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Real Housewives of NYC ---- Season 10


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  • Real Housewives of NYC ---- Season 10

    The ladies of last season of RHONYC, comes back April 4th, at 9pm Eastern on BRAVO NETWORK. Here is the cast if anyone forgot;


    This season better be good! I wanted more last season because of the silliness Luann. I am not keen on Carole coming back. Should have had Jill instead of Carole. I heard that this may be Bethenny's last season....should she go. I dare not! THIS is what made her famous The gal is wealthy!

    Can you believe this is the 10th Season???! I know the network should have brought back few former cast. Like I said, Jill Zarin....maybe next season, she comes back. Andy, make it work!

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    First Episode
    Sorry guys it took this long because of the construction of this beautiful site I am currently watching the first episode for ya!!! I love what Bethenny is doing with giving to others. That is kind hearted and the organization has grew. She mentions that Tinsley and Ramona gave some money. It was mentioned how Carole was not there, supporting Bethenny at the organization party....oops, forgot to mention that.

    Looks like the girls are getting ready for Halloween. And Ramona looks good. Going to watch for the rest of first episode.

    So I finished watching the are some of the highlights;

    Carole & Tinsley got close!
    Ramona & Sonja relationship is drifting off
    Luann recognizing that she is single
    Bethenny's dog died
    Dorinda is Dorinda

    Oh yeah, by the way, the ladies looked great in their Halloween costumes. Looks like Bethenny and Ramona got into a heated argument over the house Bethenny brought. Does it matter which side the house is....thank god it's in the Hamptons. That's where most vacation in the summer time! Wished I had a good looking house there!
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      Finally Luann Is Addressed
      I am soo happy that this show addressed Luann in a right way...actually she did! Do I feel sorry for her that this guy never wanted her? Absolutely not!! She got Tom from a party, who was with another woman. Tried to get him married. He liked the idea too, but he went back to the old ways. Her so called castmates, I would say at this point, TOLD HER THAT TOM WAS NO GOOD!!! I uh hope Sonja learned from this too...did she??? Probably not, lol! Remember, she wanted him too...Now Luann is looking like a,"Toms fool"!!!! Sorry but no sorry....yeah, last season was all about her ...don't know of this season....


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        Sorry I am late....let me give you a short version of the episodes...

        Tins did not like how Sonja was gossiping about her. Got into it, but they somehow made up in the 7th Episode. Dorinda got into it with Sonja as well. They too, made up, but Dorinda still wants to throw her in the trash like yesterday news, lol. Oh yeah, Ramona got into Sonja too, but made up!

        It seems like Carole shifted from Bethenny to Tins! She is not close to Bethenny no more.

        Luann still talks about her ex....

        I think the 7th Episode was the best episodes because Bethenny & Dorinda went to Puerto Rico for helping out the people who are still suffering from Hurricane Irma. Found out that Dorinda does not want to let go of her past with Richard, her dead hubby. And can't commit to John....

        We are now on track to episode 8th


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          8th Episode....I skip on the mystery game, but the end was interesting! Carole & Bethenny got into it over their relationship! The girls is fearful of Bethenny, cuz she has a big mouth, but impressed that Carole can stand on her own! Maybe their relationship fell off...people do other things that they enjoy. Bethenny is more into her org, than with laying in her apartment all day. I don't know but it's hard to tell of this relationship.

          One more thing, I love Dorinda house in the Berkshires! ♡


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            9th Episode...Bethenny and Carole is hashing out their relationship. Yeah, Carole has changed...probably for the better from me. She is light and fun. I guess Tins got to do with this! I think with Beth, she is on a different wave length. She is into her nonprofit org that she started and wants to grow it. Bethenny has this sound mind business, thar keeps winning and growing. Nothing is wrong with it.

            I am in the middle of it. So if there is anything, I will post it later...


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              ^ Boy the episode did not disappointed! Bethenny likes to think she knows it all, but does not give the same respect to her ladies friends. She should be supported of her friends, even if they are her unknown cast. The scene with Ramona making faces on the Manhattan street, is classic!

              Luann...well it looks like she is bitter that Tom moved on. Who's fault is it of not seeing the truth that this guy does not like the idea of marriage? It's her! We saw her last season, gloating around, even the season before that! And ignoring what is wrong with him....she got into a serious issue with the police. Police don't care who you are, if you are behind the other side. Oh my on Luann.


