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    ^Tiff, you keeping it 100 in your descriptions is kind of cute. I will say, I agree that Gianna (Brenda Starr's daughter) is not one of my favorites. She forgot her lyrics during the group round and everything... STILL went through. It's like JLo is throwing out favor because she knew Brenda from around the way...

    A LOT of our early mentions didn't make it (Kerr C., Elvie Shane to name a couple). I'm crying foul on those two because they were super strong. Once again, I'm smelling a rat with these shows putting the fix in for a girl to win.

    I picked up a couple of new ones to watch: Manny Torres and Tristen McIntosh. Both seem to have gotten better as the rounds have gone by.

    Emily DID make it through... and so did my girl, Jeneve Rose Mitchell!

    A couple of my early favorites (Amber Lynn and Jake Dillon) weren't spotlighted, unless I just didn't notice with everything going on.. Next week, they choose the top 24, so that will separate the wheat from the tares.


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      After a little reading, I found out that Amber Lynn DID make it, but it's a mystery as to why they didn't show her. Jake didn't make it (I guess I missed that).

      Another one of my faves that I missed the results on is Joshua Walker. Hmmm.... whelp, next week will tell it.


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        Thanks for the info He'sAliveToday! It helped me a lot! I agree with you on Gianna, Jennifer is throwing favors to have this girl famous!


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          ^You're welcome. And just in case you missed it, here are the top 24 (13 girls; 11 guys):

          1. Stephanie Negrete, "This Girl is On Fire"

          2. Shelbie Z, "Barracuda". This is the firs time I actually liked her.

          3. Mackenzie Bourg, "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You", Keith acts like he's in love with this dude (always swooning). The young girls will eat him up, if Keith doesn't get to him first.

          4. Trent Harmon, "Tiny Dancer" He's been a favorite of mine since the beginning... mono and all. Get well soon!

          5. Jenna Renae (Didn't show performance)

          6. James VIII (Didn't show performance)

          7. Kory Wheeler (Didn't show...)

          8. Adam Lasher (ditto)

          9. Jeneve Rose Mitchell, "Ring of Fire". This is my girl all the way... For some reason I feel protective of her, like she's my little sister or something....

          10. CJ Johnson, "Parachute"

          11. Amelia Eisenhauer,"New York State of Mind"

          12. Lee Jean, "Make it Rain". He's doing better than I expected of him. To bad his girl (Sara Sturm) didn't make it.

          13. Avalon Young, "Yo...Excuse me Miss"

          14. Dalton Rapattoni, "It's Gonna Be Me". I officially fell in love with this dude. He's on of the one I'm watching from now on.

          15. Manny Torres, "Jammin'".

          16. Thomas Stringfellow, "Story of My Life". His ex girlfriend will surely regret dumping him.

          17. Sonika Vaid, "I Surrender". Her voice is flawless, but I doubt she'll get to top 4.

          18. Olivia Rox, "Take Me All The Way". Crazy vocals and range!!

          19. Emily Brooke, "So Small". Surely should go far in the comp.

          20. Gianna Isabella, "I Still Believe". What else. Girl Bye.

          21. Jenn Blosil, "The Hanging Tree". This girl is SUPER good.

          22. Tristan McIntosh, "We Both Will Be Stronger".

          23. Jordan Sasser, "Love Runs Out".

          24. La'Porsha, "House of The Rising Sun". Man, this girl is fantastic, but I get the feeling..... I hope the audience surprises me and votes her all the way because her voice is off the radar.


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            ^ Thank you for the top 24! I still have to yet and see it all. Its on my DVR. I uh, really did not like Steph! She should not have went through.................. Okay, I had to peek on your post! I think I am going to root for the following people I really like:

            - Mackenzie Bourg...He is very unique! Reminds me of Ed Sheeran type but on the cool vibe side!
            - Lee Jean...Hmm, reminds me of a black version of Justin Bieber. Justin has this good vibe side that every teenager girls love. Its the same for Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift and all the hip young celebrities.
            - Dalton Rapattoni....He reminds me of the front lead singer of Green Day! And a little bit of Adam Lambert! He is really good and I believe he will make it to the top 10!
            - Sonika Vaid...For some reason, her voice is just too sweet. If she knows Hindi music, she will do well in Bollywood!
            - Emily Brooke....I believe if the stars are aligned right, she may win this year of American Idol. That Scott, will come back to mentor and sign to his record label, IS GOING TO MAKE HER A TRUE STAR! PROBABLY A SUCCESS THIS YEAR, UNLIKE LAST YEAR!
            - Gianna Isabella...hehe He'sAliveToday, you are too funny! Her looks..kinds of makes me see a Mariah Carey!
            - Jenn Blosil...She totally reminds me of Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch! I swear! But her talent of singing, is undeniable!
            - Tristan McIntosh....he is something, that I have never seen in a African American guy! He has the looks and the singing that can spark interest to the viewers
            - La'Porsha - She is a powerhouse!


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              I'm going to try to get my .02 in before watching tonight's show, so, sadly, it won't matter any because by the time I'm done writing, I will watch to see which five from last nigh will go home... I will highlight the ones I believe have survived.

