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  • Growing Up Hip Hop

    I seriously don't know what happened to my thread! It may have gotten deleted because of spammers who still spams.
    Since I can't go back to detail.....Here is the summary of what has happened

    - Angela has a stalker
    - Egypt wants to get into the music industry, but her mom is on her!
    - TJ is a DJ....
    - Kristen is worried of her father
    - Romeo wants to do other things but his father wants him to run his empire, No Limit
    - Boogie...don't know what he actually does but his father, Damon Dash, really knows that the streets are bad and can harm anyone who is famous!

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    Third Episode

    This is where I left off....Well Angela is still pissed off that Kristen did not made it to her fashion show. She does not know the reason why. Romeo is overseas doing a movie shoot for Jarhead 3. Egypt is in the studio singing and her mother is there, controlling every move. Kristen tries to find her father but can not and meets with the pastor who tells her these things. She also meets up with Young Money Entertainment to get signed on. But that never comes thru. Anyway, looking forward to the fourth episode!


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      Fourth Episode

      Angela finally got of why Kristen did not made it to her fashion show! It was because of her father out of jail and relapsing. Romeo had a white girlfriend, but he broke up with her, I think for Angela again! They dated before. And you can tell how comfortable they are with each other! Angela is feeling him too! The stalker is at again with Angela! What else there is???? Oh yeah, Damon Dash is out for arrest in NY! Because of child paying thing....The interesting thing is, in order to make bail, he has to make money for the bail in North Carolina. Very interesting! TJ honored his dad at the music concert! In the end, Master P was disapproved of Romeo of doing other things. He wants his son to focus on their empire! Master P, sure looks like this hip hop gangsta! He is not like that on Wendy Williams Show or out in public. Maybe he is doing for tv, I think.


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        ^ TIFF!! Thanks for renewing this thread. I believe the old one was deleted because I posted on it and went on and on about reading/studying my Bible instead of watching TV. I was irritated because my recording cut off before I got to watch the end of the finale. Programming runover!!!!

        The last scene I was Angela driving to her friend’s house after being disappointed by Romeo and Kristinia’s closeness.

        Anyways, I’m not sure if you’ve watched the finale yet. I did read another recap of what happened, but I look forward to reading what you have to say about it in your upcoming post(s).
        Thanks again


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          ^ I did not know you watched this programming too! I am soo late and did not see your post! I think it was deleted because stupid foreign people spamming! The modes may have thought this thread was a spam but it was not! Plus, its only me talking and there was spams in here and I try to tell the modes to delete! I am soo behind in this and its on my DVR!


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            Fifth Episode

            So it looked like Master P was kind of hard on Romeo to take over No Limit Records....there is one thing I want to point out....I don't think No Limit Records is hot no more. So I don't know how it will survive in 5 years from now. Master P is also having issues with his wife...don't know if she is now a ex.

            Romeo invited Angela and Kristina to his video shoot. Angela thought she was going to have quality time with Romeo, but nope. And then Kristina got into his video shoot. Angela was pissed off of that one. And that assistant of hers...well she has to go! She is sneaky and is in her boss personal life business, instead of helping her with business needs.

            Pepa was sweet talking to Master P about her daughter Egypt can be on No Limit Records. Master P., told her that his son, Romeo is now the boss. And then later, Egypt started singing in front of Romeo and Pepa. Romeo was straight up and told her that she needs more practice before being signed to any of the label. And you know Pepa, wanted to correct him and she did, but in a kind manner. Later, Romeo was interested in Kristina's music, but the girl said now, she need to outweigh her options...oh brother

            In the end of the episode, Romeo told Angela that he wanted to be just friends! Can you believe that?????!!!!? He was into her, even when he was with his girlfriend...thought he would commit to it, and now just friends? Angela was looking pissed off or something....


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              Season Finale/Final Thoughts

              The season finale was something. Kristina met her father for the first time. He was something on the low key that I did not understand. Romeo became president of No Limits Records. Damon Dash is setting up business in North Carolina just be make bail money when he goes back to NYC. Angela is pissed at Romeo and we did not see her stalker because it ended RIGHT THERE

              Here is my final thoughts:

              - How lucrative is No Limit Records?

              - Why is Johanna stirring some stuff up for her assistant Angela? She is supposed to be her assistant, not gossiping around! She has done this more than twice!

              - How Damon Dash get these ideas to start businesses up and they become a instant hit?

              - Pepa's daughter may need to get an education if things in the entertainment world is not working out for her

              * Most importantly........I wonder if there is a stalker for Angela????????????????? Or is it the idea that the producers just gave out for us to keep watching???? Looks like ALL REALITY SHOWS ARE FAKE! Just saying folks!


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                ^Tiff, I'm glad you FINALLY got to watch the finale.

                No limit, no doubt, has seen it's best days in the yester of yester years; however, it was SO successful at that time, that it can survive on the fumes. I STILL pump a lot of their music, which will remain in rotation... Romeo taking over is more of a business move to not have Percy (Master P) as the head. It's been written that he's done this to blot out his worth so that his ex won't get more money that she's due. She's definitely been awarded a grip from him, so it didn't work...

                As far as this stalker goes, I doubt that girl has a stalker. I can believe she probably once had a stalker and they are using it as a story line. Rehashing, reenacting, whatever it takes, but I doubt they would put her at any immediate risk by filming her angst and chaser.


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                  ^ That's for responding! About Angela, you are right! They may be rehashing things and is in no way the producers would put her in harms way! I really want to slap her assistant though! ...She is up in other people's business!


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