pawn. Shelli says no to that.

    9:52 PM BBT – HOH room reveal time. HGs go up to see Becky and Shelli’s things and hear their letters.

    10:04 PM BBT – Now Jeff and Becky are talking about getting Audrey out this week.

    10:20 PM BBT – Becky has no plans to talk to Audrey before nominations. She says she doesn’t even want to be in the same room with her.

    10:23 PM BBT – Jackie thinks the one vote against her was Audrey.

    10:55 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay want John to go up as a pawn against Da’Vonne and throw the Battle of the Block. So now Day is the target over Audrey, it seems.

    11:00 PM BBT – Austin tells Audrey that she won’t be going up but will instead be backdoored.

    11:44 PM BBT – Jeff tells John he wants to try to get Austin nominated.

    11:50 PM BBT – Clay and Jeff promise John he won’t go anywhere this week. Clay says he’ll sacrifice his own game to make sure of that. Clay invites John into the alliance.

    12:06 AM BBT – Austin tells Steve that Day is the target.

    12:09 AM BBT – Clay tells Audrey that Day is going to be the target and that they’re going to get everyone to turn on her.

    12:10 AM BBT – Feeds cut for nomination ceremony.

    2:20 AM BBT – Feeds return. We soon find out who is on the block.

    2:40 AM BBT – Da’Vonne and John talking through their nominations. Day thought she might have been a pawn until she saw Jason go up on the other side.

    3:00 AM BBT – Audrey goes to HoH to discuss alternate plans if targeting Da’Vonne doesn’t work out. After she leaves Shelli says she doesn’t want to talk game with Audrey anymore. She really doesn’t trust her.

    4:30 AM BBT – James and Jeff are worried that Audrey won’t go this week unless Shelli is dethroned and Becky stays in power.

    4:35 AM BBT – Day joins James and Jeff. James says they’re trying to figure out why Audrey isn’t on the Block. Day says that it’s because she’s the target.

    5:00 AM BBT – Audrey emerges from the DR with a megaphone & clipboard shouting, “Red Alert!” It’s time for the Battle of the Block. Feeds cut.

    So Clay and Shelli are going for Da’Vonne while Becky is hoping to stay as HoH and get her target. I don’t see Da’Vonne and John being willing to throw BotB for Shelli, especially with Day being a target. Meanwhile Steve and Jason are pawns, but why would they agree to stay on the block?


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      It's not looking good for Day.... John won POV. Already Shelli & Clay asked John if he would conside not using the POV on himself. I know John is not going to listen to them on this, John is no fool. I can't believe Shelli wants Day gone that bad (over Audrey)


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        Sat 2:18 AM BBT Clay\Jeff play pool,Becky watches, Steve\Day\John hanging in kitchen cooking, Meg got up, out to patio;Austin Showering - KnightHawk
        liz hanging in bathroom chatting with austin - random small talk all around. Jason was chilling on the patio smoking, gets up goes to the bathroom, comes back. Audrey and jackie on the patio as well. small talk about slop and eating in general.

        Sat 1:39 AM BBT Austin is cracking HG backs in BY

        Sat 1:18 AM BBT Jeff tells Jackie in bathroom that it's stupid that Audrey gets to stay another week. -

        Jeff hopes it doesn't come to "bit them in the in *ss.", and that they're too obsessed with getting Day out. Jackie thinks at least it will be good to have a clear target next week.

        Sat 1:16 AM BBT Jackie and Becky chat in the bathroom about the change in plan, that it's Shelli's HOH to do what she wants.

        Sat 1:11 AM BBT Jason is telling Audrey about his life outside the house, that he's more reserved in his job. -
        They appreciate that BB has done a better job casting people (especially men) who are more open minded. Jason thinks that stereotypes are funny and that he accepts them so that they can't be used against him.

        Sat 1:07 AM BBT Clay is training/working out Steve and John in the backyard

        Fri 11:37 PM BBT Steve, as he sits around the hot tub with the others, is gently smacking himself on the head with a racket.

        Fri 11:15 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa are talking about the disconnect they feel from Jackie. Discussing who Shelli might put up.

