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Real Housewives of NYC (Season 8)


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  • Real Housewives of NYC (Season 8)

    The show starts today! This is the housewives I believe tends to be the boring out of all! But I have been watching for the past few seasons, begin to like it! Also hard to read between the episodes! Lets see who is returning and I think there may be a new housewife...oh yippie Not a fan of a newbie but I got used to Dorinda! And we know that Bethenny has gotten a nod of return unlike Dina from RHONJ! Here is the ladies who I think are returning:

    - Carol
    - LuAnn
    - Dorinda
    - Bethenny
    - Sonja
    - Ramona

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    Episode 1 of Season 8

    This show is scattered around…I can’t really get into this because there is snobby women being full of themselves. I can’t help it! This is the only show I am having problems enjoying it! Last two seasons was good or okay…but today, totally boring as hell! Here is the highlights of the first episode of Season 8:

    Looks like Sonja and LuAnn patched things up! Lu’s kids are off to college and is alone. She jumped ship with her apartment and moved in with Sonja. Sonja offered her to stay.
    Ramona is living her life as a single woman. She is also seeing how Sonja is when she is drunk. Avoiding is the key in her life with her at the moment.
    Dorinda is still with her man…but Bethenny and Ramona does not like her man, who is John. We got to see Beth’s new apartment…small and cozy! And we have a new housewife, Jules! A Jewish/Japanese woman. Don’t know what to think of her but Beth is up in her business…and she does not know!
    Carol is still with her man, who was a chef to Lu and Lu’s niece dated him. There is a grudge between those two!

    Looks like this is the drama that would be taking place for the new season! I am already yarning! I wonder who would still be my favorite…have to say Dorinda looks classy!


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      One More Thing To Mention

      Beth's date looked cute! And did not know that she had lots of bills to pay....I wonder how does she do it! She has been through soo much! And Ramona kept her properties from her man. He wanted least he has good relations with his daughter. Ramona seems to honor that part! Looks like Ramona is moving on from her ex husband. Good for her! That is my side note today that I forgot to put in my other post....


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        Wow, was that a lingerie party or a pseudo friend-bashing party? No one seemed that interested in the lingerie, that's for sure. Super skinny Jules and wafer thin Carole didn't seem to need bras, so I could understand their disinterest, but Bethenny and Ramona had some "Dorinda humiliation" on their agenda, not the lingerie.

        Bethenny's dislike for Dorinda's boyfriend is one thing, but having an open conversation about it in front of all the other women and with TV cameras rolling, is another thing, entirely. Especially humiliating for Dorinda, is Ramona seizing the opportunity to kick her when she's down. Ramona didn't hear it, herself, and she is supposed to be a very good friend of Dorinda's, but she acted as if she couldn't wait to pile on about some explosive gossip at the most vulnerable moment for Dorinda, when she could have had this talk with her at any time before or after this event, privately, so as not to totally blindside and humiliate her "good friend" publicly. That's how good friends behave. They don't wait to pounce when you are down and vulnerable.

        While I agree that he is a total embarrassment of a boyfriend for her, and that he seems to have a sleazy habit of doing his dirty work whenever Dorinda's back is turned, I still agree with Dorinda in that it's not fodder for open discussion amongst all the girls at a lingerie party, with cameras rolling. I guess that's just the way things work to keep the TV ratings up, though.


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          ^ I have to see the episode...I can't believe Bethenny goes there with Dorinda! I am not sure of the new housewife...I was the same with Dorinda last year but I quickly LOVED HER! Ugh, I wished we have Jill Zarin back! Why did they get rid of her??????????


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            Second Episode

            I guess the highlight was Dorinda telling off Bethenny & Ramona! Obviously it looks like from his looks that John isn't attractive. And the ladies does not think highly of him, except for his lady, Dorinda. I don't think Ramona was mean of telling her the truth of what John did in the party, that was mentioned on this show. Anyway, I am betting this season, just like Yolanda's, it's all about Dorinda & John!


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              Third Episode

              This third episode for most part....was all about Dorinda's boy toy, John! Some how the bra lady must have told him that the ladies was talking nasty about him! He comes and wants to confront Bethenny. You know Beth has a big mouth and it all comes to "Skinny Cow" ice cream vs her drink "Skinny Girl". Beth starts to say that its a different company. Dorinda was also upset with Ramona because she told out in front what John said about her. Right now, I am thinking it was coming from a good place! Ramona wanted Dorinda to see that John is not the right type for her. Dorinda needs to find herself because I can tell that this John guy, is a big flirt to the ladies! He may be humping LuAnn

