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Big Brother Season 22 Discussion - NO SPOILERS!


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  • Big Brother Season 22 Discussion - NO SPOILERS!

    Ok, kids, I got permission to start another BB thread. I haven't watched last night's live eviction so feel free to post your thoughts thus far.

    I just hate to see Nicole A cry and feel like an outcast and I hope she is spared tonight.


  • #2
    I get D'vonne wanting to not vote out a Black person but Nicole gave her food for thought. David ain't budging. At this juncture, I think David's going...

    The mistake that players make is by being afraid to take out the best players early. That will come back to bite them in the finale...

    I really don't like Memphis.

    Nice to see Janelle and Kayser be sincere about Nicole.

    Up next: the vote...Oh well. I hope Nicole finds her "person". She deserves every happiness.

    First it was 12', now 10' away. Julie wanted to give Nicole a hug.

    Wow, they had a chance to practice for the HOH competition. I'm guessing there's not real beer in them mugs. Tyler is the new HOH.



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      Nicole just blurted out, not planned it that Janelle talks about her behind her back. Lordy!

      You gotta love Tyler and his 14 alliances but that will come back to bite him.

      Da'Vonne wants to wear a costume and punishment. Lol. It's the safety suite shuffle!

      Tyler made the big move. Kudos!!!! "All stars, not all scared."

      Good luck Janelle and Kayser.


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        Tyler apologized to Janelle and said he'll probably follow her out the door soon. Christmas forgot about her star babies for awhile and left them inside, unattended - they cried. Janelle and Kaysar talked about their lives, her real estate work, her former Minnesota accent, and his future in the game without her. He said she's a better game player than he is, and she said "I'm not gonna deny that" - both laughed. She reminded him not to get excited and overdo again, "stop trying to lead people to the promised land" and they laughed again. Meanwhile Nicole told Kevin and Christmas that Janelle spread the pre-season rumor that she (Nicole) cried her way on to the show, and she asked Kevin not to say anything about that because she doesn't want any drama this week.


        • Penelope P
          Penelope P commented
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          About who is going to be evicted? My guess is Janelle..........sadly.

        • namers
          namers commented
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          No, who's going to win the whole kit and caboodle? I don't see Ian this time, nor Nichole F nor Memphis. And, don't you think they should up the ante to $1,000,000 for the All Stars?

        • Penelope P
          Penelope P commented
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          Cory is playing pretty hard and he's very good at competitions........then so is Tyler. Check out the spoiler that I just posted.

      • #5
        I wanted to watch it live but the convention was on. How did they do that?

        I like Julie's "romper".

        The Slick Six. If you say so.

        Christmas is right: if Kaysar stays, he's got to up his game.

        Ian and his SPF 50. I hear ya. It was 112° last Tuesday!

        Yeah Cody, it will bite you in the butt. Janelle is offering up her wedding band.

        David's an idiot, period.

        Janelle is evicted. It's kinda sad that when the doors open, they're no fans cheering. Julie trips over her dress.


        • #6
          So how come announcer dude didn't say, "Big Broth-er All Stars!"

          I'd love to see Kaysar win HOH. Kaysar is a good guy.

          Tyler, "somebody from one of my alliances". Um, isn't he in an alliance with everybody?

          Nicole: it's not "expecially". Pet peeve of mine.

          Ian and his physics explanation but really he should have just watched Kaysar's two-handed roll.

          David, the last time you looked over at someone, you lost. Stay focused.

          Dani looks good as a blonde.

          Don't cry Christmas! Don't cry Day! They miss their kids. It's funny but there won't be any showmances this go-round, I don't think.

          All of them watching with baited breath was quite amusing.

          Enzo takes the trophy. He's a little hot headed.

          Cody's not buying what Dani is selling.

          The Have Nots are: Tyler, Da'Vonne, Baileigh.

          So Dani and Nicole are in cahoots.

          Poor Kevin's a pawn target.

          How can you believe someone who's wearing sunglasses inside?

          Christmas has 12 all-star babies. I've known some families with 8 kids. Aye aye aye!

          Kaysar and Kevin are on the block.


          • #7
            Kevin wins the POV. So he takes himself off, it's going to be tight with votes for Kaysar or whomever else.

            Enzo is "not playing around this season". Dems are fighting words!

            So who will be the pawn of ?

            Christmas offered herself up for eviction. Who would the house rather work with or fear the most?

            Tune in tomorrow.........


            • #8
              Kasar is evicted 10-0. Ouch. He dropped a couple of bombs on the way out and the alliances have cracks. Christmas wins the HOH. I don't know that she has the guts to make 'big moves'.


              • #9
                Sowwy Da'.

                Nicole's game was blown up and she's freaking.

                Danielle's not wrong about Kaysar.

                Tyler, "You got splainin' to do!"

                Slick six and The Committee: juggling much Cody?

                The BB cellar and it's gooey, sticky pitch black basement with 3 powers up for grabs. David, Christmas & Nicole won one. Messing with the noms and HOH's sounds like fuuun.

                Baleigh is coming for Dani. I totally agree with her how Tyler was trying to manage her .

                Remember when they had a clock of keys and you'd turn one and went around the table?

                Baleigh and Da'Vonne. BIG move, Christmas. She feels terrible.

                Bold enough, Baleigh? Is that how winners win?

                Will David use his disruptive power to take one off the block?


                • #10
                  It's getting juicy. Baleigh and Da'Vonne are still on the block as they both "jumped the gun" in the veto competition. It was very nice of Nicole to gift Da' $5000; I don't know that I would either. Now she has to wear the sloppytard for a week. Yowser.

                  I knew something was up with Ian because he didn't rah rah when picked for the veto. Wonder what it was?

