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The Rap Game (Season 2)


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  • The Rap Game (Season 2)

    I did not know that this show, The Rap Game was in the second season. Thought it was the first....but apparently since Lifetime thought their ratings was good, they brought in season 2. I am watching season 2 and its good. JD is all about producing and picking the right stars. He was a success with finding Kriss Kross, and Bow Wow. Put Da Brat on the map....as well as Mariah Carey when he produced or raped with her. Anyway though, going to list the contestants names down. Did not know that JD had 7 contestants....but I am going to list them and watch the first season...if Lifetime website lets me....

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    The Contestants Names....

    (Apparently, I could not watch on the website. They wanted the TV providers name)...which sucks)....So I will give you my summary of the second season.

    Well here is the contestants names

    Jayla Marie
    Prince of New York
    Lil' Key
    Mini Barbie
    Nia Kay


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      I am happy to say, I can watch it on YouTube since someone posted the episodes. Before I watch the first episode of season 2, I have to say from watching...actually I stumbled in between and started watching, sorry I forgot to mention. I feel that Prince of New York, best represent So So Def... He has the right image but could use some work on his rap. Rapping about shooting, did offended young observers who saw the contestants. And I did not know we had 2 others, which apparently not on the show no more. I guess I have to watch the first episode to know why those two, did not made it. Looks like JD was hard this season...I think. Thought he was laid back and was willing to give those a chance.


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        First Episode; Who's Hungry?

        Boy this first episode showed who was hungry! Here is what I thought

        The first episode of the season 2 was something! The 7 contestants performed in front of Da Brat, a producer, Timbaland, and of course, JD. To me, I felt each rap love from each contestants. Lil’ Key, was hard. He sort of do remind me of 2Pac. Mani, even though he stumbles on his rap, he had the swag that JD can’t get out of. No wonder he was the 6th contestant to be in the competition. JD only allowed 5. Prince of New York, got the pack attention. I told ya he was different and fit in So So Def…just saying! Nia Kay burn it down for the pack! They loved her and JD said that she is the one to look out for and the contestants to pay attention too. Tally, she reminded me of Iggy…also thought she may be a problem because Snoop Dogg was coming and he thinks Iggy looked like one of the Wayne brothers in White Chicks. She did okay…still wondering how come she is not in this competition…hmm, I have to find out. Mini Barbie, have to say, she did bad! She was losing her breath while raping. JD was sweet and did not point out what she did. Hopefully she saw it and corrected her problem. Have to say though, I don’t believe the kid cuts out to be a superstar if the breathing thru the rap is a problem. Sorry Mini Barbie, but many would have told you of this problem. I wonder why her mother never saw it in the first place.

        So, now there are 6 in the competition. It was supposed to be 5. So the kids got into the house that JD provided and started looking for the 5 bedrooms fast! The kids got it except for Tally. She had to sleep on the couch with her dad…bummer…The next day was the competition. The kids had to write a rap of who was better than the competitor that was in the house, IN FRONT OF SNOOP DOGG! Soo the competition begins with Mani! He actually did good and put a smile on Snoop Dogg face! He also look like him too with the braids. Lil’ Key, stumbled on his rap…ouch it is and JD was not happy. Will he keep Lil Key, lets see. Jayla came up and diss her competitors which was the first assignment. I don’t think she did okay. Tally, she came up strong but right after, she stumbled a lot and did not remember her rap. She had to look thru her book of her rap, which Lil Key’s mother pointed out, a no no. Big ouch. And Snoop, I know what he was thinking. Not a fan of Iggy, sure not a fan of hers, but he kept quiet. Nia Kay, did her thing, not sure if Snoop liked it, but there was claps for her. Prince of New York was next. His rap was on the weak side, but looks like he did okay for Snoop and JD. After that JD made a point if anyone wants to be in the rap game, they are going to see the likes of Snoop and other artists. And that’s true.

        So after the competition was the Hit List that JD made up and see who made the top 5 hit list. And one is suppose to go home. Lets see who made it;

        1. Was Nia Kay. She did the best out of all 6. She brought it and even Snoop Dogg liked her.
        2. Was Mani! He was most improved than the first day and Snoop liked him too!
        3. Jayla because she followed the rules! She put a dig at Prince of New York. And he did not like it.
        4. Prince of New York
        5. Lil Key

        The reason why JD picked Lil Key, he did not liked Tally looking thru her book for her rap. Now I know why she was eliminated. And it sucks because she was good!


