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Ha! Y'all were all wrong to judge J.C. as a pervert


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  • Ha! Y'all were all wrong to judge J.C. as a pervert

    Read what Tyler Crispen has to about his relationship with JC
    The ‘Big Brother 20’ star says live feed viewers had the wrong idea about his relationship with JC. Tyler Crispen is standing by his man. The popular Big Brother Season 20 runner-up is ...

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    I wouldn't expect anything other than Tyler saying good things about JC but IMO JC is a "perv" and took advantage of the men while in the BB house.


    • SunsetFan2011
      SunsetFan2011 commented
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      What made me believe what JC did was so wrong was because I had read that Tyler had indicated to another HG(s) that he didn't want to sleep in the same bed with JC anymore.....and that led me to think that whatever JC did to Tyler was "unwelcome" by him. However, if Tyler is OK with whatever happened, I guess that maybe changes things somewhat. I still think it appeared a bit hinky at the time it happened, but anyhoo.

    • 80sBaby
      80sBaby commented
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      IA Penelope. I stand by what I thought originally about JC. That article only shows Tyler being a class act and attempting to make sure that JC doesn't get more scrutiny.

      Yes SunsetFan2011 there is footage of Tyler telling KayCee that the did not want JC sleeping with him and it was unwelcome. This article is just to diffuse potential harrassment.

      JC was outrageous in that house and in all honesty he needs to be confronted with the truth and not pacified.

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    I clicked on the link provided by georgem and it led to some other articles about BB20 HGs after the season finale. There was mention about Swaggy and Baleigh getting engaged on the show's live finale episode and it also indicated that Baleigh suffered a miscarriage while in the BB Jury House. I remember there being speculation as to whether she was pregnant, so I guess that article confirms that she was at some point.
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