        Fri 11:07 PM BBT In an attempt to build a bridge between them, Steve is offering Shelli his vote for the week. She wants him to vote to evict Day. -
        She also tells him that Day told her earlier that Steve was one of Day's targets in the game.

        Fri 10:42 PM BBT Austin about Da'Vonne: "Her game is to intimidate."

        Fri 10:40 PM BBT Jeff tells Liz he has her back if she's put up as replacement nominee.

        Fri 10:32 PM BBT Steve "This game is exhausting but I'm keeping things in perspective. No matter what happens I have a great life to go back to"

        Fri 10:15 PM BBT Jason shoutouts JU "Anyone who's a real fan has already gone to Jokers Updates, and knows exactly what's going on."


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          Sat 4:26 AM BBT Jeff tells Audrey that he still has a big target on his back whether people want to talk about it or not.
          Sat 4:24 AM BBT Audrey is trying to reassure Jeff that she will not go after him next week.
          Sat 4:19 AM BBT BY crew discussing Uber.
          Sat 4:10 AM BBT BY crew talk about DR sessions and we get Fish...

          Sat 4:09 AM BBT Audrey saying she would go for Meg if she were HOH. Audrey saying Clay told her James wants her out. Clay says no I didn't I said -
          the whole house wants you out.
          Audrey says she is no longer talking game with anyone.
          Audrey thinks if James is HOH he will try and backdoor her.
          Audrey said James lied to Clay about a conversation she and him had and that it's a lie.
          Audrey said James and Becky aren't talking to her.
          She feels like she is a target. Clay calling her out on saying stuff and making drama.

          Sat 4:07 AM BBT Audrey tells Clay that he's in a good position and he shouldn't win HOH. Clay says the game changes every day.
          Sat 4:07 AM BBT Yard crew talking about Jokers Updates.
          Sat 4:04 AM BBT Clay to Audrey says James is closer to Jeff than to himself. Audrey pressing game talk with him.
          Sat 4:04 AM BBT Audrey and Clay discussing game. Audrey saying that she knows Shelli trusts her. Clay saying game changes everyday.
          Sat 3:54 AM BBT Giselle the Giraffe bench pressing in the BY

          Sat 3:50 AM BBT Audrey to Clay: "I think I'm the perfect meatshield."

          Sat 3:43 AM BBT HGs joking that "it did not look like James was performing CPR, but doing something else with the inflatable giraffe."
          James bring her back to life.
          Jeff says "Stefan, this isn't dollar beer night. Treat her with respect."
          James brings the giraffe down the stairs and tells the giraffe "you take that. shut your mouth and take that" while humping the giraffe.
          Audrey: "That's why she walks so funny"


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            11:13 AM Jason and John are in the BY making small talk about music

            Sat 10:14 AM BBT Steve to John: "Did you throw the BotB?" John: "No, going in I had a bad feeling".
            Sat 9:53 AM BBT Day doing her makeup. Steve making breakfast.

            Sat 9:33 AM BBT John & Steve outside start talking about DR and we get short Fish...
            Sat 9:29 AM BBT John in BA.

            Sat 9:28 AM BBT Steve's up too.

            Sat 9:28 AM BBT Short Fish and then Austin, Steve, & Audrey up and about.

            Sat 9:27 AM BBT Audrey & Austin up m& in the bathroom, no talking.

            Sat 6:17 AM BBT 4:00 am conversation Clay/Audrey: it was posted earlier that Audrey would go for Meg. Audrey said she WOULD NOT go for Meg. -
            She said Shelli knows I would take her to finals and the only other person in her group that would take her is you (clay) & van would too. She said "i'm not going to go after you guys, I"m not going to target Jeff or Meg, I like Meg, she's done nothing to me." Clay says: or James and Aud says "Why?" She asks who should she go for then and he said anyone but those people (clay, shelli, james, jeff, meg, van) she says you told me James was coming after me. Clay says, "No i didn't." She says, you did. He said everyone is after you Audrey .. i told you if you want to stay in the house to do damage control. She said i'm not going to go Johnny i'm not Going to Go for Jason, if i go for anyone it will probably be Becky.

            Sat 6:12 AM BBT And the house goes quiet.

            Sat 6:07 AM BBT Jason heads to the HN room and the conversation starts up again.

