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    victorlordjr sorry for your loss I'll share as much as I can with everyone, I'm using Jokers info, they have yet to fail me.

    I may be behind at times, because I'll only review during the evenings before I go to bed. I tried to take a look at what happened last night and today and man oh man....soooo much DRAMA!!!

    Here goes...

    Thursday night:

    It appears that Jace and Austin have a die hard alliance and would like for Liz to be included as a final 3 and at some point adding Clay. They hate Jeff, saying that he has an old man body and horrible acne from steroids! They think they should bring in Jason and Audrey at some point. They hate Shelly.

    Apparently, Vanessa has been doing a lot of crying because she misses her girlfriend.

    Clay, Audrey and Meg talking: Clay said he wishes he was HOH just to get rid of someone he doesn’t like, when they ask if it is Davonne he said yes (he doesn’t like her) and then Audrey talks about backdooring Davonne (thought they had an alliance- the Day 1 alliance). Clay also thinks Jason is too strong and could flip ppl, so he doesn’t want him to stay that long. Dayum! Clay is getting to work!I thought he would be boring and just a pretty face and bod!

    Jason hates Jace and is hoping to backdoor him, he hasn’t brought Austin in on the plan yet. So this should be interesting.

    Seems like the house wants Jace out.

    Clay and Shelly had a quick talk (apparently, he gets alot of flack for talking to her, so he doesn't talk to her that much in the daytime and at night they chat) he said he felt bad for the fakeness towards Jace and the idea of them backdooring Jace and he wishes he could tell Jace.

    Liz, Jace and Austin – solidified their Final 3 “Tres Amigos”. They said they don’t trust Audrey and wants to tell her something false, to see if it gets spread. (Sidenote from 80sBaby: Audrey is up in everyone’s world, backstabbing and e'erythang!)

    Jace confronted Becky about her telling him to be quiet. Apparently he has been annoying. LMAO

    Audrey tells Clay about the group wanting to possibly cut him out because of his friendship w/Shelly. (WTF Audrey, this is too much)

    (Sidenote from 80sBaby: Too much going on here
    ) I guess Clay and Davonne had some issues because someone instigated and the majority of the click doesn’t like Clay b/c of Shelly, so Audrey is trying to find a way to get him back with the group (I don’t know who this group is besides Audrey, Meg and maybe Jason?)

    Austin, Liz and Davonne thinks that Audrey is playing all sides of the house. Davonne said, she thinks ppl are afraid to put Audrey up because they don’t want to be THAT person (putting up the transgendered player), but she says she would nominate Audrey.

    Jason and Davonne think Audrey has a final 2 with everyone and would like to backdoor her. They think she will never try to win HOH and will want everyone else to win.

    Word got to Audrey about Davonne wanting her gone. Audrey confronted Davonne.

    TOO MUCH GOING ON – Audrey is confronting everyone about throwing her name out, calling meetings and ish!

    Davonne and Jason were off in a separate room worried about the fallout. Jason is afraid that he will be put up.

    There was too much going on, more drama than I could write, if anyone have MORE that I missed, please feel free b/c this group is a HAM! HAM!


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      Another update...

      At some point, Austin discovered Davonne is not a 2nd grade school teacher and told others that she is a poker player. Others (including Audrey) said she has to go and should be backdoored or out next week.

      Jason and Davonne definitely think they have to win because they are on the outs with others.

      Davonne confronted Audrey about her manipulations nothing has come of it yet.

      I don't know how this will play out on TV and what will happen next week. This group is on fiyah! drama so soon


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        Thanks 80sBaby.........very interesting stuff. I was afraid that Audrey would come on too strong, looks like she has.
        POV was won by Steve..........looks like Jace will be put up in his place, but with BB you never know.


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          uhh... i just watched some of BB:AD from Thursday night. Let's just send cry baby Vanessa home already. Vanessa should have really given this game a lot of thought, before coming in the house. Unless Vanessa gets it together & deals, she needs to go. I would not care if Vanessa replaces Steve (on the block) & gets voted out.
          I love babies, but no babies in the BB house.


