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Growing In Hip Hop (Season 2)


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  • Growing In Hip Hop (Season 2)

    Growing In Hip Hop is back for a season 2 on WE TV! Oct 13 at 9pm on Thursdays. All the cast are back again:

    Romeo Miller
    Angela Simmons
    Damon “Boogie” Dash
    Kristinia DeBarge
    Egypt Criss
    TJ Mizell

    *New Comers, Andrè King (brother of Swizz Beatz) and Briana Latrise (daughter of Mary J. Blige)

    Its going to be full of drama, so you better check it out! Before the season starts I have full of things to say!

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    Full of Drama

    I saw 18 minutes of the first episode of season 2, I think....and boy do I have a lot to say from this! First, where is Angelina's stalker??????? Did the police catch him or her or it was just a big story to get everyone interested??? Not cool if this happens! She is now pregnant and engaged! No one knows who her man is! Her friends thinks is Romeo! Romeo is surprised and is having his own drama! His ghetto mom is suing him and his dad, which means, No Limit Records, would have no limits! (Have to say more of this one when I come back later). Christina....well I thought she and Romeo got it on and are on and off boyfriend and girlfriend, but from what I know now, NOTHING HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM! And why would Angelina be soo upset??? What else to say, TJ gets himself in trouble, god knows what! Did not see Egypt and the two new castmates. I thought Mary J. Blige did not have any children, from what I heard from Wendy Williams....but she should know the facts before she shares with the audience! Yeah, its a real shocker here!..........Oh wait, we did saw one castmate, Andre. Interesting to here that he wants to step up to the limelight. Anyway, I will come back later to talk some more. If you have anything to say of this show, please feel free and say! The more, the merrier! Peace out!


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      ^How are you getting 18 minutes when you said the season doesn't start until the 13th October? Thanks for the heads up though, I will be watching season 2. I miss the first couple of eps of season one and then finally got on board.

      Run's daughter had her baby (boy) and, of course, I wasn't there, but the father is NOT Romeo. The actual father may or may not be successful financially, but his past is supposedly checkered. I don't know how true it is that she was virgin, but she seems to have given into a feeling that no doubt was influenced by her older sister having a baby. I have my opinions, but they're both grown and it's none of my business.

      Mary J. Blige hasn't any natural kids of her own. But, Briana is Mary's soon to be ex-husband's daughter. No doubt that will bring a lot of drama....

      I will definitely be sharing my thoughts once I the season gets underway.


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        ^ Some of the shows, give "First Look", preview which is usually 10 minutes. That's what BRAVO does to Housewives, and I don't like it because it just shows a little part of the hour show. The shows gives 'First Look', on TV. I guess you must have missed the 18 min preview of the show. I would not fuss because you want to see all of the episode. Plus, the new episodes is programmed to my DVR. That's why it got taped and I was hesitant to watch it. And thanks for the other info! Its very interesting of Run's daughter and you are right, she may have been influenced by her other sister. I still go back to the stalker thing. No story of the outcome....and it may have been some event which gets the viewers like us to talk about. Its nice that we get to see what celebrity kids do.


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          First Episode - 10/13

          First episode of season 2 was crazy! From Romeo & his dad being sued by his mama to Angela not telling of her man, was jaw dropping! Looks like Egypt has improved with her voice, but her mama now, wants her to go to college, & she does not want too.

          With the radio interview, one thing bothered me was, why didn't the DJ's, including Master P, since it's his show, never asked Angela about the stalker?????? That was the biggest thing....maybe her jailbird man, might be her stalker, hmmm.....Anyway, looking forward to next week.


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            Second Episode

            I am watching just as we speak. I don't get Angela being pregos. And wow on Pepa's house. I am hearing that Boogie is on drugs...hmm...I have to see the whole show to judge!


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              Third Episode

              Boogie may have a drug problem after all. That's a real shame there. Egypt wants to do her solo stuff. Tada, who is Romeo's sister, wants to go to rehab. Master P., does not want her bullcrap. Sounds like his wife, is not stepping up to the plate.

              Angela is pregnant. Her sister is iffy about it. But at the dinner party, to tell her friends, Romeo does not take it well. And he has the right to be mad at her! Seriously, I don't know what's up with Ang!


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                ^I KNOW!!!... on the stalker thing. Why hasn't this addressed especially since it was the "cliff-hanger" to last season? But to be honest, because it's about Angela's life, I'm not crying foul too loudly because I couldn't care less. I'm going to keep it nice and just say I'm not interested in Angela and her do's/don'ts.

                Yes, reefer can be a problem, but that's all I smell on Boogie. Considering the harder things out there... and considering the environment his father brought him up in, if he likes to doobie it up now an then, I'm not surprised. The surprise is them labeling it like he's some hype or something. But that could be realityTV hyperbole at it's finest. He even mentioned that he blew a "0.0" of some sort when he was tested after being pulled over. I guess we'll have to wait on that one...

                I HATE when they do something to death on these shows. Some shows, everyone wants a fashion line. On another, everyone wants to release a workout video. On another, everyone wants to get pregnant. On this one, every one wants to be in the studio. But now that I think about it, because of the context of the show, I can truly understand it, but I think what irritates me is the lack of talent trying to get in the studio. But, I will say, the Debarge girl has real potential. I hope they focus more on her development. Pep's daughter needs to go to school though.

