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    Originally posted by He'sAliveToday View Post
    ^Since it appears that you have not watched the most current episode yet, I’ll keep it light. All Ihave to say is that Boogie truly has REAL problems if he sees a “hit record” coming from Pep’s daughter. Girl, bye, with the studio nonsense.GO TO SCHOOL AND GET YOUR EDUMACATION!! Quick..... fast.... and in a hurry!!
    I am all up to date on this show Sad that there is 2 more episodes left! I am enjoying this show a lot!

    I think Egypt should follow her heart and do her music. If it does not work out, she should go to college. She is 18 by now and her mother should let her fly. I do understand where her mother is coming from.


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      12/8 - Episode

      The episode was juicy! Andre does not want to admit that he is gay! Kristinia father, got put back in jail. He was doing drugs again. Ang's sister, was upset that Ang's friends are throwing her a baby shower in NYC, but her sister, decides to throw one in LA with Kristinia help. Briana decided to take her boyfriend back. Her friends are not happy.

      Romeo, let's just say, he needs to know, what his employees are doing behind his back, if he owns No Limits. Clearly I think his dad is still running it. Why would Eli tell him on the down low. And yes, Lela likes to party. Sure, it's not right to party all of the time...but somehow, it will crash for her, if Master P, lays down the law.

      Egypt...I think I like her storyline the most! I really feel for her. It's her life and if she thinks that she can make it, let her. I thought Pepa was down for her fame last year. Can't also argue with Pepa, because education is very important, if music does not work out.

      Next week is the season finale.


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        12/15 - Episode

        I thought this was the season finale....but it's next week! My bad on the last post....

        This was a great episode! There was ups & downs with everyone. Mystery question is, is there a Janet Jackson daughter in the world???? If there is, oh why Janet? Boo boo, this does not look good for you!

        And did not know, a pink roses, can really think of a situation of a relationship. Good for you, Ang, that you decided to wake up! And to Briana, you need to wake up too! Your boy toy, is not good for you! If you don't wake up, bye girl!


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          Season Finale -12/22/16

          Thought the season finale was good!

          Andre came out to his mama!
          Romeo & Ang talked.
          Briana realizing that her boyfriend is not all of that!
          Romeo is busy with himself.
          Pepa finally saw her daughter's dream

          The person who claims to be Janet's daughter, is not coming forward. So, it means that the girl, must be lying...otherwise, she would have talked. Or that it would be more damaging to Janet, which is very true. Plus money to keep it a secret.....hmmm


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