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  • He'sAliveToday
    As far as Adam Lambert goes… It’s kind of great to see his growth voice wise. And that’s saying alot because he always could sang! Hearing his past/present rendition of Mad World to his new single, Welcome to The Show was kind of nice. And I really liked Welcome to The Show, and although she apparently wrote it, I would have liked it better without his duet partner. Lo siento.

    Round One:

    Trent: “CountingStars”. Did. Not. Like. It. At.All. It was rather cartoonish and he’s blessed he got another song to sing.

    Dalton: “Numb”. Nothing special. Has been nothing special for a few weeks now. R’uh R’oh!

    La’ Porsha: “Ready ForLove”. She is consistently good and this was no different.

    Yaz/Jusse…. They were okay.

    Mackenzie: “Wild World”. He did so well considering he didn’tpick this song for himself.

    Tristan (bottom): “IndependenceDay”. Not good. I’m glad the Country vote didn’t cover her on this one… The right person went home. Congrats for getting this far, Tristan.

    Sonika (bottom): “Let It Go”. She did better than Tristan, but she needs to step it up.

    I would say La’Porsha or Mackenzie won round one.

    Round Two:

    Dalton: “The Sound of Silence”. This could have been magical but it wasn’t. I don’t know if Dalton has fallen off or the other have elevated because he is no longer the confetti master…

    Sonika: “Clarity”. Just Okay. She will be in the bottom again no doubt.

    Trent: “Simple Man”. Confetti time. So so good. Made me forget his first song.

    Mackenzie: “Billie Jean”. If it hadn’t been for David Cook’s Billie Jean, I might have been over the moon about this one. STILL confetti time though… I can actually picture McKenzie winning the whole shaboingboingboing.

    La’Porsha: “No MoreDrama”. Confetti. Time. How La’Porsha kept it together is beyond me! So moving!!

    Round two could have gone to Trent, Mackenzie, or La’Porsha. Overall, I have to say… If Trent goes Country, he WILL be a HUGE star. He can sing anything, but if he’s in it for the money, Country is his route no doubt! Mackenzie and his alternative/singer/songwriter vibe will, no doubt make him a star, but not as huge as Trent. And La’Porsha (especiallywith her story of overcoming) should go Broadway. She should still release regular music, but she would be fantastic on stage. Her voice is both nice to hear and it's also good to watch her perform.

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  • tiff5555
    Side Note Here:

    About the duets. I felt that Trent and La'Porsha felt mismatched with the song. They did not blend together! Dalton and Mackenzie...I actually like how the pick this song! Its a popular song that I really remember and they did a best that they can do! What else could they change to a BackStreet Boys song.....Lee and Tristan, I actually thought they did a decent job!

    Who blew me away with the solos.....Mackenzie did a beautiful job with the song he chose! Trent BLEW ME away! Great song for him! I loved it! Lee, he did a decent job! And Sonika did good as well.

    * Again with this show...looks like FOX wants to end this show as quickly as they can Come on, its their last season, let us cherish these last moments! Plus, where is Paula, Randy and Simon! I would LOVE for them to judge for the whole two hours! I thought last season, they would just change it up, so they can have more seasons of AI. Anyway, I am just shaking my head! I am not enjoying AI last season....Slow down with double or triple elimination! Let us soak in the moments!

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  • He'sAliveToday
    ^They do seem to be rushing the season through... I don't recall them ever having a double elimination EVERY week, let alone, not having a Twitter save. Next week, there'll probably be a triple eviction.


    La'Porsha/Trent: "See You Again". Umm... let's just get to the final four with these two already. Great job!

    Sonika/Avalon: "Rise Up". The sounded good together, but it was obvious who the better singer is.

    Mackenzie/Dalton: "I Want It That Way". BRUTAL.

    Tristan/Lee: "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" They should have missed us all with this one. Funny, because, if you had your TV on mute, you'd have SWORN they were jamming. Unfortunately, the volume button was in full effect.


    La'Porsha: "Come Together". Crazy good and oh, so sexy!I love when she is hitting a long and hard note, and her whole afro pulsates to the vibrato of her voice. Even her critique was entertaining. What a talent!

    MacKenzie: "You Are So Beautiful". It.Was.So.Beautiful. MacKenzie is topping Dalton...

    *Nick was Okay*

    Trent: "Stand By Me". It wasn't his best, but I still love him.

    Tristan: "A Broken Wing". Tristan done messed around and put forth her best performance to date. I definitely am praying for her Paw.

    Dalton: "Eleanor Rigby". Ooh... chills up the spine good. Just like that, he snatched the props and kudos from MacKenzie's grip. I'm sprung again. and the Holy Ghost got ahold of that stringed accompaniment. They were playing like it was ransom. Confetti!!