                I was proud of Pep's daughter for kicking that scrub to the curb though. Hopefully, she sticks to it. But, finish school, hun.

                and Master P's daughter being a REAL dope doer (unlike Boogie) is exactly what he was trying to prevent when he was battling his ex-wife for support/custody/royalties, etc. I don't know these folks, but based on what I've read, he's always tried to protect his ex from herself. The courts gave her free access to wealth she can't manage and their daughter's problems are a result of that. I look forward to seeing how this one will unfold. The point he and Romeo have been trying to make about these lawyers NOT caring about anything but money is being There are a lot of greedy people that just want to strip an ex of a life, but I really believe Master P cares enough for his ex where he has truly wanted to help her.


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                  ^ My brother deleted the fourth episode, so I don't know what was going on....I agree with your post. And I agree Master P is protecting his wife. They were high school sweethearts. He does not have a bad bone to throw her out of his life, but this woman, is ruining it for him.


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                    Saw the fourth episode. Pepa was up in Ang's business and Egypt's boyfriend is a jerk.


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                      Geetings, kinfolk. That did surprise me about Pep being up in the biz. But I guess "nosey" is the new relevant. Pep should be better than that...

                      But the last episode was reeeeeeeaal meaty. Egypt's boyfriend IS a jerk. But I was peeping the way Egypt was kind of aggressive after doing all that drinking. She even told Christinia that it could get hectic PRIOR to the party. So is she an antagonizer?? A passive-aggressive stoker of fire?? Why the heavy drinking??? and then when the host kept asking ol' dude if everything is okay, with no acknowledgement.... You just know this clown is trouble. How are you going to be all on edge with the HOST?? Get OUT.

                      and speaking of Christinia... She already has her hands full with her pops and his struggles. Now, she's opened herself up to Egypt's domesticals. Drama magnet. I don't know if Christinia is about that life though.

                      Oh.. and as far as trying to find out the truth about whether or not Janet has a secret baby by DeBarge?... That's going to be hard to capture, if it's true. I recall all those years ago that Janet was rumored to be pregnant, but, depending on the source, Janet was forced to abort OR her older sister Rebbie adopted and raised that girl as her own to protect Janet from the scandal. The Jacksons were quite angry with Janet for eloping and they did all they could do to sever Janet's ties with her husband. I believe their marriage was quickly annulled and Janet was whisked away and hidden in the Jackson castle. and back then, the Jackson family money was longer and their influence was deeper than it is now, so DeBarge can make that journey go night night. That girl is NOT going to come out of obscurity to be running in slo-mo into the arms of a crack head. Nope. On top of that, look at Janet's husband and life now... no way is Janet nor her husband going to allow this buried bone to be exhumed. Double Nope Nope. Boy, bye.


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                        11/10 - Episode

                        ^ I hear what you are saying He'sAliveToday!
                        I saw this episode which heard last week. I could barley understand Kristinia father about the baby. And someone jumped him. This man needs to be in rehab with Tada. Have to say, she looks well than him.

                        Boogie has a serious issue. He could be sent to jail. First time ever we see a Andre storyline! Yay! And Briana....hmm interesting that she has a issue with her man. Thought from the preview, it was Kristinia father again.

                        Romeo is playing shade to Angela again. Boy, talk to her for real!


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                          11/17 - Episode

                          So Egypt dropped the bomb on her mother, that she is not going to college. But still, her mother still does not get it. Now, Egypt might be planning to go to college in Cali, and might drop it from there.

                          Briana....domestic abuse is real. She should be smart enough to say, 'No More Drama' in her life.

                          TyTy....thought she would fail her drug test. But she passed it. Still thou, she should go to rehab!

                          Boogie, has some serious issues!


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                            ^Since it appears that you have not watched the most current episode yet, I’ll keep it light. All Ihave to say is that Boogie truly has REAL problems if he sees a “hit record” coming from Pep’s daughter. Girl, bye, with the studio nonsense.GO TO SCHOOL AND GET YOUR EDUMACATION!! Quick..... fast.... and in a hurry!!


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                              12/01 - Episode

                              So it looks like Boogie was set up by his father and this lawyer guy…to teach him a valuable lesson of not drinking while driving. I thought this was for serious. Its good that Boogie learned his lesson. It looks like he does not want to be in jail either. So he is straight. I don’t believe his father should worry about him no more.

                              Then there was a get together drinks where Egypt and Pepa came. Pepa wants her kid to go to college but Irv Gotti and Damon Dash told her that Egypt should follow her heart and not waste time in college. For me, I do agree with following your heart to succeed. But what happens if you fail, you need something to fall back on. Pepa is right in a way.

                              Briana and Andre spent time together. Andre was worried of her and what her boyfriend did to her. I hope she knows right from wrong and not go to her guy ever again. She also was interested in Andre…hmm…As we can see in the end of the show, where Kristina and TJ opened the stairwell door, Andre was kissing a dude! So is Andre gay????????? Now I think it appears so.

                              With Romeo, he is building the empire. I thought the company was his? Why is his dad still involved in it???? He also wants Layla, to be singed to No Limit Records. But she likes to drink and party. Master P does not like it and nor wants his daughter around her.

                              About Angela, I really don’t care about her storyline. Its weak and we are not seeing her man with her in the doctor’s appointments. She reminds me of Meghan from RHOC!


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