              1. Stephanie Negrete (this girl is ALWAYS first , what's up with that?), "Mama Knows Best". She was first, but it fits because Stephanie is exactly what the last performer (La'Porsha) is NOT. Stephanie can sing, but I'm not sure if her voice is enough to keep her for the long haul.

              2. Mackenzie Bourg, "Say Something". He was good, but not great, but his looks, styling and potential should keep him for next week.

              3. Jeneve Rose Mitchell, "Angel". SO proud of her. I believe she stays.

              4. Jenna Renae, "My Church". I'm not sure about this one...

              5. James VIII, "Love Lock Down". Wrong song. GREAT chops. I predict staying.

              6. Sonika Vaid, "Safe and Sound". I didn't love it, but she can sing. I put her in the same category as Stephanie N. Her Voice may not be enough.

              7. Gianna Isabella, "I Put a Spell On You". She's far from a favorite of mine, but she has chops. The song was too big for her, but what she DID handle, she handled it well.

              8. Emily Brook, "I Am Invincible". WRONG SONG WRONG SONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. Her ability and potential will no doubt save her though.

              9. Avalon Young, "Love Yourself". So far, I dig the way she is keeping it REAL. Next time (if there is a next time, and I believe strongly there WILL be), she has to sing something that proves she can really sing and is more than just a brand.

              10. Jordan Sasser, "All By Myself". First of all, I love men with long hair, but I must admit his short haircut was/is a plus for him. He reads cornball and I hope that doesn't count against such a nice voice.

              11. Thomas Stringfellow, "Creep". The only thing I didn't like about this is that someone already sang Creep in this competition. Too soon for repeats. But, I'm not blind, and I can already see confetti falling all over this guy as the winner. I LOVE Him!!!

              12. LA' PORSHA PORSHA PORSHA!! This girl is crazy! Crazy like a freakin' fox, that is.... It was like all the others were just opening up for her main stage show. And the personality in the performance was top notch. I generally get concerned that a performance this early in the game is dangerous, because you could peak out too soon, but I have no worries for where she'll take it from here. She is a BEAST!

              I believe that's seven. We shall see....


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                The Duet/results show was kind of a good idea. It exposed a number of contestants. Even when there was just Kelly Clarkson, I compared her to the professionals. From there, I've always gauged the contestants in that way --can they compete, not only with past winners, but could I imagine hearing them on the radio. You must be more than karaoke and you must know who you are...

                1. Emily with Lauren: "Flat on The Floor". Thumbs down. This was big mistake SOMEBODY made by putting Emily next to a voice like Lauren's. I thought Emily would still go on, but she was axed.

                2. Thomas with Nick: "Man in The Mirror". Thumbs down. Thomas did NOT remain true to himself. He made it the next round due to his track record.

                3. Stephanie with Ruben: "Superstar". Thumbs up and down. SURPRISE! She wasn't first. This duet was good because of Ruben. Stephanie didn't make the cut. I knew she was a goner.

                4. Sonika with Caleb: "Sky Fall". Overall Thumbs up. Sonika's voice was almost as strong as Caleb's. Sonika will be here next week.

                5. Jenna with Scottie: "See You Tonight". Thumbs up. I liked them together. Judges didn't. I'm not surprised she didn't make it because her solo the night before did not rock.

                6. La'Porsha with Fantasia: "Summertime". Thumbs up. I liked how they both showed restraint. It worked. La' Porsha's through to the next round. No der.

                7. Mackenzie with Lauren: "I Hope You Dance". Thumbs................down. Did not like this for so many reasons. Lauren wasn't aware and Mackenzie forgot who he is. Mackenzie's prior night saved him.

                8. Gianna with Nick: "Beautiful Life". Thumbs...........*this is gonna hurt*.............up. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Gianna demonstrated that she knows who she is. She will remain.

                9. Avalon with Ruben: "Fly without Wings". Thumbs SO up. This was surprisingly the duet of the night. Tears and cheers they got from me! Good job, Avalon! She earned her promotion to the next level.

                10. James VIII with Caleb: "Gimme Shelter". Thumbs down....yet up. I both liked and disliked this pairing. Judges didn't like and sent James packing.

                11. Jeneve with Scotty: "Gone". Thumbs up. I'm going to speak on this because this is my girl. I believe both Scotty and Jeneve sounded good, had chemistry, and had a lot of fun. The judges just called it weird. She made it.

                12. Jordan with Fantasia: "I Believe". Thumbs UP. Harry mentioned (I believe when critiquing James against Caleb) that if Harry were singing along side Steve Perry, Harry could set himself on fire and no one would notice. Well, I felt that Jordan was on his way out the door before he and Fantasia ever hit the stage. He could have sang with fire coming from his mouth and The judges were going to nitpick this performance and find a reason to let him go, because he and Fantasia sounded GREAT together. Fantasia is a powerhouse and Jordan kept up and complemented her. His mistake (which was clearly forgivable) was passing in front of Fantasia. The judges jumped on that and rode it like Zorro. Bye Jordan. His "All By Myself" and his "I Believe" should have been enough, but I believe the cornball vibe did him in.

