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Real Housewives of NYC (Season 8)


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    ^ Thank you!

    The reunion was something! Bethenny accuses Dorinda smoking pot or cocane. And LuAnn loves to tell lies to justify herself. Bethenny though, looks like a old woman, compared to others, especially Carole! Had to go there....


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      You know, now that you mention it, Bethenny wasn't looking too great. It seemed like something was odd about her. LuAnn seemed to spew excessive hatred toward Bethenny and Carole. I guess you just can't call a friend a slut and a whore without repercussions, for some crazy reason! I guess Carole just made the mistake of getting too close to Bethenny, for LuAnn's liking.

      No one seemed to want to defend Dorinda when it came to her cocaine habit, and when she finally started to deny it, she was told by several of the women that it would be best for her to just drop it, so that was pretty telling.
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        Normally, I don’t do reunions because the cast reflects on the past season. But this reunion, was on fire! Lets talk about two things that were disturbing to the viewers.

        Jules….when she put the forks and knifes in the bread to bake and her cast was picking on it, they could have seriously gotten hurt! And could have sued Jules and even BRAVO of doing this. She says it was joke to make her cast laugh, but in reality, it just make the viewers wonder if something is wrong with her. Jules was also sensitive her progression away from her eating disorder. Its good to celebrate. If her cast still talks about her eating disorder and they usually are, then she needs to educate of her experience and moving away from it. Clearly, Jules is not ready to express her feelings. I also believe she needs therapy to heal from her eating disorder and of course, her marriage which has fallen apart.

        LuAnn….She was in her full cockiness that she does not see that Ramona and Sonja dated her fool guy, Tom. Tom was the hot topic, and when Sonja said that he was her lover, LuAnn thought she was delusional. Who says that to a friend of 8 years and lend a home to her? LuAnn, needs to wake up and realize that what Sonja and Ramona is saying is the truth. Tom is an opportunist who is looking for money in women. He found his jackpot, which is LuAnn, who does not see, he is soo attached to her. Obviously, Sonja should think now, who is really her friends! I also heard that from social media that she and Dorinda are not as great friends as we claim to see on TV. So why BRAVO would made us think so? I think it’s the editing that makes us thinks that they are all friends or something.

        Another thing I forgot to mentioned…Carole and Bethenny are soo close. I would expect her and Dorinda to be. Viewers can tell what a big mouth Dorinda has when she defends herself from Bethenny and Carole. Dorinda is someone you don’t want to mess with! Still though, Bethenny still likes Dorinda.


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