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The Real Housewives of Dallas


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  • The Real Housewives of Dallas

    This is sure going to be interesting though...Again, its too much of these shows and don't know whether I would like these ladies. Don't even know their names too. So today is the day I am going to watch the first season. Hopefully, its a success!

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    The ladies names...



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      Episode 1

      I am soo late in this and I am not sure if I am going to post more because this version of the Housewives is soo boring! It is more boring that NYC Housewives. Well here is my account of what I saw:

      Steph and Brandi are the fun ones! Brandi was a cheerleader for the football team in the past.
      Tiffany was a model back in Los Angles, California. She and her hubby moved to Texas because of her.
      Cary is a nurse who works with her hubby at some clinic. He's a doctor She also claimed that she lives a good life!!!
      LeAnne is this serious one who is always involve in charities! She LOVES charities!

      I feel like LeAnne is the star of this show! She has this stuck up thing about her which will get viewers to love or hate about her!


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        Second Episode

        I barely watching this show! Its soo boring Well in the second episode, as you know that Tiffany and her hubby moved from LA to her hometown in Dallas, Texas. They were talking about getting a house. Well the real estate lady showed one to them. Tiff was in love with the house. But her hubby had cold feet. He started to question if the move to Texas was the right one.

        Then we have this Mad Hatters Charity....of course we had LeeAnne talking about it And when the party started, Brandi wore a hat filled with poop. And decide to play with LeeAnne's emotions! It was funny as hell. Have to say that Brandi and LeeAnne are the stars of the show. Can't say much of other ladies....


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          Third Episode

          Oh god...I am sitting, watching this painful show. What surprised me is that Brandi went to the strip club and rode on the male strippers, knowing that she has a hubby. And she told him about it, which made him very upset! And I don't understand why would Steph says that strip men are different than your hubbys. Your hubby would think you would be lingering around for a next dude to fall in love with .......LeeAnne is still upset at the Madhatter Event. She expressed her dislike on Brandi to Steph and Cary. They seemed not to care....I would say that Brandi is young in her ways, even though she is 36. Then again, its time for Brandi to grow up. I thought she was at least 24 or 28. Tiff, LeeAnne's friend, wants to befriend Cary and Steph. I am surprised that she is not befriending Brandi


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            4th Episode

            Steph took her kids to see her family. Brought Brandi along with her kids. It made Brandi realized to bring her grandfather to see her family. At the end of the episode, Brandi took another dig at LeeAnne. Tiff wanted to play peacemaker, but it blew in her face!....LeeAnne, needs to smell fresh air and get off from her Texas horse.


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              Highlights of Real Housewives of Dallas

              I am going to skip a few episodes…since this show does not get me talking right away. So here are the highlights of what went down:

              Brandi had marriage troubles. I thought her hubby was done in his marriage. But he came around in Episode 7. Which was surprising to me too! What else is there….I had to laugh that someone said to Tiff’s hubby that he looked like Miley Cyrus dad! Had a good laugh!

              LeeAnne…going to call her Lee from now one. Well her friend Marie was bad gossiping about her to Tiff. Tiff did not said anything because she was Lee’s friend. When Lee and Tiff confronted Marie, it was ouch in the face! Marie had to think that she should not be saying ugly stuff to a friend who is close to Lee! Her eyes were wide open!

              Heidi, Lee’s friend, well, she invited the girls but had this ugly target on Cary! Now we know the reason why! Cary messed with her now doctor hubby while he was still married to his previous wife, who is friends with Heidi! And Heidi took a dig at Cary at her party!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was not a nice thing to do and should have left Cary away from the party. Have to say about Cary…she is one lucky lady with her hubby! He is also into fashion and very dearly loved his wife! Cary said that she had the life and she does! I wished they moved to New York and live a New York life! Anyway, not sure of talking about Episode 8. We will see!


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                Episode 8

                It looks like Brandi made up with LeeAnne! And they had a great time at her friend's hubby birthday! Cary is the one, that is outs with LeeAnne. I think its going to get ugly next week.


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                  9th Episode

                  The trip to Dallas was a disaster! The secret of what LeeAnne did, came out and she was mad at her friend, Marie. And she threatened her. The other girls did not liked the threatening way. And Tiff, still sticks up for LeeAnne. And Stephen thinks, of what LeeAnne did, Tiff is enabling her, to get nasty. I think she is protecting her friend. The good part of this is, LeeAnne and Brandi bonded together! Yay!


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                    Season Finale

                    Stephanie and get hubby threw a party for something. Like a get together type. LeeAnne felt bad of her anger. And her friend, Tiff, well let's say, she can't let go of Marie's mess with LeeAnne. Yeah, that was the season finale.


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                      I thought it was strange that this reunion was one full episode unlike Potomac reunion which was 2. I learned recently that the Dallas franchise was at a low point ratings and we could tell from this reunion, it did not hit the high points of the ladies, and most likely it won’t return in the future. (Potomac one is renewed!).

                      This reunion talked about three things:
                      - Charity
                      - Cary’s rumors
                      - Marge or Mary who was LeeAnne’s friend

                      I thought the viewer comment of stop talking about charity was very funny! LeeAnne should stop that part. And I knew that Andy would invite Cary’s husband because he was also into fashion and could give Andy some pointers. And Tiffany in the end, really was angry over Marge’s so called gossip of LeeAnne pooping in her pants. Anyway, it was a strange reunion because Andy never introduced the ladies properly for the past discussion of the season.

                      Now there is a rumor of a season 2. If there is, this is who I want back….Cary for sure needs to be back! LeeAnne was always a queen of the show. Also needs to be back. And the front runner, Brandi, needs to be back. Steph and Tiffany, no way. Even though Tiffany brought something something in the end.


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