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          Second Episode; Rap Your City

          Before the second episode, I was dwelling on Jayla Marie. SHE DOES NOT RIGHT HER OWN RAP! SHE HAS TEAM WRITERS WRITING FOR HER. To me, that’s not a rapper or a hip-hop artist. HIP HOP ARTISTS WRITES THEIR OWN RAPS…so Jayla Marie, you need to sit down. Makes me wonder why Tally got thrown out. If JD knew, he won’t have chose you on the team to compete. Glad that Nia Kay pointed out that Jayla is not her competitor. Even Prince of New York mom, said that Jayla…well nonverbally that she should not be using the writers and use her own strength to write the rap. Well from this week or actually the week that the show showed, their next task to is to rap about their city. Nelly came in to tell about his own experience. After that, the kids had to prove where they came from. Jayla though was nervous because she does not write her own lyrics and now JD knows but is not even bothered. He should be but then again, he may have his own writers to write for the rappers if they don’t know how to write their own lyrics. Lets see who did best….

          Monica was the guest in the house for the kids. And she wanted to see which kids did had the confidence to say what was on their minds. Jayla went first and she could not bring it home. That was the writers send her rap late and she could not practice it for a long period. See, its better to write your lyrics on the spot then to wait on someone. Jayla, you just don’t know how to bring it….for that sake, sit yourself down and watch your fellow peers how its done! Lil Key was next, and he brought in the passion as well a little history from his city. JD liked that. Plus, the producer asked him where he gets the strength. He said that he had something on his right arm that did not moved before he turned one. So that was disability there. I guess he learned to fight over that disability and I guess from the rap he performed, he proved it to JD. Mani was next and did not know that one of the producer was doubting him in the last segment. I guess Mani proved him wrong. Good work, Mani. Jayla was next…I thought she was first to go up. Well she struggled again. Not a good sign. I wonder if JD is stupid enough to sign her from what I am seeing right now. Have to say though, from watching this, JD is not happy with Jayla and the producers are getting tired of her. I guess the producers only wants 2 mistakes, not more. Wow, never learned that from the music business. I don’t know Jayla, but you should have went home before Tally. Tally knows how to write her own raps…I wonder if JD was reconsidering of bringing back Tally. Prince of New York is next. He did great in my opinion, but to JD, he thought he was scared in the booth to record. Prince of New York should know, HE GOT IT, DON’T WORRY! Nia Kay was next, and she was shaky in the booth via from the producers. Uh this may not look good for her and she may not hit it one on the Hit List.

          Okay, the results of the Hit List and what JD had to say for the second week or time for the kids who are competing. Number 5 was Jayla Marie. And JD had to tell the truth and even I have to agree with one of the mothers that Jayla should not be on the Hit List or implying that she should not be in this competition and I strongly agree as a viewer. As a hip hop star or a rapper, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WRITE YOUR OWN RAP. That’s how it is…sorry Jayla. Number 4 was Nia Kay because she did not went hard like the last time. Number 3 was Prince of New York. Number 2 is Mani….so the number one is Lil Key. The reason why he is number one, he put some history in his rap of his city. Good work Lil Key.

          * Not sure if I could go on to Episode 3 or 4, but I am thinking of it to do it. For the episodes I saw in between, I may not do it. Just wants to finish this week with the finale though


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            Well, I was going to discuss Episodes 3 and 4, but someone reported the episodes, so now, YouTube can't show it to me. Pretty upset.....so now, I will HAVE TO DISCUSS FINALE PART 1, which was going to do anyways....


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              Finale part 1

              Lets see what I remember from part 1. Flo Rider came in and told the kids how important their energy was when to performing. So he made them exercise! Oh yeah....And then the kids saw Mariah Carey. They rapped in front of her. I think she was most impressed by Mani and Lil Key. And JD now has his eye out for Mani. So this week is the finale part 2 and I am excited to see who JD picks! I still say from all of them, it has to be Prince of New York, but we will see because from the first 2 episodes I saw....(I did mentioned that I saw in the mid episodes), I think now, Mani, Lil Key and even Nia Kay, have something special to offer.


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                Thank you, Tiff, for the thread. I watched the first season and I've been watching the current one. I hope you'll be able to catch up on the eps you've missed. I'm rooting for Prince of New York. His stuff has been on the "mature" side, but rap is supposed to be a reflection of your exposure to life. I do appreciate his skillsets though. SUPER prolific for a young one. His cadence would put a lot of pro emcees to shame.

                That said, I do not respect Jayla's game. JD has been patient with her because a vast majority of artists do NOT write their own stuff (I don't care what they claim). Just like a majority of so-called "freestyles" in the cypher are actually regurgitated from the lab. But, this is a competition. The BEST all around should be the consideration. Pay someone else to write your rhymes once you make a name for yourself as a true artist.

                I like Lil Key and Nia, but they are similarly one dimensional. In-your-face. Mani and Prince ha demonstrated that they have levels. Mani's plus is that he's got a package of gifts for audience. He's cute, he's cool, he can dance, etc. But as far as hold the mic and lay down the bars: that's Prince of New York.