                  Tyler is starting to freak out about the pressure. How come Tyler was in the big bed? Tyler is wearing dark glasses in the diary room; he feels guilty and sad and so he's trying to make things right with them. I think Tyler is going to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Christmas: "trust me, I'll do what I want". Yeah girl.

                  Tyler: you trusted a California girl who freely says, "I love you" when they don't really.

                  So if David uses his secret power, who's he going to use it on? I say Baleigh as D already won $5000.

                  It's getting hot in here. I think Christmas is FIERCE this year.


                  • #11
                    Day 37 and the poo is going to hit the fan!

                    If you talk too much, it's going to bite you. Don't show all your cards.

                    I can see Christmas winning it all.

                    Why is Baleigh blaming Tyler? 🤔 Christmas cleared it up but Da' aint buying it. She's also right about Baleigh feeling bad.

                    WWDavidD? Not use his power.

                    Oh, Cody's grandfather passed away on Labor Day.

                    I have to say these girls are holding on to Black angst; it's sad to see them blame themselves and that people are going to think they're "crazy". "They have been salivating over the day I blow up." That is a total projection and that is how she feels about herself. Being angry has nothing to do with being Black. The only reason why they were both put up on the block is because they are a duo, not a Black duo.


                    Poor Baleigh: 9-0. Sucks there's no audience clapping for her.

                    HOH: Hold on for dear life while we move you around in awkward positions and spray you with ickey stuff. First 3 to fall off: have nots. Dani should bun her hair up for competitions. Tyler too. Lol.


                    • #12
                      Day 37:

                      Hard to hold on when it's wet.

                      Remember when Tyler had his hair blown out and he hated it?

                      Da'Vonne: why are you worried about what "America" thinks?

                      Ice pop Kevin needs this...

                      I wouldn't last 10 minutes; I'd pee pee in my pants pants!

                      What no pink/blue/green cream shot their way?

                      David's down.

                      Ian makes it almost an hour and he's a have not.

                      Memphis is smart: why stay?

                      Enzo is down.

                      Kevin's down.

                      Since I know what I know about Nicole, I don't want her to win anything. I hope they kick her out on Thurs. https://boards.soapcentral.com/core/smilies/0/0/3/9/9/4/devil.gif

                      Tyler's down.

                      Nicole doesn't want to nominate anyone this week.

                      Danielle is the new HOH. Yeah, you're not really aligned with everybody in the house.

                      If I had to eat slop every meal, every day for 7 days...........

                      Dani's top that looks like your grandma's afghan is cute.

                      How come they don't all go see her room and photos?

                      The "Jordan loves Jeff" pillow was cute.

                      Kevin makes a lot sense talking about being gay and being whole and true to yourself. Kevin doesn't want to spend his birthday in Jury.

                      Tyler's trying to kiss butt.

                      THE POWERS!

                      Tyler throws himself under the bus!

                      I seem to have fallen asleep around here. Well, tonight is Wed's show as they battle for the POV.


                      • #13
                        Da'Vonne takes her shot which is to go against Dani and remove Kevin from the block.

                        Nicole's wigged out because Ian is her only friend. They should take the winners out. Ian's trying to convince the house that Tyler's a bigger threat. People will leave the biggest threats in when they should target them like Cody & Enzo.

                        Big paradigm shift is on it's way.

                        Tyler: take Dani out.

                        Ian and Tyler's goodbyes were good.

                        Really, Nicole that was "the hardest thing you ever had to do"?

                        Ian is evicted. Regardless of what folks might have said about him, he was a Mensch and handled himself like a mature adult.

                        Hydrant Hustle HOH competition. A puzzle. I love puzzles. I loved geometry. Gaaaa, have to wait until Sunday!

                        Julie's sign-off sayings are starting to sound silly.


                        • #14
                          Day 44. Spoilers, what spoilers?

                          David wanted to split the house but someone flipped on Ian. Who might that be?

                          Pea protein. I'll pass.

                          Kevin throws David under the bus.

                          Dani knows the score. Everybody knows David used the power on himself.

                          I kinda want David to win HOH and throw the committee out on their behind. David, if you're looking over at everyone else, you ain't gonna win.

                          Memphis. I seriously forget he's on the show. But, he wins the HOH. Oy.

                          If you know you talk the least of folks in the house, why would you not make that a priority from the get go? That's game.

                          Da' thinks David set her up...

                          Kevin: "blink blink lies deception deceit".

                          How does nobody know Nicole can't be trusted?

                          I do NOT like that Da' is only concerned with race and it's pissing me off.

                          Sorry Kevin, it's more like a 100% chance it was Nicole.

                          Christmas and Cory are have nots.

                          Rub a dub dub, three in a tub and one slips out!

                          Memphis wants to back door David. David, why TF would Memphis care about you? Who else is more important? You're gullible.

                          I really would like to see Memphis out.



                          • #15
                            Day 45

                            David actually believes Memphis.

                            Poor you, Dani that nobody listens to you.

                            Kevin tells Da' that she's all that and back atcha.

                            David knows that Da' and Kevin didn't pick him with their houseguest choice.

                            Memphis is calling the shots...or so he thinks. Tyler ain't having it. How are Kevin and Da' a "power duo"?

                            The sleepytime music is a sign that Zingbot is in the house!


                            Nicole: Presbyterian IS a religion, dummy: it's presbyopia! Yeah Zingbot, she is SHRILL!

                            Da'Vonne drags the tiger, "come on witch your ass". Lol.

                            Tyler wins the POV! What will he do? Not only didn't he throw it, he won it. Memphis not happy. WWTD? Poor Memphis, can't back door David.

                            Da' or Kevin is going home. I think it's Da'.

                            Christmas let's her blocker power expire.

                            A new 'twist' is a'coming.........


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