    Avalon (bottom three): "PYT". She did okay, but it was too milquetoast for such a groove.

    Lee (bottom three): "Let It Be". He tried it. Nope.

    Sonika (bottom three): As soon as the music started, a death cat came and sat down right in front of Avalon and Lee. It wasn't Sonika's best, but it didn't have to be to send those two packing. Congrats, Sonika.

    Bottom two....I have to be honest... It will be interesting to see how the voters see it, but I believe the bottom two are Sonika (because she's already tasted bottom) and Trent. We're definitely going to lose a beast or two next week. I believe the audience likes Dalton and MacKenzie better than Trent. and it's OBVIOUS that Tristan is holding down that Country vote.

    and I must say, I am proud of the voters so far in regards to La'Porsha. They are actually liking her, which they should. But, as we all know, the voters don't always do what they should.

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  • tiff5555
    ^ ^ Side Performance on Last Week!

    I just watch the show today on my DVR before another one tonight or in close to 30 minutes or so...or less since I am writing.

    - Lee Jean...He KNEW that he was being compared to Mackenzie! And it was a good thing that he wanted to distance himself from him! And even though his performance was okay...his change of the song was good! It did showed!

    - La'Porsha...again, what a great performance!

    - Dalton...HE BETTER STEP IT UP LIKE TODAY!. I think he may be facing elimination tonight!

    - Avalon....her voice, is beginning to notice me. She does have a different voice. More like Jennifer Lopez...No wonder why the judges kept her.

    * I really was hoping that Olivia made it...was surprised that she did not! This could have been our winner of Season 15 and she could have indeed become famous. Too bad. Also, not a fan of double elimination! They are doing it today! Plus, where is the Twitter save??????????????? Anyway, 2 more are going home tonight!

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  • He'sAliveToday
    ^Thank you for the encouragement, tiff. I like your feedback as well. Looks like it will be over REAL SOON with these double eviction weeks. I would have loved to see Kelly there in place of Mariah and Nicki, especially Nicki. I think Mariah would have gotten along way better with Kelly because Kelly is not disrespectful or a "diva" type.

    1. Dalton Rapatonni, “Radio Active”. It was his weakest performance so far. He needs to stay in his lane.

    2. Lee Jean, “Use Somebody”.….SURPRISE!! I thought for sure he’d be in the bottom. When the judges don’t like you or they’re rooting hard for someone else, it doesn’t matter what you do, it will get picked on. Everyone watching last week, was paying attention to the judges comparing Lee and MacKenzie. I’m glad Lee took that and grew from it. I was really proud of him!

    Demi L. did okay…

    3. Sonika Vaid, “Since You’ve Been Gone”. She did a good job. I hope she keeps growing and not allow the judge’s judging get in her head.

    4. MacKenzie, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Generally, when I say that I liked a song better than the original, it means I never liked the song in the first place and the contestant has made me take another look at the song. That being said, Mackenzie’s version was better than the original.

    5. La’Porsha, “Halo”. I hate her new hair, but here’s another rendition that I like better than the original. Good job on the consistency, La’ Porsha!

    Harry did okay…

    6. Trent Harmon, “When A Man Loves A Woman”. CONFETTI TIME!!! I usually write my own critique down before the judges get to theirs. I hate it when they say what I’ve written, and I have to come up with something else…. This time, I’m gonna stick with my original critique although JLo said the said thing: keep doing YOU, Trent. Yes, sometimes all the facial expressions and various idiosyncrasies CAN turn the audience off, but if it interferes with what we love (your voice), just go with it, man. Most of the time, we are LISTENING to you, not looking at you.

    7. Tristan McIntosh, “Go Rest High on That Mountain”. What is it about her that I can NEVER understand what she’s saying??? Her enunciation needs work. Her voice and singing was good though.

    Now for the bottom three: I was SOOO surprised that Lee didn’t land here. After his performance this week, I was happy the voters put him through. Another surprise was THREE GIRLS being in the bottom. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed the girl-heavy vibe and I’m glad the voting reflected that. Also, I’m surprised the voters were with me about Olivia Rox. I’ve always felt she had more of the judges’ favor than was deserved. The same for Gianna. I thought she had more of the JLo favor than what was deserved. I will also say that I thought for sure Olivia would get the save no matter what Avalon or Gianna did..

    8. Avalon , “Earned It”. I personally did not like this. I immediately felt she was in trouble when she didn’t do the falsetto. Also, a lot of the other parts of the song were off key to me. I was surprised the judges liked it so much.

