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    I stopped watching after Nancy got the boot. Now I hear Bronco boy is gone. My husband cannot understand why that sports hero (brush cut) is still on--he calls him the "dancing brick".
    Sad, I used to love this show.


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      I had a bet with my husband that they would vote off our little gymnast, who is arguably the best dancer on the show. Simone got the boot, with all the judges hanging their heads. So our sporty guy is in the final three.
      I cannot think this show is legitimate any more, in terms of the voting process.


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        I stopped watching this show for years because I got tired of my favorites being voted off early, but then I got hooked again. When Simone was voted off, it reminded me of everything that I distain about the voting system. She was by far the greatest spirit and the best dancer on that stage.


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          I am glad that Rashad won the mirrorball--however, everybody knows that Simone and Normani should have been in the final three, and NO WAY should our baseball hero have been number two!
          It proves that the best dancers don't always win, and also that there is a "fix" in there somewhere. Sigh........


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            I'm not going to complain too much because Rashad was some good ol' weekly eye-candy AND he could dance without performance/dance training in his personal life.

            I'm late about Simone's dismissal, but that was the judges' fault. They rode that lady like Zorro. It was enough that Simone was dealing with seeing Normani "sexy" it up every week and burn that dance floor up. Simone had insecurities and the judges with their nit-picks (and then acting all heart broken when she was ousted) was no help for her.

            Normani WAS the best dancer, but the over-all connector with dancefloor/partner-chemistry/audience WAS Rashad. CONGRATS.

            SO HAPPY that major league didn't win though. I was starting to feel like I feel with the singing shows when the country audience gets ahold of the voting queues. This was the first time a baseball player has been on DWTS, so I won't be surprised if this happens again being that MLB is so popular. It's just like country votes on the singing shows. In fact, I believe the same voters that vote "country" was voting "baseball".

            But, to be perfectly honest, major league DID have a connection with the audience AND his chemistry with his partner was really good. So, if he would have won, I could have understood why even though he wasn't the best dancer. Even the judges began to resign and fall into the "audience connection" argument to justifying his possible win.

            Just like on "So You Think You Can Dance".... I believe they stopped calling it "best dancer" after the first season or so and began to call it "audience favorite dancer" because they know what time it is.


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