              Speaking of LuAnn, she is finding a expensive does she have the money to do that? She does not work...but her ex is filthy rich. Anyway, I am mind boggled of the apartments in Manhattan that is close to 6th Ave and 5th Ave. And Sonja, I guess this show is not focused on her LifeStyle Brand no more...nor is she talking about it...hmm I would like to get back to that topic of hers


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                Bethenny had her birthday at her Hamptons. And of course John had to apologize to her after the Bra Party. He really did not wanted too, and she was avoiding him. They got to it once again, but she realize it was breaking Dorinda's she stop the whole thing. LuAnn showed up, unannounced, tried to say sorry to Carole. Carole thought she had bad intentions. The next day, Carole & Beth, was at Jules party...also again, Beth was avoiding John ....when LuAnn came, both woman ran away due to Carole not wanting to see LuAnn again.....oh my, looks like Carole and LuAnn, won't come in peace.

                Ramona....well she is enjoying her single life! Have to say, this show is getting more interesting....unlike Dallas one...


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                  5-04 Episode

                  Major points in here:

                  Jules and Beth had a lovely discussion about what happened in her house in Water Mill, NY. Beth did apologized for it and Jules opened up about her Eating Disorder. Beth decided not to tell the other girls. Before Jules talked to Beth, she was complaining of her to Carol and Dorinda.

                  Ramona and Sonja hanged out for the first time since she pulled away from Sonja's drinking problem. She told Sonja straight to her face of why she can't have her around. Especially in Beth's house. Sonja was pissed of it. Then Sonja told her that LuAnn would be bunking with her time to time. Ramona was shocked because we know last season I really don't want to go into last season. Keep it short, LuAnn does the same things like Sonja but only a little bit worse, bring guys to the house and have sex with them, and let them be on their way. If LuAnn was not married for the first time, then she would be considered a big whore.

                  At Ramona's birthday bash, for her 60th, I think, LuAnn and Beth had it out...Looks like LuAnn wants to be on Beth's good side. And we know that Beth is a successful one! Did not know that LuAnn wanted to appear when the RHOBH ladies was there in the Hamptons. Yeah, LuAnn wants to fit in! And then Dorinda, who is still pissed at Ramona, gave a lovely friend speech for her birthday. Dorinda wanted to express to Ramona that she still cared about her as a friend Next week, it will come crashing down that Ramona would again, just John's name...and Dorinda would have had enough of it. Ramona don't know how to treat her friends with respect, even when they make poor choices.


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                    5-11 Episode

                    This episode was about two things! Dorinda and then Sonja.

                    Carol invited her psychic to her house with the some of the ladies. The psychic said negative vibe to Dorinda and Ramona blurted out again on her she felt of John...(the psychic said that Dorinda won't marry John). Dorinda got heated with Ramona. And then later the psychic got point on with Ramona of her dad, which made her cry. Her father passed away and she was not close to him. Ramona cried and Dorinda wanted to reach out to her. They made up!

                    Sonja...well she has her new business venture...and she partnered up with Ramona's business partner, Peter. And found out that Ramona's restaurant business closed up! Yikes! Well Sonja had her birthday party and wanted Bethenny to come and see her business venture....glad that Bethenny did not because her business is a champagne or wine bottle called TipsyGirl. Hmm....some ladies in the circle would say that she stole the name from Bethenny's business. So next week, we are going to find out, if Bethenny cares


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                      On the 5/11 episode, I was shocked that Sonja thought that it would be perfectly okay to piggyback onto Bethenny's brand! Let the fireworks begin!!!


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                        Originally posted by GoodWillTalking View Post
                        On the 5/11 episode, I was shocked that Sonja thought that it would be perfectly okay to piggyback onto Bethenny's brand! Let the fireworks begin!!!
                        You watch this too?!!! What you thought of this season so far? Do you like Jules, the new housewife? I don't get warm up to new housewives, but Dorinda, last year, I really liked! And I still do this year! .
                        And yes, I am interested to see what goes down with Sonja and Bethenny this Wednesday! Bethenny invited her last year to her this will hurt her. I think Sonja should have named her drink, TipsyGal...or TipsyMe.


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                          Yes! I have been watching through many, many seasons. I think I have watched every season but the first. I have not formed an opinion of Jules. I would like to give her more time but seems pretty nice. I like Dorinda, too, but she has a real blind spot when it comes to John. He doesn't listen to what she is saying, he just bulldozes over her when she talks. I can't stand that. I'm not a huge fan of Ramona at all.


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                            ^ Thanks for responding! Tonight is the juicy night with Sonja and Bethenny! I can't wait what she says to Sonja.


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                              Well, can we assume that Bethenny is probably scratching Sonja's name off her invitation list and social calendar as we speak? She was not happy. Poor, clueless Sonja. Next up to bat is Luanne.


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