    9. Olivia Rox, “Trouble”. After all these weeks, I STILL don’t believe her. Her sessions seem so contrived. I am shocked the voters had enough of her so early. I thought she’d go farther although I didn’t believe her. My issue was NEVER her voice, it was her believability.

    10. Gianna Isabella, “If I Ain’t Got You”. I will honestly say, if I had known that Gianna was a Believer, I would have given her more of a chance. I appreciate her giving glory to God, but I didn’t like her song nor her performance. I feel like her downfall, with me, was the favor JLo demonstrated towards her. When someone has an obvious advantage in a completion, it doesn’t sit well with me. It’s unfortunate, too, because she may have gotten farther if her mother hadn’t shown up.

    Underlined is the bottom three for me. I LOVE Dalton, God knows I do... but he didn’t do so well; however, he’s been a favorite, so we’ll see. Tristan, I believe, has the Country vote, so it will be interesting to see if she’s in the bottom. And Avalon made it through, but personally, I did not like her performance this week.

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  • tiff5555
    Side Note of the Performance

    Its a good thing, you are posting the critics of the contestants, He'sAliveToday I could not barely express it like you do! So keep doing this!!!!

    * Here is my side note of the episode:

    - Jenn should have gotten through, and Avalon, bye bye. But that did not happened.
    - Gianna should have sang, "Hero", by Mariah Carey, instead of "Listen", by Beyoncé! I did liked how Jennifer Lopez told it like it is!
    - Avalon, the song was just right for her, but she sang it poorly...
    - Thanks to I think Harry, now I feel like Lee Jean and Mackenzie have the same music style, even though Mackenzie, is getting more better responses.
    - LaPosha...her song was decent, it just did not wow me! She should sang "Listen", by Beyoncé!
    - Dalton, you know he is a heartthrob to the girls everywhere ....I guess there is nothing much I can say about him
    - Sonika...I just love her facial expressions
    - Tristan....I am having a vibe from Jennifer Lopez that she should do R&B music type or somewhere along like Alicia Keys.

    One more comment, Kelly Clarkson did a fantastic job as the judge! I wished she was on than Nicki and Mariah in that one season.

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  • He'sAliveToday
    What another surprise indeed. Neither Thomas Stringfellow nor Jenn Blosil made it. A strong four (in my opinion) were cut loose, including my Jeneve! People just don't understand her...

    oooh and Kelli was really getting on my nerves with her yammering on and on about being pregnant. We SEE you're pregnant, okay? But, when she hit us with that song later on in the show, all was forgiven. What a beautiful bittersweet song. She's got another hit on her hands!

    I also notice all the time how JLo gets uncomfortable when the discussion of "voices" comes up. Harry was just fawning all over Kelly's critiques and Keith even said he wished she could stay. And we all know how blessed of a singer Kelly is. JLo was not having a good night with Kelly in the house. I LOVED it...

    1. Olivia Rox, "Unconditionally". I'm not excited about her. Ever. She can sing, but she's not my cup of tea.

    2. Gianna, "Listen". Again, her whole thing is being exposed as karaoke. And Listen was not good karaoke at all.

    3. Lee Jean, "Skinny Love". I will not be surprised if he's in the bottom.

    4. Avalon Young, "Stitches". I still like her although this was not anyone's best. She really needs to step it up.

    5. Dalton Rapattoni, "Hey There Deliliah". I loved it. More and more I see the confetti falling for this dude.

    6. Tristan McIntosh, "Nothing Like You". I couldn't understand anything she sang. She's a bottom for me, but we'll see.

    7. Mackenzie Bourg, "I See Fire". Okay, well, since the judges went and put it out there about he and Lee being practically the same person, imo, he did better than Lee.

    8. La'Porsha, "Diamonds". I like when I hear a rendition that sounds BETTER than the original. This was one. La'Porsha shut it down, until............

    9. SONIKA VAID!!! BABY!!!, "Bring Me To Life". Was this strategic? Was the plan all along, to be all demure, and then bust out with Bring Me To Life to introduce the dragon??? Brilliant. perfect moment and positioning to that after La'Porsha.

    10. Trent Harmon, "Like I Can". I love Trent to the bone! I gotta call Trent, Dalton, La'Porsha, and Sonika as the final four. Unless something drastically surprising happens, these are the top four.

    Underlined are my bottoms: Gianna, Lee, and Tristan. It's so sad that once again, the females outnumber the males in the competition... but I'm looking for a male (Dalton) winner.

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  • He'sAliveToday
    ^Agreed. I recall Haley's season and she couldn't win with those judges. As good as she was, they continued to nit-pick her performances.