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                  ^ Oooo, I am happy that you posted! I did not know that they had the first season, but I am loving this season. Today is the season finale.


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                    SPOILER BELOW.....

                    I hope you're all caught up because the finale took place and it came down to this:

                    It was a live performance. Firstly, the kids had to go out onto the streets during the day and promote themselves and the show that was later that night. The live show hit and the kids were getting ready. Last week, Lil' Key and his mom put letters on little washrags that read "SO SO KEY". Cute, but I thought it was a pushy move. ANYWAYS... the others in the house noticed the towels and Lil' Key mentioned to them that he wanted something to throw to the crowd, so his mom came up with the idea.

                    So, on finale night, who shows up with washrags with letters on them?? Nia Kay! I was done with her biting team. It would have been different if she would have NOT acted like the idea was original to her team and that it was just a coincidence that she and Lil' Key had the same idea. But she did. Lil' Key and his mom were not pleased, but props to them, they didn't make a big deal out of it.

                    Live performance time. All their families showed up... including Jayla's little sister, who looked about five-ish (will explain the relevance below). JD and his crew was in the house. JD and brat stood side-by-side as they watched the show. Even season one winner, Ms. Mulatto, was on deck. Also in the crowd were a number of the competitors from season one, but so what... Live show time.

                    first up: Lil' Key. I was surprised that he was first, but he was. He got hype (like always) and turnt up (like normal)... taking his shirt off and throwing out towels to the catchy hook of "They Gon' Be Mad When I Flex" or something like that. Good job Good job. JD loved it.

                    second: Prince of New York. I was like, ruh-roh. You don't go second if you ROCKED THE HOUSE. and he did not. His song didn't even have a hook. If it did, I don't recall. His lyrics didn't grab you... overall his performance was so pedestrian. Not cool. JD loved it.

                    Third: Jayla Marie. No surprise that she was early. Soon as she started her set, her little sister started climbing onto the stage. Jayla bent down to pull her up onto the stage and commenced to performing to a hook of "Drop to The Bottom, Drop To The Bottom" or something like what Prince of New York just did before she came on stage -drop to the bottom. JD's crew did NOT appreciate Jayla having her sister on stage with her (but what was she supposed to do once her sister was making her way onto the stage?). So anyway, JD loved it.

                    Fourth: Nia Kay. Hit the ground running... You know she brought the mad energy. Dancing and breathing and "whooping and coughing" as she was rapping into two mics (YES, two mics), like she was ambidextrous. She was wilding out to a hook of "Y'all Can't Sit Where I Sit" or something to that effect. She was real good. Other than the towel thing, she was real good. JD loved it.

                    Fifth: Now, I'm on the edge of my seat because Mani is LAST. Mani??? LAST??? Well, Mani came out there like he switched places with his twin. Wearing a white mask and engaging the crowd by asking them if they understand why he's wearing this mask. He began telling them, why to a hook of "Look At Me, Now Look At You". His west coast beat dropped, but he flipped the script with a dirty-southesque flow to his rhymes. It was quite impressive. His voice was clear, he looked professional and he did a few appropriate dance steps to his lyrics. He even shouted out to JD after the song and said, "This ain't no game", with a little sly laugh. I actually rewound his set a couple (several) times. JD loved it.

                    After the performances, JD conferred with his crew about what they thought. None of what they said was surprise to what were seeing on that stage. In the beginning, JD said that the slate was clean and the final performance was the deal maker/breaker. But, after they performed, JD backed off this a little by saying that he was going to look at their whole journey.

                    Hit list/Elimination:

                    1st boot: Jayla... no surprise

                    2nd boot: Prince of New York.Again, no surprise, but if I were JD, I wouldn't lose this little dude's phone number. Someone needs to snatch up this little dude and cultivate him into a star.

                    3rd boot: Nia Kay. Again, no surprise. She was good, but one note. and I didn't mention it before, but from the beginning, she's always reminded me too much of Da' Brat. So So Def doesn't need another Brat.

                    Now Lil' Key and Mani are standing there with their mothers. Lil' Key even told his mother (last week) that he wasn't going to wear any jewelry to the finale because all he wanted to wear was that SO SO DEF gold/diamond chain.

                    4th boot: Lil' Key. He probably wish he could get all those towels back. Just kidding, but he should be proud of himself.

                    The deserved winner: Mani!! That dude earned it. I hope he can parlay this opportunity into something great.


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                      ^ Hehe, you got to me on your thoughts I was going to say my thoughts too. But I am going not say it because of your post! Yeah, Mani did deserved it because some of JD crew, was really him and he was most improved of all. I just secretly wished that JD signed Prince of New York.....Looking forward to season 3! Have to find when that starts because I am not missing this cute show.


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