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            Too many HG, many little alliances so early. I like Audrey & DaVonne, they both seem to be in a few different alliances. I know Steve will use the veto on pulling himself off the block. I read on Friday that James planned on putting Jace up as they wanted to BD Jace. Of course by now Austin has told Jace about the BD plan. Now i just read that James & Jace talking about BD Jason. I'm like , i'm not ready for Jason to leave he's so cute & funny. Clay's name has also been coming up a lot to go up. Also crying today is Shelli, she doesn't want Jace to leave. I will enjoy this group better when a few of the HG leave. Gonna watch BB:AD tonight, i hope they are not boring.


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              It looks like early in the day on Saturday was boring but things heated up again at night. I think the houseguests are playing too hard right now and will shoot themselves in the foot. It is too early and they have about 70-80 days left with twists every weekToo much about alliances, spilling secrets, backstabbing and barely anyone is playing it cool besides Becky and John (the dentist, that sounds like Zed from police academy!). Jackie is a little quiet, but her and Shelli are in some of these discussions w/the main poop starters so they aren't looking THAT much betterAnd JC I agree, I'm not ready for Jason to leave yet. Audrey, I understand drama is needed but she NEEDS to calm down b/c majority of the house has peeped her sloppy game play (planting seeds) ok, so here goes...

              Saturday evening -

              Audrey and Meg discuss getting Davonne out so that Jason can help their game. But they want no part in voting her out, they don’t want blood on their hands. They like Clay but they can’t have him and Shelli together, it has to be one or the other.

              The feeders think Davonne and Vanessa’s twist saved Liz and Austin. but something else went down during the first 2 nights of the feed to make Liz and Davonne fall out. Austin was caught saying, “why would she save you (Liz) if she didn’t like you?” not sure what happened here. Apparently Davonne and Liz clears the air, but Davonne talks to the camera basically being skeptical because she thinks Liz’s alliance (Austin and Jace) wants to put her up.

              ***Feeders also keep mentioning Julia as Liz’s twin. Not sure if this is true and verified or just speculation.
              At some point, James and Liz talks and he tells her that her personality is really different, because she talks a lot more game now vs being very bubbly. Is this really the twin twist? I've seen a pic of the twins and yes they look alike, but you can tell the difference when looking at pictures. Not sure if it will be that obvious if I saw them on camera.

              Clay is trying to form an alliance with Vanessa and wants to pull in Austin or Liz; Vanessa trusts Austin more than Liz.

              Meg and Jeff’s conversation: Meg tells Jeff, she wants to trust Audrey but she thinks Audrey is out planting too many seeds.

              Seems like Jeff and Jason have figured Audrey out and how she is trying to get ppl to not like Davonne! They are convinced that they need to work on Clay patching things up w/Davonne and keeping Davonne until later in the game b/c she is too emotional

              That's all I caught, everyone has something going on w/someone in the house. Not sure how this will play out on our screens
              Last edited by 80sBaby; June 28, 2015, 11:59 AM.


