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The Real Housewives of Potomac (Season 1)


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  • The Real Housewives of Potomac (Season 1)

    I taped it on my DVR. Have yet to see it & know the women! Hope it's a success because the other 2 shows, was not....

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    Here Is The Women Names

    This is the 6 women you will be seeing through out this season....

    Karen - (Diva)
    Gizelle - (Beautiful lady, who can be too, a bit too much)
    Robyn - (Trying to figure her life out)
    Charrisse - (Trying to be highly maintenance)
    Katie - (Only into white guys)

    * Ashley was the one that may have not been featured on the first episode or I drove past by sorry girlie, but you did not quite hold my attention


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      First Episode

      I did not know what to think of this show....I was not thrilled to get to know all these new women and I thought, Potomac was in Texas, since BRAVO has hinted of another Housewives, but it looks like this was the one! Here is few things I found out:

      - Potomac, Maryland, is a white neighborhood! But we have African American ladies on this show...maybe this show is about them trying to survive in a white rich neighborhood. On the second thought, since I loved the Housewives of Atlanta...this show might be soo bad....AND IT WAS NOT! It was darn good in the end! ..........Now here is a low down on this show!

      This show is based on manners....if you don't have manners, YOU DON'T BELONG IN THE SOCIAL CIRCLE IN POTOMAC, MARYLAND!

      Karen is a big diva! I mean a big one who takes manners into big consideration! Don't cross her and I do think, she may be the star of the show!

      Gizelle is a pretty girl! She also tries to be diva! Karen does not like that and tells her off at the end of the show!

      Robyn, I have no thought of her! She is divorced and has a man who may not be committed to her...maybe I am getting her business messed up...who knows...

      Charrisee, now I thought she was a thought! But she also the one with high manners! She got rubbed from Karen! They are besties right now! And believe me, she also needs to be put in her place also! Sorry...but she has too!

      Katie - She is the one with a white guy! And she has kids by him and wants him to marry her. She says she is a catch, but not really...more like if any men wants to sleep with her for one night! Again, sorry, but she is also a thought too.

      Ashley - I don't think she was properly introduced or was not on the first episode. If she was, then I drove passed her...another thought too!

      ...........anyway, I will watch the second episode and hope this show becomes a success! Crossing my fingers for more!


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        Second Episode

        I guess Karen and Charrisse did not liked how Gizelle conduct herself in certain situations. I can understand from Charrisse that there are certain things that you don't do in anyone's house! That is true if anyone goes to their friend's house! Your friend, has rules that you should follow all the time! Then we saw the new housewife, Ashley! She is married to a old man in his 50's...55 I would say and she is 26! Ouch know what others would think of her...a golddigger! Just like Erika from RHOBH! Katie likes her, the others, not soo much. I don't know what Karen and Gizelle would think of Ashley....I have not watched the entire episode, so I will come back in here and talk some more!


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          ^ Well Gizelle invited Karen and Charrisse to a restaurant for eating and apologizing to them. When the ladies got there and saw Gizelle, it did not fly soo well! Plus, Charrisse was in denial of ever telling Gizelle's hair stylist to do her hair. Charrisse, better remember...its rule number you know remember what you did! Karen wants to give Gizelle another chance...but Gizelle is standing her ground! I have to say though...I am glad Gizelle is coming into her own person. I know she comes from history...but her history is not too much. She better too, sit down and think of others.

          I must though, Gizelle and Karen are the breakout stars of this show! The other women, I really care less about. So now on, I will keep my eye on those two ladies. And hopefully, the show becomes a hit! Right now, there is negativity surrounding these house ladies. I guess they just don't want to give this show a try! I was like that though....


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            Third Episode

            Sorry I am late....

            The new lady hits it off with Karen & Charisse! And invites the gang to her restaurant! They all go! In the end, Charisse is impressed with the new lady questioning Giezelle, about Giezelle calling her a thot. And decide to squash the beef! Karen and Giezelle also did the same thing earlier in the day! Karen's daughter went to prom, with a while classmate, I would say. Karen said that interracial is normal in Potomac, Maryland. Anyway, got to see the 4th episode, Robyn and the new girl gets into it! Looks like Robyn is struggling with the finances. The show also talks about Robyn and her ex. Both living in the house together.....


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              Fourth Episode

              Boy do I have a catching up to do! I finished watching the fourth episode. Basically the highlight was that Ashley googled the ladies before getting to know them. She told it to Katie about Robyn and Katie told the other ladies. They were not very well pleased . Karen felt like she could be a good person to polish Ashley. And Robyn set her straight at her (Ashley's) birthday party! I have a bad feeling that Ashley is going to be a target for those ladies and its not a good thing! You know those ladies are high with their manners that I have never seen in my life! Don't go to Potomac, MD if you have a chance. People can be really snobby looking at you! They are some in the Hamptons, NY!


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                Episode 5

                I am soo late in this! Sorry but when I got back in tune to them, it was more appealing for me to get to know them! I actually know now who they are. Lets talk about this episode!

                Karen took her kid to a self defense fighting, so her kid can protect her self in college! She also hosted a party on the yacht so Ashley to know what it feels like to eat and drink for free! Still she does not get it! Gizelle went on a hot date and had another one with the same man at Karen's party. Charisse is heading for a divorce! Did not know she was a cheerleader...interesting considering that she is not all attractive! Ashley wants to open her own restaurant. Katie is getting more involved in her Ross Foundation. Asked Karen for help since she knew the community but in the end, Gizelle will help her. In the end of the episode, on the yacht, Ashley's husband wanted to swim in the dark and the ladies said no and also to Ashley. Karen still wants to tame her to be a perfect citizen in Potomac, MD. I think Ashley is going to be a problem since she does not fit in with the older crowd. Katie is young too but she is mature than Ashley. Well episode 6 looks interesting since Ashley invited the ladies to Delaware to I think her vacation home.