    As far as the last performance show to get into the top ten:

    1. Dalton Rapattoni was a unanimous vote in.
    2. Olivia Rox ...unanimous.
    3. Trent Harmon...unanimous.
    4. La'Porsha...unanimous.

    None of the four surprised me. The rest had to perform and get the public vote, to get the other six seats. They chose songs that were their faves to perform so far.

    5. Manny Torres, "Master Blaster". I believer he blew this opportunity.

    6. Gianna Isabella, "I Put a Spell On You". If JLO has anything to say, she will get a spot.

    7. Thomas Stringfellow, "Story of My Life". He should have sang something else, but he should get a spot.

    8. Tristan McIntosh, "What Hurts The Most". I liked her singing this song much more this time than the first.

    9. Avalon Young, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)". I liked her singing this the FIRST time over this time.

    10. Jenn Blosil, "True Colors". Jenn rocked the spot on this one. I think she earned a spot.

    11. Lee Jean, "Make It Rain". I'm on the fence. I do believe he's done just enough to get through though.

    12. Sonica Vaid, "I Surrender". Good job. I believe she will go through.

    13. Jeneve Mitchell, "Ring of Fire". I did NOT love this. I really love her, but she may have blown it.

    14. Mackenzie Bourg, "Roses". Big ups on the original song and good job. No doubt, he'll get through.

    So, for whatever reasons (popularity, favor of some sort, or just plain ol' talented) underlined are the six I suspect will top off the 10. STILL no talk of wildcard. Perhaps there will be none. The public vote will be interesting.

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  • believeinme246
    I found it disingenuous when Jennifer said that all the judges believed that Hailey would win the competition when she competed, because they were always putting her down and only seemed to like a few of her performances, like Benny and the Jets. They liked her scat duets with one other competitor, forget his name, but they seemed to really want a country singer to win that year.

    Haley was always had two sides though as a singer. She could over blast out her music using growls left and right but also had more talent in her pinky than most people do overall. Since then, she seems to have learned moderation and how a growl can be a nice accent without having it overpower the song.

    I found Amelia intriguing and Shelby is already performing like a star. Jenn auditioned really well but her nerves got to her last night, so I would have chosen Shelby over Jenn, but will enjoy being wrong if she can really clock some great performances ahead.

    So far, of all the mentors, I found that Fantasia gave the best advice of all. Kelly Pickler was a hoot to watch. I found Daughtry to be a remarkably selfless mentor. He was humble and with good suggestions.
    Last edited by believeinme246; February 21, 2016, 09:10 AM.

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  • tiff5555
    ^ Thank God you posted this!

    I have to say that the judges explained it better that they were picking the top 7 from the solos and the next day, is the enjoyment with the former contestants! I have to say though, this second half, disappointment me! Few was a standouts!

    Trent blew me away with this song I never heard at all! His vocals was powerful!
    Dalton....he was decent, I would say. He really knows how to connect! Jennifer is falling in love with him, hehe!
    Olivia...she did a decent job as well! The song is current and she rocked it! Keith was right, the show started!

    * Lee Jean, his voice was not powerful, if it was, then its a vote for me! I still like this kid though!
    * Still bummed that Emily Brookes did not made it! What is wrong with the judges

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  • He'sAliveToday
    ^Yeah, Ryan was funny with The Remix To Ignition…

    My picks for who were going to stay this week were off. I think the most shocking was Shelby Z. I thought she had the final 10 all sewnup. Boy, was I wrong!

    This is how I felt about the Duets:

    With Kelly :

    Amelia: “Suds in The Bucket”. I thought they both did a real good job and I’m surprised Amelia didn’t move on.
    Tristan: “Best Days of Your Life”. I did NOT like this one, but Tristan moved on.

    With Haley:
    Kory: “Benny and The Jets”. This was a thumbs UP for me, but Kory didn’t make the cut.
    Adam: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Thumbs UP as well. Adam didn’t make it.

    With Chris:

    LeeJean: “Home”. Thumbs up. Loved the yin and yang of the duet. He made it.
    Dalton: “Higher Ground”. GREAT Chemistry. Thumbs up . He made it.

    With David:
    CJ: “The World I Know”. Thumbs up. At this point in the comp, I was blown away by the solos. CJ didn’t make the cut though.
    Olivia: “Light On”. Thumbs up. Olivia made it. I knew she would make top 10 LAST week.

    With Jordin:
    Manny: “No Air”. I LOVE this song. I did NOT liketheir solo. The judges did though. Manny made it.
    Trent: “To Love Somebody”. Thumbs up! Trent reminded me of Al Green on this solo. Congrats to Trent!