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                9:40 AM BBT – Houseguests got their wake-up call and are finally stirring.10:15 AM BBT – Clay and Audrey talking game in Lounge. Lots of interesting exchanges. Audrey pushes for Clay to showmance Shelli.
                11:00 AM BBT – HGs wondering why James slept in the HN room when he’s the HoH. Later James says he was just lonely up there.
                11:35 AM BBT – Austin and Liz are talking about how voting out Jackie would be a waste. They’re also suspicious of Audrey and Shelli.
                12:10 PM BBT – Austin, Liz and Da’Vonne discuss how they think Audrey is playing all sides of the house and cannot be trusted.
                12:32 PM BBT – Da’Vonne telling Jason about her talk with Austin and Liz. She tells him she would be OK with Audrey going this week and that there would be enough votes to make that happen.
                12:36 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto time.
                3:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Steve won the POV.
                3:20 PM BBT – Talk of backdooring Audrey is going around and she’s caught wind of it. She confronts Da’Vonne about it, which is the start of a literal day-long conversation about it. Summary: Audrey tells Da that she heard Austin and Liz want to backdoor her and that Da was in on it. Da assumes that information came from Steve. So Da is now upset with Steve. This seriously goes on ALL DAY.
                3:36 PM BBT – Talk moves to the lounge. Several people come in and out of the room, talking about he said/she said. It goes on for awhile. Audrey and Da’Vonne sort things out, or so it seems. Austin and Audrey talk alone and solidify their deal to work together.
                4:25 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Jason meet in the HOH room to discuss all that went down. Da tells Jason she needs to fix things with Audrey because now they have no choice but to work with her. Both Jason and Da are a little nervous with James since he will have to name a replacement nominee soon.
                4:33 PM BBT – James goes to the HOH room and tells the others there’s nothing that will chance his target this week. He says Jace is going up and going home.
                5:00 PM BBT – After some alliance talk, they go get Jeff and decide that the alliance of Audrey, Da’Vonne, James, Jason, Meg, Jeff and Jackie will be called the High Rollers.
                5:32 PM BBT – Austin has figured out that Da’Vonne is really a poker dealer.
                5:42 PM BBT – Cam briefly shows Diary Room hallway for our first look.
                7:25 PM BBT – Da’Vonne works on John. She’s worried she’s becoming a target and she and John talk about working together.
                8:07 PM BBT – Da’Vonne trying to get Steve to admit he told Audrey she was coming after her. The conversation goes no where and Da leaves.
                8:55 PM BBT – “Five Alive” alliance is created but it can’t be too serious. Includes Jace, Austin, James, Clay, and Audrey. Moments later James says Jace & Austin did that just to shore up support before the upcoming Veto meeting.
                9:00 PM BBT – Audrey tells Clay to work on Da’Vonne. She doesn’t like that they are going against each other.
                10:15 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Audrey are back at it again. Da’Vonne is still concerned about all of Audrey’s alliances. They bicker for a bit.
                11:39 PM BBT – Steve and Audrey are talking and as soon as Steve mentions Da’Vonne’s name, she hears and walks in. She asks Steve what he’s talking about and he tries to explain himself, but she’s pretty upset with him. Steve tries to talk to her to explain he wasn’t trash-talking her but Da’Vonne isn’t interested in hearing it.
                11:57 AM BBT – Audrey and Steve finish up a conversation. Steve looks at the cameras and says “Audrey is good at this game” and predicts her to win the game.
                12:05 AM BBT – The HGs have gotten a booze delivery and they divide it up and toast.
                1:00 AM BBT – Shelli and Audrey catching up on the latest. Audrey telling her what she’s missed while Shelli says she’s nervously feeling out of the loop.
                1:05 AM BBT – Audrey developing yet another alliance. She talks with Vanessa about working closely together because they trust each other. Audrey says she no longer trusts Da’Vonne.
                2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with Da’Vonne and admits the game overwhelmed her yesterday when she freaked out.
                2:00 AM BBT – Clay tells Shelli they should still trust Audrey even though they’re aware she’s playing a lot of sides in the house right now.


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                  2:15 AM BBT – Clay confers with Audrey about targeting Da’Vonne next. Audrey doesn’t want that blood on her hands, but she’ll support the move by someone else.
                  2:30 AM BBT – Audrey tells Shelli her trust circle includes Vanessa, Clay, and her. Shelli says she hasn’t trusted Da’Vonne from the start.
                  2:40 AM BBT – Steve, by himself, considers hiding something in someone’s bag to help Jace’s chances of staying.
                  3:05 AM BBT – Jeff and Meg talking with Clay and assure him they’re still together regardless of other deals.
                  3:40 AM BBT – Jace asks Steve if he has any other deals going on and hopes Steve is being honest with him about his support.
                  3:45 AM BBT – Clay and Jeff solidifying a F2 deal and thinking of duo names.
                  4:30 AM BBT – Most HGs asleep, but some still wandering around as the day closes out.