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                  Episode 6

                  The ladies headed it out to Delaware....I guess Ashley took Karen there first. Karen got her own room but most ladies had to share twin beds in the rooms. Oh yeah, Katie had her own room! Katie was also upset that Gizelle and Robyn thought her plan is on a tight schedule and needs to be more realistic. What the ladies were saying its true, but Katie took offense to it and fired them from planning it. Ashley was there and giving these looks. Back to the trip, it was very funny! Some ladies did not wanted to sleep on twin beds but in a hotel. The hotels was packed and they had no choice! Gizelle also made a rude remark that Karen was the hostess and Ashley was the housekeeper. Gizelle, you need to sit your behind down! Gizelle thinks she is Ms. Beyoncé, hehe Something happens at the end of the show, the ladies opened up, thanks to Charisse. Robyn starts to cry because I think her friend stole her family money. Could not make out what she said but if this is true.......its very sad to trust someone, especially your friend! I do have Episode 7 to watch to this is juicy!


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                    Episodes 7 & 8

                    Decide to combine them together since my brother got to watch this show He is really enjoying Gizelle and Ashley. In Episode 7, Robyn's ex husband or her best friend, don't which one she is saying, had a scam going on and stole her joint money with her husband. I can get why people don't trust other people....AND THIS IS JUST SAD! Then Ashley's hubby came around and Karen and some of the women did not liked it! All I can say to Ashley is, JOIN THE YOUNGER CROWD BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET LOVE WITH MATURE WOMEN! Forgot to mentioned in the beginning of the episode, Gizelle verbally attacked Katie about the party night that Katie kissed with her husband. This was with other ladies that Charisse put together. Katie was upset and the next day, Karen and Charisse friend told Katie that she needs to stand up to Gizelle.

                    Episode 8, Karen wanted her hubby and Ashley's hubby talk about the night. I guess they came to a agreement. Gizelle had a makeup party and wants to launch her brand! Oh brother The ladies showed up to the party except for Katie. When Karen had her fundraising party, Katie came and was not pleased with it. As you can see from the last episode or so, Katie wanted Karen to help with her Ross Foundation. Later, Ashley told the ladies that Karen does not want her daughter to hang with the ladies. She did say it in the wrong way because Karen told her only not to hang with her daughter because her daughter is young. Then again though...Ashley is young too The ladies told Karen and Karen just said that it was for Ashley, got mad and walked away saying that she is done with Ashley.

                    *** I feel like that Ashley should hang with the younger ladies...the one like Katie! The older ladies, are into something else. Ashley just wants to have fun. Anyway, Episode 9 looks somewhat good! I will watch it and discuss it!


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                      Episode 9

                      * Charisse had her 50th party at some place

                      * Ashley's man touched Katie's mans butt at the party. Robyn and Gizelle that it was a "white thing". Told Katie that, and she called both of them "bi-raciall". They did not liked that...

                      * Ashley wanted to talk to Karen, but she just did not wanted too.

                      Now here is my stance with Robyn and Gizelle! I think both women are bi-racial! They are light skinned and have those eyes. Somehow, those blacks had sex with white ones. Please stop denying, ladies! Its not right!


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                        Episode 10

                        I have to say, the majority had to be at the "Jesus Moment" Table Brunch. Looks like Karen and Ashley, never resolved their feelings. And the bi-racial thing came up, but Charisse shut it down which she had logical explanation. Katie also got engaged....Anyway, that was the season finale of this show.


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                          My Thoughts on This Show: RHOP

                          This is what I thought of this show-----------------> I really did not wanted to learn about the new housewives! Because there was soo many of these type of shows. Thought this would be hell boring, but it was not in the end. Karen and Gizelle immediately in the viewers eyes, were the shining ones. But Katie and Ashley also came into the spotlight! Charisse, I don't think she was necessary for the show. Robyn, neither was she but I did liked how she was lovey dovey to her ex husband. There is more to say though. I feel like for Karen, she should have kept the remark to Ashley of her daughter to herself! It did seemed to bother Ashley and may have portrayed in a negative light. Ashley though, she seems like a fun girl, she married a old there is something, most will talk about! Anyway here is my nicknames for the girls

                          - Karen is Queen of Manners
                          - Gizelle is the Queen B
                          - Robyn is the pretty eyes black girl
                          - Charisse is a normal wife living in a upscale place
                          - Ashley is a the fun girl

                          I give this show a : B


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                            The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 1

                            Just up the river from our nation’s capital lies a hidden gem—Potomac, Maryland. Its rolling hills, gated mansions, sophisticated prep schools, and exclusive country clubs all serve to keep the area invitation-only. Sprinkled throughout this community are a handful of old-line, wealthy African-American families who have historically broken racial barriers to provide a life of privilege for their children. The Real Housewives of Potomac follows the upscale lives of six intriguing, well-to-do women: Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Karen Huger, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, Robyn Dixon, and Ashley Darby, all of whom have fought for their places in this society by way of legacy or marriage. In a town where entry is granted only through class, pedigree, and lineage, how far will these ladies go to secure their spot at the top of this prestigious circle?


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