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    Episode 4

    Covid comes to GA. Oh geeze, Mommy is living with the newlyweds. Oy! Trina's bar closed down.

    Tawanda is home with her kids and her boyfriend is leaving CA to be with them. She is happy.

    Back in L.A. at Toni's: she's texting her kids that they cannot go out to eat! Her assistant's phone has Covid. Lol. No touring until next spring. Yup. She's crated a "Breathe Again" mask in honor of George Floyd. Don't think I've seen them. She gets lupus treatments at home. Wait, so Toni IS still engaged with Birdman.

    It's been 7 months since Trina's wedding? And a year before that? Traci girl, you're in therapy, so reach out already.

    Von: eeew, folding towels on the rug. Trina sending thank you's is a woman's job.

    Sean is liking quarantined with Towanda. He seems like a cool dude. Wow, he wants to have a baby with her. She's 47. But she wants to go to MD to check on her father. She wants to visit Traci too.

    Michael got frozen on Zoom with Toni. Lol.

    Traci and Kevin go scootering.

    Trina's Sister Circle was cancelled. She made 6 figures doing that? Wow. Von doesn't like her cooking and Mommy went home. He wants her son Caleb to leave the nest.

    Toni see her Dr. virtually. She wants her sibs to get on a plane to see her. Oy.

    This "what happened at the wedding" is so ridiculous. Nothing happened that wasn't in Traci's mind! Traci's wig is Staci.

    I understand Trina's observation about eating out with masks. I did that 1 time and it was awkward.

    Trina's bestie wants to know why she's not singing. She's worried she will shame the Braxton name.

    Tawanda is going bike riding with Sean...but now he owes her one. BTW: don't tattoos a mates name on you! "My Wasbeen". I love that! Sean wants to ask Michael Sr. for his blessing to marry.


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      Episode 6

      Sisters + plane = CA visit. The substitute chef wasn't cutting it with them; they ain't doing anything except eating!

      Toni looks fab in her new video.

      "It was so good seeing you all hazmatted up". Toni has every right to be paranoid.

      They are getting along...wait, where' the trouble maker?

      Traci is doing her session online but hasn't talked to Mommy yet. Evelyn doesn't want to intervene into her daughters' sitch. She thinks she took her dad's side in their divorce. Oh. I think Traci is expressing herself well. "If I could have been a grandmother first, I'd be a better mother." I hope she doesn't sell herself short, all mothers feel that way.

      Tawanda has gained the "Covid 30". Lol. She's hired a trainer. Trina is trying the trainer. Trina's writing a book on menopause. My mother threw young lady booklets at me. I really like Trina's eyelashes in her video.

      Tawanda's face, face mask. Too funny. She's getting her ex's tatt removed. These girls can make a song about anything!

      It's Toni's birthday: will she show up for her own old queens party? Yup, as a bee keeper. She is the queen B. A Tamar mention.

      Towanda wants to be married!

      Oh geeze, a lot of what they talk about I can't talk about here!

      Toni the prude is having a sexy blast. Toni's tearing down the 4th wall and she's asked us if we know what an Eifle Tower is. Traci, "Oh that's the London Bridge."

      If that was the end of the season, it was a great season.


      • AMHardulak
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        Glad you were able to watch all of it! It did turn out to be a good season (considering the fact that the sisters thought they couldn't (and shouldn't) film. Glad it ended on a promising note. (My favorite Braxton scenes are when the sisters spontaneously break out in song! Just LOVE that)

      • namers
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        They really are very talented in their own right.

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