                  What a crazy day in the BB17 house as these HGs are in full game mode and acting like it’s Week 5, not Week 1. I’m not sure how long they can keep it up, but I like it!


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                    Austin joins Vanessa as the only 2 up so far today. She tells him about falling out of the hammock.
                    Vanessa pressing again for Austin to either win next HoH comp or throw it with a dramatic fake injury to make him less of a target. #BB17

                    Vanessa also saying she caught Clay in a lie, that he and Audrey don't have their stories straight. She doesn't trust Clay anymore

                    Austin shocked to find out from Vanessa what a bad situation he's in as others are after him once Jace is gone. #BB17


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                      Saturday 6/27

                      10:50 AM BBT – Austin and Vanessa alone in backyard. Austin filling her in on Friday’s chaos. He thinks Jace can survive eviction vote.
                      11:25 AM BBT – HGs slow to get up. They’re hanging around in bed cracking jokes.
                      12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Audrey she’s worried Jace will blow up if they don’t warn him of the renom plans. Audrey says it’d be better for her game if they don’t tell Jace.
                      12:40 PM BBT – Jace & Austin start piecing it together and are trying to figure out why Audrey started “Five Alive” just to immediately screw them over.
                      12:55 PM BBT – Liz talks to Audrey to smooth things over. Sounds like there were some swap-out problems for Liz/Julia and she’s trying to cover that up.
                      1:40 PM BBT – Austin advises Jace to tell HGs he’s going after James if he stays since James can’t vote. Jace practices emotions so he can fake cry to HGs.
                      5:00 PM BBT – Audrey promises Clay & Shelli she’s “ride or die” with them. Audrey wants to go after Da’Vonne next. Clay is good with that.
                      6:00 PM BBT – Austin & Jace starting to panic a bit about Jace’s situation. They realize Audrey likely lead their death march.
                      6:30 PM BBT – James & Jason compare notes and agree Jace’s eviction will be a landslide. James wishes it could be a tie so he could break it against Jace.
                      6:45 PM BBT – Jace & Austin complaining about the other HGs. Austin says the others got lame once the Feeds started and they were afraid of being observed.
                      6:50 PM BBT – Austin & Liz/Julia blame Day for dragging them down yesterday (the Audrey fight), but are hopeful they can keep Jace this week. (Unlikely.)
                      8:00 PM BBT – Audrey tells Meg she’s worried about Day getting to Jury. She also wants to keep Steve away from F5.
                      8:30 PM BBT – James leaves Lounge after a talk with Steve. Steve camtalks & says he doesn’t trust James & he (Steve) will throw the next HoH.
                      9:00 PM BBT – Jace, seemingly desperate for attention, streaks the backyard. Later he worries about how his rear looked.
                      9:10 PM BBT – Clay asking Audrey to let him back in the alliance. She’s been keeping him sidelined possibly to benefit her own game.
                      9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa working on Clay to build trust. She says she wants to work with him.
                      10:10 PM BBT – Houseguests celebrating with some booze for John’s birthday. He turns 28.
                      10:15 PM BBT – Da’Vonne confused after Liz comes to her and apologizes. Day wonders why that just happened if they’re opposing alliances.
                      11:55 PM BBT – James, Jeff, & Meg discuss possibility of a girls alliance. Meg thinks Becky would be the ringleader and Jackie is in on it.
                      12:10 AM BBT – Jackie tells Jeff that Audrey has been talking smack about Day and Jason. She worries it could get back to them and make her look bad.
                      12:40 AM BBT – Jeff & Meg sharing their distrust for Audrey and all the drama she’s creating.
                      1:10 AM BBT – Jace trying to find support in Becky. Says they can get to the end together.
                      2:45 AM BBT – James & Jackie discuss possibility of an all-girls alliance and how Becky might be leading it. Meg joins them and worries she created unnecessary drama by speculating about an all-girls alliance.
                      3:00 AM BBT – Jeff working to convince Clay that they can trust Jackie. Jeff wants to target Austin for eviction if he wins HoH.
                      4:45 AM BBT – Audrey grilling Jeff and accusing him of secretly working with Austin. Jeff isn’t having it and pushes back hard saying she’s crazy if she believes that.
                      4:55 AM BBT – Audrey now worried about the girls alliance and says Vanessa started the rumor. (I think it was actually Audrey who told Vanessa she was worried about a girls alliance.)
                      5:35 AM BBT – Jeff & Jason alone discuss what Audrey is doing. They know she’s the center of the drama and creating it to pit players against one another. Jeff says they’ll have to cut Audrey sooner than later.
                      5:45 AM BBT – Jeff & Jason worry about Clay and how he’s been brainwashed by Audrey to do and say as she suggests.
                      5:50 AM BBT – Jason says the other guys are afraid to go after Audrey because of her personal backstory, but he won’t let that stop him and he’ll target her.
                      6:05 AM BBT – Audrey brings Jeff & Jason upstairs to reunite and rebuild the alliance. James stops the conversation to point out they have TEN members in their alliance. TEN. Yep, it’s the Bomb Squad all over again.
                      6:07 AM BBT – Audrey blames all the alliance’s problems on Da’Vonne. Clay chimes in and agrees that it’s all Day’s fault. Jason steps up and says she’ll trust everyone and that Day will be good.
                      6:20 AM BBT – Alliance meeting breaks up and they finally head downstairs to bed. Veto meeting coming up on Sunday so they need their rest.