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                10th was all about Luann's fallout in Palm Beach in Florida. And Bethenny & Carole try to mend their friendship. And Dorinda told Bethenny she was over the Nutcracker Statue. I think something goes wrong in Dorinda relationship with Bethenny. She is not following her IG account!!!


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                  11th Episode....I am late here. This episode was heartfelt with Jill & Bethenny. Even though we did not see their full convo later, I can picture it in my mind that their in good spirits. Sad that Bobby died. He seemed well last year, but then again, it may have been 2016 or 2017. Most likely, 2016, cuz BRAVO taped shows a year before a premiere date! That 2009 was like yesterday in my mind. Ramona and Jill made up too....This episode, was in my opinion, the best episode!


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                    12th I am in a middle of it. Dorinda treated Luann to a spa in Connecticut. Took other ladies too. Luann is pissed that Ramona wanted to be in Tom's New Years Eve party. Ramona was denying this....I really an not understanding the definition of denying. I think people not telling the truth. But it's the opposite of what I think...SMH


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                      Sorry if I am late....I wonder if anyone heard the news that Luann has relapsed into drinking again. And being sued by her kids because she brought the house in their inherentance money!!!! Right now she is going to rehab...and won't be doing the reunion. I wonder if Andy would let her back in next season??? Have to say, I was excited for this season, but it turned out to be a dud!!! The only person that interest me was Carole! And that is a shocker!


                      • tiff5555
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                        Well there is more gossip! Carole has been fired from this show...ouch! Should had after last season. Found her very interesting this season. Bethenny's boyfriend died! He overdose on something, and had a wife. Don't know if it's ex or what, but it's driving people crazy in the social media world. Find out that I don't like the term, "press"'s old school, should be called, "media"!

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                      13th I am 7 episodes behind and the reunion is next is the highlight of this episode;
                      • Dorinda takes a dig on Sonja, because Sonja is proud of her husband legacy and believing it's her family as well.
                      • Luann is pissed that Ramona put up a pic of the clan, that she is in, on IG, and the media thinks that Luann is drinking again. This is after her arrest and the court hearing coming up. She is pissed that Ramona drinking with Tom & Harry...
                      • Some of the clan made fun of Tinsley shopping for a wedding dress, when she is not getting tired.
                      • Dorinda feels that something is wrong with Bethenny, but yets, tries to be, upright and tell those off like Sonja.


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                        Wow I am looking at my thread and wished I would have given you, Episode 2, 3, you name it. Now that I am late and the next week is a reunion...ugh such not a good writer here for you all.....okay let's go to Episode 14
                        • Tins moves to a penthouse hotel like which is few steps away in the hotel she stays. The rent is still hefty! Don't know how she is is affording it! She and Scott will work it out, living together. After that, might be a marriage thing. Her bestie, Carole...well Adam might want her back, but she moved on.
                        • Luann is working on her cabaret show. Invited Sonja to join in on the fun!
                        • The speed dating was funny! All eyes on Ramona. Tins says that speed dating is not for her, but she kissed Scott on her first date....liar she silly is lol!!!
                        • Tins invites the girls to Colombia! And I agree with Dorinda! All I know is drugs, and not whats good about the country.


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                          15th Episode....The girls are in Cartagena, Colombia. Bethenny is feeling under the weather, moving into a new apartment, the court case with her ex, and her friendship to Carole. She didn't like the place where Tins picked. She had a beef with Carole over the red scarf guy, in the last episode. And is allergic to regular fish. Bethenny is a drama queen I would say. She sort of blamed Dorinda with how she felt about the place. Dorinda well told Tins of how Bethenny felt. Dorinda needs to learn how to zip it!....I did liked Ramona in the wheelchair, hehe.
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                            16th was chaos! Carole and Bethenny trying to work it out at the dinner, then at the same time, we see drunken Dorinda fighting with Luann. And you know how fun is drunken Dorinda. Sadly, Dorinda has a drinking problem! Everyone knows it but not addressing her. That's not what you call a friend if you are not telling her. Dorinda needs a reality check!


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                              My heart goes out to this episode! I feel like Carole is not seeing deeper that Bethenny isn't really happy in her personal life. Yes, the notion is true, money can't buy you happiness, which is in her case. Bethenny, I feel, is not adapting to Carole new ways. Or that Carole changed. Carole is hanging out more with Tins, and seems to have forgotten about Bethenny. ....And Dorinda, needs to be told that she has a drinking problem. She can dish it, but can't take it!

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