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    I am starting a thread, based on what we hear from social media, entertainment world. If you hear something, please share it here, so we can get to chatting!

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    American Idol Reboot

    Did you guys hear of American Idol reboot? It's going to air on ABC....sounds like they won the fight for the show to air. I would have still wanted on FOX....


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      apparently the actress who plays emma on OUAT will only come back for one episode in season 7, if there IS a season 7. the goss says that eveybody's contracts are expiring anyway, so the last episode should wrap up most of the loose ends, just in case.


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        Phaedra Parks from RHOA

        I heard from Wendy Williams that a judge or someone wants to revoke Phaedra's law license permanently due to her lie on the Reunion of the Housewives. My first reaction is, that was a serious lie that can ruin her reputation forever. Another thing is, does the person who wants to revoke Phaedra, is a fan of the Housewives. Why would he be after Phaedra? I believe Phaedra dug herself in a hole over this, and showed much of her life on this reality show. I feel bad for her...I don't know why she would be after Kandi. Is she jealous that her sex business is booming and her businesses was not?????? And that her ex was best friends with Kandi and Todd. Would like to think Phaedra has more going for her than Kandi. The one thing that Wendy Williams point out was, that BRAVO should have not fired her, so the next season, it would have been juicy! Anyway....good luck Phaedra. Apollo would be laughing from prison for you.


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          Ariana Grande Concert Bombing in England

          This is big news and it's very sad. There was a terror attacks in Ariana Grande concert. 19 people killed. Maybe more is counting. This is not good. Innocent lives are at risk and down right wrong! Why? it's mostly kids who loves this singer.

          I don't know....we live in scary times. Not in times of good things.


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