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                        Originally posted by tvaddict4965 View Post

                        What a crazy day in the BB17 house as these HGs are in full game mode and acting like it’s Week 5, not Week 1. I’m not sure how long they can keep it up, but I like it!
                        Thanks TVAddict! and I agree, this group is trying toooooooo hard! they are acting like it is really late in the game. This is too soon to have all of this back and forth. I can't tell who has a true alliance or notI think these ppl are so proud to say they have studied the game and are preparing to make these moves so early on, but they could be putting a nail in their coffin before Week 2! Curious to see how things will be edited for us to see and who will stick with who.


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                          POV ceremony happening now. Good luck Jace.


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                            Feeds are back up POV ceremony is over with. James nominated Jace.

                            Nominated: Jace and Jackie -> Steve saved himself and is off the block.

                            Jace is confronting James in the HOH room and is very hostile and calling James stupid

                            Austin is telling his entire game plan to John, now that Jace is on the block.

                            Jace venting to Shelli, Jackie and Vanessa that he gave up everything to play the game, his home, 2 jobs, etc. and that there are 2 ppl going around the house starting stuff. Saying he is pissed. When Audrey comes in, he vents a little more then leaves.

                            Shelli, Jackie and Vanessa now talking about how ALL of them made a sacrifice to be there.
                            Audrey is confronting Vanessa about alliances and is mentioning Austin.

                            I don't get why Audrey is STILL spinning ish... can she please sit down?! She needs to let this nomination and eviction play out then move on a bit. Seems like there is drama, every hour on the hour now
                            Last edited by 80sBaby; June 28, 2015, 05:13 PM.


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                              Jace is now on the block, he's so upset. I like Jace, but he never really tried to play his own game, a mistake many have made. I will give Austin credit though he seemed to come in the house trying to play his own game. Between Jace & Jackie i would rather Jace leave, i want to see what Jackie is about. Jace maybe here to play the game.
                              Last edited by jcwalk; June 28, 2015, 06:07 PM.


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                                Austin & Liz want to flip the house & save Jace. I think they will need 7 votes to keep Jace (i think Jace is a goner).


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