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Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Season 12)


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  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Season 12)

    Don't know why I am doing this...but since Rob is coming out of the hiding, I might as well start this This is the season 12 of the show! It looks like all of them are in different places now than it was last 12 seasons ago.

    - Bruce is a woman now....aka Caitlyn Jenner
    - Kendall is a full time model
    - Kylie is doing her own thang
    - Kim has kids now!
    - Kort broke away from Scott. She has 3 kids
    - Kris is dating Cory, who is younger than her and don't even mind...okay...
    - Khloe got a lot better!
    - Rob, something happened to him. I guess fame got to him. He got fat too. And now he wants to come from the hiding with a his new girlfriend/wife to be, Black Chyna. Her ex is dating Kylie, yikes. I guess its all in the family

    Anyway, I will post the first episode which is below here now!

  • #2
    May 1st.........Episode 1

    Khloe is helping Lamar back to life, after what has recently happened. I won't go there because its a bit of too much info for me! Google it and you will see ...Scott moved into his brand new house alone. He is afraid of being alone in the house. And Kort wants him to cook healthy dinner for the kids. Khloe also is on a book tour or a appearance tour. She talked nasty about Cait to Howard Stern. He got mad at her and Kris had to deal with him. Looks like Cait is bitter of this family...can't blame him Kim had Saint....star of the show Kendall gave a Christmas gift to Rob, which in turn gave it to Black Chyna. Kendal is soo pissed of it! Scott was supposed to make dinner for the family, but he did not because he was hanging out with Tyga...Kylie's new boy toy. Kort is soo pissed at Tyga....And it sort of looks like Tyga wants to be a part of the Kardashians You go boy! Anyway, that's all I got for ya! See you next Sunday for more! Please feel free to chime in!

    Do you like The Kardashians? Express your feelings here, good or not. I have my opinions of them too!


    • #3
      Second Episode

      Sorry if I am late, but here I am, trying to think of this second episode. Here it goes:

      I did not know that Kanye helped Lamar to health recovery! It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. About Khloe and Cait, I feel like both should have discussed before her going on to social media about talking about him. It looks like Cait is still sensitive of being used to as a woman. Kanye’s fashion show was butt ugly. Had to go there. But the crowd went wild for Lamar at MSG.

      About Scott, if he is a promoter and trying to get sober, then he needs to dropped his job and have a change of a career. There is no way he will ever be sober if he is promoting himself at the clubs. And Kort should cut ties with him! Have to say that she is already looking fresh as it is. Why bother going back to the mess who will never learn!

      And Kim, she should never dye her hair to Blonde! It can ruin her hair for good! Her hair will dropped on the floor if she continues to dye. And why the braids???? Is she going gangsta. I believe Kanye is making her do this! Kim K., GET IT TOGETHER!


      • #4
        5-15-2015 Episode

        Corey hangs more with Kort's mini family....And Rob got a new place. I don't want to diss on his house, because its something that most Americans have, with their own hard money to own a home. It was beautiful in the inside. The sisters are having a problem of Rob getting a new house and his mama, Kris, helping him. Kort also was in this Design Home Magazine. And she felt like a big expert in Rob's house, which bothered Kris very much. Kort, needs to side her self down, because everyone in America and all over the world, can do a little something with redecorating The one thing that bothers me is, that Kim does not show her own mini family with Kayne! I would love to see North on this show. If the sisters are parading around, along with Kort's kids, then North has a chance to be on it! And by the way, I thought Kim was soo over this show...uh, she is in need of a dire hard cash!


        • #5

          Kris complains of Kim. So Kim moves out! And Kendall is homesick because of her modeling career. And she misses her sisters. But the truth is, that she does not want her family at her runway shows! So the cameras or the show, is just giving dramas. Then there is Rob. He is soo in love with Black Chyna. Okay...Black Chyna throwing shade to Kylie. Frankly right now, Black C, is winning! .....And Kanye is okay with Kim being his ex for Halloween? His ex, won't be too happy, but she will throw shade at Kim. Just saying folks....


          • #6

            In this episode, we get to see part of Kim’s new house with her hubby. Hope to see more of it soon, along with Kanye and North. (Really they should make their own reality show, it would be a huge hit on E! Come on Kris Jenner, WORK YOUR MAGIC! THIS IS WHO I REALLY WANT TO SEE, ALONG WITH KENDELL AND KYILE! Not interested in Kort and Khloe. Sorry….)

            Scott was dealing with his issue with this family, along with Kort. He did not wanted to be a third wheel. Kylie and Kendall wants to be normal again. Khloe decides to join in the fun, and all three of them disguise themselves. Kris boyfriend wants to go rollerblading with the family, but Kris does not want too because of her knee. In the end, she goes and have a great time.
            And Cait brought Kim a statue of a butt…that reminded him of that famous pic that she did last year or back in 2014. And no sighting of Rob and Chyna…oh well.


            • #7
              6-12 Episode

              My brother deleted the episode...all I can guess is that Kris was in Khloe drama of Lamer.


              • #8
                6-19 Episode

                The family took a trip to Colorado, a vacation spot that Robert Sr. took with the family. It was a surprise for the kids. Tyga talked to Kort and resolved the issue of her ex. Rob got engaged and did not tell his family. The sisters are pissed off! Psst, even more because Chyna is pregnant!


                • #9
                  6-26 Episode

                  The family of Kardashian is furious over Rob's engagement! Can't say much else, cuz it's the current shocker! Looks like Blac Chyna wants the opportunity of fame, and Rob wants to be with a famous chic! Stay tuned to the next week epi!


                  • #10
                    Kim K and Taylor Swift Feud

                    I have not been posting much of the episode. Don't know if I would be discussing it or try to say it in one post. I don't know. This season is full of this and that. Besides this, lets talk about Kim K and Taylor Swift feud. It blew up today that Kim K., would release a video of Kanye talking to Taylor about that song that dissed her. "Famous" song is the name. Anyway, you know that Taylor denied something, but now its out and its making Taylor look...bad. There is one thing that is missing in this, that Wendy Williams did said, that Taylor did not know about one lyrics that had the curse word, 'bitch'. So I am uneven on this. Plus the fact that Kim taped it on her SnapChat, it may have legal issues that Taylor may attack back with a legal lawsuit.

                    Now the question is, does this make Kim K also look bad? Of course it may does! Because the way its showing, Kim had this smirk on her face, and thinking she is a bomb, which to me, I always felt like Kim was a girl's person. Protecting the girls of the world. Uh, its not looking on Kim's part.


                    • #11
                      Saw the new episode of KUWTK….I would be pissed off or could be. The reason why the girls went to Cuba was because of Chanel, and nothing else. Otherwise, they would have never went! But it was a sweet episode and I did loved the 50’s cars in Cuba. It’s a different lifestyle with no Internet. Hope things change there!


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