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CELEB BB US - S2: Live Feed Updates (HOH, POV, etc.)


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  • SPOILER! CELEB BB US - S2: Live Feed Updates (HOH, POV, etc.)

    Marked as a Spoiler thread for the Live Feed gossip, comp stats, etc.

    There have been sneak peek moments of the feeds since Thursday!

    So far Joey Lawrence has constantly complained about the dirtiness of the house. Already dirty? And footage of Jonathan being the workout trainer. No real drama yetjust bonding amongst the cast (cooking, chit chat)

    I can't confirm, but there is some speculation that Ryan is the HOH
    Last edited by 80sBaby; January 20th, 2019, 10:02 AM. Reason: Corrected Live Feeds (sneak peek only)

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    Ryan is probably HOH
    Jonathan is probably nominated
    Kato, Natalie Eva Marie have 1st eviction immunity


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      I hate that Ryan nominated Tom...I couldn't stop laughing when Tom formed an alliance with Anthony & Kato...and said something like these guys who are connected to the two most notorious characters in history what me in their how can this be a good idea......but this is Big why not...I thought that remark was I'm routing for him...and hope he stays


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        They are saying the Mooch is out? Not sure why, but he maybe self evicted. That didn't take long, if it's true.


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          I'm reading recaps that the houseguests are mentioning that the Mooch is gone. Not sure if he self evicted or not.

          Tamar and Kandi have a very loud beef that the whole house has witnessed almost every night.

          Sounds like Kato won the veto and saved Tom and maybe Kandi is on the block?! So confused. I will confirm more later.


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            Here's what I found out 80'sBaby:

            Ricky won veto/did not use
            Anthony left they were saying he was a mole and 'not a real player'
            Ryan nominated Kandi in his place
            Kato won veto

            Tamar is getting on my last nerve already!!


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              Thanks Penelope P I read something about a mole but couldn't understand it.

              I am so tired of Tamar too. She is so dramatic and more than likely she will stay because she is crazy. She needs to calm down with the cattiness.

              I think Kandi is getting evicted. Tom and Jonathan are feeds gold for the Producers.


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                It looks like Kato won Veto and saved along with Jonathan now Joey & Kandi are on the block...I don't know what happened to Anthony so maybe he did leave...because if not wouldn't he be still on The Block


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                  Apparently Anthony was "the mole!!". OMG, what a BB house of DIVAS.........both sexes . Where do I start?? Tamar being the biggest IMO,'s like watching grudge matches and putting bets on who wins........yikes. Congratulation to Tom Green for beating cancer BUT if I hear one more time of his missing "nut" I'll scream. Both Ryan and Jonathan have big targets on their heads. When you're HOH, you get rid of the opposite sex......would make sense, right????


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                    I must say, I am liking this cast. While yes, I can see why some think Tamar is annoying, I still find her entertaining to watch. Rooting for Jonathan, though if he goes I think his biggest mistake was not speaking to his alliance about the vote. I don't think it was something he did intentionally, he should have had more thought about that. Go behind his team to save Lindsey Lohans mom and make the majority of his alliance mad, or let her get put up and try and steer the team into voting someone else...and if it doesn't work then stick with his alliance.

                    Dying to know what happened to Anthony!!! I can't wait until Friday to have some light shed on this
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                    • Penelope P
                      Penelope P commented
                      Editing a comment
                      This is what was said on the forum that I read: Anthony left they said on feeds he was a mole and 'not really playing' -
                      he was at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday

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                    That was a lame twist about Anthony...since I still don't get his purpose...but I'm glad Jonathan is gone...I'm also happy that Kato saved Tom...I really like them along with Joey & Ricky...since I don't like any of the girls...or Ryan either


                    • Penelope P
                      Penelope P commented
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                      I absolutely share you opinions.

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                    The new HOH is Kato . Wonder if the boys have Ryan in their sites? I'd start working on the girls...........LOL.


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                      Thanks for the spoilers much drama, I can't keep up! From what I read online, many didn't buy Mooch being a mole, they think he quit for the Davos forum and BB tried to cover it up. He was boring anyway. LOL

                      I'm so sick of Tamar, I'm glad they have her stirring up drama, but if I see those pajamas again, I will puke. Also, she starts something with everyone. We started the season with some strong women and now, they are a hot mess.

                      I wonder who Kato will nominate


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                        Whew, feeds just cut on a heated argument between Tamar and LoLo.

                        Tamar is such a messwhile LoLo was in earshot Tamar was all, "the next time someone calls me a b...., I am going to start yanking." LoLo says, "well then do it" and the fighting baiting of each other occurs. Feeds cut.

                        It is Saturday morning, oh the dramaand it isn't game play drama but street petty drama.


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                          I can’t believe feeds have been down for so long. I wonder if they just went straight from noms into veto? I’m glad I’m not paying, I’d be ticked off.


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