            Sat 5:59 AM BBT Jason by himself in BY waiting for his laundry to finish drying. Can't believe the sun is up already.

            Sat 5:31 AM BBT Meg, Jason, James, Jeff, Audrey and Da'Vonne talking and laughing in the NCBR. Everyone else is asleep.

            Sat 4:36 AM BBT Clay is venting in the HOH room to Shelli about his conversation with Audrey.
            Sat 4:27 AM BBT Clay and Shelli in HOH room snuggling on Cam 3 and 4


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              Two New Alliances Overnight: Align With Everyone, Trust No One
              Posted: 05 Jul 2015 09:00 AM PDT

              Good grief, Big Brother 17 Houseguests. I know we always get a lot of alliances but this seems ridiculous and with no end in sight as two more alliances form overnight on Big Brother.
              No one seems to be holding any allegiance or loyalty to these alliances, but they continue to pop up, last a few hours or, if they’re really lucky, a few days, and then it’s on to the next one. One of these has potential while the other seems temporary. Oh, and one HG overlaps in to both.
              Flashback to 9:50PM BBT 7/4 to find Jeff & Jackie, Shelli & Clay, and John in the HoH room discussing their trust in one another. Jeff suggests they need a seven-member alliance. Yeah, because 8 HGs is too many, but 7 is juuuust right, huh?

              John offers up Meg and Becky as two additional alliance members, but Jackie doesn’t think that should happen. Just a reminder: Jackie is an actual Houseguest this season. Moving on they want to name their alliance but no one can settle on something worthwhile. They’ll come back to that later.
              Jump to the sun coming up and we’ve got James, Jeff, Jason, and Meg hanging out in the backyard talking game. We’ve recently seen this crowd gathered together late in to the night, err morning so it’s natural to see them forming trust. Listen in around 5:45AM BBT for more.
              While it’s nothing official, they do name themselves the “After Dark Crew” (ADC) once it’s pointed out the “Late Night Crew” was already used in a past season. This group discusses their four main targets: Audrey, Austin, Steve, and Vanessa. They decide to split up responsibilities and two take Vanessa and the other two take Austin.


              So Jeff has his hands in a lot of cookie jars right now seemingly having learned nothing from Audrey’s methods just the week before. He’s in a good position of playing the middle of the field right now, but sooner or later someone is going to catch on and that’s rarely a good thing.
              Which alliance would you join at this point? At this rate we could have three more by sundown and another two by the time it comes back up!

              Tonight On Big Brother 17: Nominations & Battle Of The Block

              John McGuire and Becky Burgess on Big Brother – Source: CBS
              Last we saw Becky Burgess and Shelli Poole had just won their Head of Household rounds and moved up to the BB17 penthouse, but the stay would be short lived for one as Big Brother rushed through a fast paced night of events.
              Just hours after the live eviction the Houseguests were sent to the nomination ceremony where Becky planned to target Audrey Middleton while Shelli wanted to see Da’Vonne Rogers evicted. But with the BotB just around the corner someone was going to disappointed by the end of the night.
              We’ve had a lot of events pushed up early thanks to the 4th of July weekend so if you can’t wait to find out what happens then check our Big Brother spoilers board to find out who was nominated, who won Battle of the Block, and yes, even who won the Power of Veto this week.
              Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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                john used veto on himself, Meg replaced him. Now on the block Meg & Day.


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                  Austin is HOH #1
                  He nominated Meg, Jason
                  Vanessa is HOH #2
                  She nominated James, John


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                    Austin was HOH #1
                    He nominated Meg, Jason - they won BOB

                    Vanessa is HOH
                    James, John are nominated.........The plan is to back door Jeff


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                      Vanessa John James Audrey Austin Shelli are playing veto


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                        John has won POV. He is somehow convinced that Audrey will be back doored.


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                          Johnny Mac used veto to save himself. Now on the block Jeff & James. Buh bye Jeff, don't let the door hit ya


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                            Lizia nominated James, Jackie
                            Shelli nominted Jason, John
                            Nobody is Have-not


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                              What is this put up all the J's. I wonder if the plan is still to backdoor Becky?


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                                I have no idea what Shelli is thinking. Shelli just told Audrey that Liz nominated James instead of Becky so that she can BD Becky. Why share that with Audrey.


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