    With Constantine:
    Jenn: “Funny Valentine”. I was on the fence. Jenn made it.
    Shelby: “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The judging was suspect on this one. I thought it was okay, and I thought for sure that Shelby was okay being that she’s been consistent. Shelby got the boot though.

    I believe, overall, The people that have made it to the top 14 are those that we've been talking about all along. The only surprise is Shelby Z. I haven't heard anything about the Wildcard. With that, if there IS a wildcard, Shelby and Emily will have a nice little showdown.

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  • JMSmall
    I have been watching the last few weeks and thought the talent was really good.
    I like seeing Ryan Secrest rap last night on the show.

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  • He'sAliveToday
    SHEEEEEEESH!!! That last show was broootile (brutal). Only on the rule of "who was the least of the worst", will these seven be chosen. It's funny, because I generally take notes during the performances, then, of course, the judges say their piece. Well, I believe I and the judges agreed on about 98% of the critiques. They were reading my notes!!

    1. Shelby Z, "Work Hard, Play Harder". She's consistently good, but I wasn't excited.

    2. Manny Torres, "Adventure of A Lifetime". I'm on the fence. NOT a good song choice.

    3. Kory Wheeler, "Let It Go". He is quirky (which was a comment OVER USED on the show, but I wrote it FIRST). I really like him, but he should have sang a different song.

    4. Amelia Eisenhauer, "Wake Me Up". She is better than that song/performance.

    5. Jenn Blossil, "Sorry". Ironic that she sang "sorry" because it was one of the sorriest performances of the night. If I as just channel-flipping and happened upon this performance, I would have been like ...what is THAAAT???

    6. CJ Johnson, "I'll Be". One of the only good songs, good voice combos.

    7. Lee Jean, "Runaway". SO boring, but one of the better voices.

    8. Trent Harmon, "What Are You Listening To". This dude KNOWS he can sing...

    9. Tristan McIntosh, "Good Girl". I go back/forth with this one. She has a decent voice, but she is corny as all get out.

    10. Adam Lasher, "Black and Gold". He had good vocals, but the judges didn't seem to care for him.

    11. Dalton Rapattoni, "Rebel Yell". MORE MORE MORE!! The only performance I replayed. Out of the twelve, he has the confetti.

    12. Olivia Rox, "Confident". She can sing, but I don't believe her for one minute.

    I picked a shaky seven. I'll know more after the duets.

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  • He'sAliveToday
    Thanks Tiff for your opinion. Those performances weren’t THAT long ago, so, for me, it wasn’t too late for you to share.

    I actually agreed with a lot of what you wrote. I even agree with what you said about Jeneve. And you know that’s my girl! She’s not like anyone we’ve seen on this show. I would mostly just compare her to Casey Abrams, with her repertoire of musical gifts. Although she’s been set apart from the mainstream world, she is comfortable and seems to know who she is. That’s respectable at such a young age….

    And I HATED what was done to James. Yes, he’s different as well from what we’re used to seeing/hearing on that stage, and that should have been a good thing.
    When someone doesn’t want you, they can flip facts/opinions into whatever they want. That bothers me. When you are “different, creative,etc.”, they will celebrate or tear it down depending upon whether or not they want you to stay.

    It’s also what they did in regards to PERFORMING with thepast contestants. When it came down to respecting your lane and NOT outperforming the established one vs stepping out of their shadows and making yourself seen and recognized. They don’t want you to come across as the background, yet don’t want you to take the lead.

    Now for Ruben. I agree with what you wrote about him. I LOVE Ruben as well, so I’m glad he seems to be loved, pretty much everywhere he goes. Every time I’ve seen him, whether or this stage or others, he is himself. He’s a nice guy that is super humble. He also did very well with his two duets along with his mentoring.

    And lastly (out of respect for you), I will mention EmilyBrooks. I know you were rooting for her,probably just as much as I root for Jeneve. She wasn’t the only one that didn’t show her best self during the duets, but it’s sad that they didn’t look at the full package before letting her go. The still have the “Wildcard”situation. I have a funny suspicion that they use this as their Ace in the hole. They let Emily go for a reason. I believe she has a fantastic chance to get that wildcard. and that, I believe, was their intention the whole time.

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  • tiff5555
    I am crying though.....THEY DID NOT PICKED EMILY BROOKS!!!!!!!!! Really? She would have been a good pick and she would have won the competition! Glad, that they did not picked Steph! Anyway, the duets was special! I have one more thing to say though. You can tell how much American Idol really loved Ruben! Sure Kelly Clarkson was a success and Carrie Underwood is most successful.......but they can't beat out that American Idol, surely loves Ruben! AND THATS NO OPINION........THATS A FACT HERE!

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