                Well, there's your seven to go on... Next week, the duets will be with:

                Chris Daughtry
                Jordin Sparks
                Constantine Maroulis
                David Cook
                Haley Reinhart
                Kellie Pickler


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                  ^ I have the episodes glued to the DVR! I am soo late and was going to express my thoughts, but since you wrote all, I have want to thank you for the critic...not sure if I am spelling that right on the 12 of the Top 24! I have watched the first semi final, not the second one. So here is I think how I felt of the first 12 performers. Not going into the duet because you said it all!

                  Steph - Mama Knows Best.....she is overrated pop performer. Pop genre has their moments. But right now, they are gone! Not liking her one bit!

                  Mackenzie - Say Something....He was my favorite but the song was wearing me out a little. I don't want him to go because he is gold and could do better!

                  Jeneve - Angel....I don't know how she could fit into American Idol, then again, this show is wholesome, so she does fitted into the show! I agree with Jennifer about fitting in, LOL...However, someone as her, IS A RARE RUBY IN THE JEWELS! THATS A VERY GOOD THING BECAUSE IF SHE IS REALLY GOOD AND CONNECTING WITH THE AUDIENCE OR MAYBE IN THE FUTURE WITH MUSIC LABELS, SHE COULD BE A BIG THING! JUST LOOK AT CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND KELLY CLARKSON!

                  Jenna - My Church....I actually was blown away with the song!

                  James- Love Lockdown.....Something creative! The judges though, gets me confused. They want the contestants to do something different to the artists songs and then later they don't. I just don't get it! Pick one, so they won't be confused next time!

                  Sonika - Safe & Sound....Her voice is pure sweet! Don't know if she would be in the Top 10!

                  Gianna - I Put A Spell On You....Thought she did a good job! Jennifer did not wanted to criticized her because she is friends with the mother! Double wrong here because she should follow the rules and tell the truth!

                  Emily Brooke - I Am Invincible.....The song was slow and then got fast. She outshined in the fast verses of the song! However, it was not a good song choice! Don't know if that was country but she should have chose the right country song. I know she was afraid to use Taylor Swift's songs, because she will compared too.......BUT SHE SHOULD HAVE BECAUSE THATS WHAT SHE REMINDS ME OF! AND SHE WOULD HAVE DONE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start slow of comparing and then separate into her own, I would say! That Scott, who would be helping her, would be a perfect fit into the entertainment world....I mean music!

                  Avalon - Love Yourself.........Perfect song choice! Don't know how long would she progress if she was in the Top 10. Maybe she needs a wardrobe change....she has too because she is in the music world! She may not to need to change too much but into the one that everyone will get attention for.

                  Jordan - All By Myself...Was weird when slow, but got perfect when high! Sorry Harry, BUT I LIKE OVER THE DRAMATIC STUFF! AND HE DID, IN MY OPINION WELL. Its just the beginning, that was off key...

                  Thomas - Creep.....He did okay...but he can be over forgettable...sorry

                  La'Porsha - Proud Mary...I don't know if she should know who is popular in the music world at this current stage or in the past. What I liked about her was, that she is not tied to one genre! Her performace, WAS GOLD! And Jennifer is jealous that she sang strong! She will be in the Top 10!

                  Anyway, I got to watch the duets and I hope I see who makes it or who does not....


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                    I am crying though.....THEY DID NOT PICKED EMILY BROOKS!!!!!!!!! Really? She would have been a good pick and she would have won the competition! Glad, that they did not picked Steph! Anyway, the duets was special! I have one more thing to say though. You can tell how much American Idol really loved Ruben! Sure Kelly Clarkson was a success and Carrie Underwood is most successful.......but they can't beat out that American Idol, surely loves Ruben! AND THATS NO OPINION........THATS A FACT HERE!


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                      Thanks Tiff for your opinion. Those performances weren’t THAT long ago, so, for me, it wasn’t too late for you to share.

                      I actually agreed with a lot of what you wrote. I even agree with what you said about Jeneve. And you know that’s my girl! She’s not like anyone we’ve seen on this show. I would mostly just compare her to Casey Abrams, with her repertoire of musical gifts. Although she’s been set apart from the mainstream world, she is comfortable and seems to know who she is. That’s respectable at such a young age….

                      And I HATED what was done to James. Yes, he’s different as well from what we’re used to seeing/hearing on that stage, and that should have been a good thing.
                      When someone doesn’t want you, they can flip facts/opinions into whatever they want. That bothers me. When you are “different, creative,etc.”, they will celebrate or tear it down depending upon whether or not they want you to stay.

                      It’s also what they did in regards to PERFORMING with thepast contestants. When it came down to respecting your lane and NOT outperforming the established one vs stepping out of their shadows and making yourself seen and recognized. They don’t want you to come across as the background, yet don’t want you to take the lead.

                      Now for Ruben. I agree with what you wrote about him. I LOVE Ruben as well, so I’m glad he seems to be loved, pretty much everywhere he goes. Every time I’ve seen him, whether or this stage or others, he is himself. He’s a nice guy that is super humble. He also did very well with his two duets along with his mentoring.

                      And lastly (out of respect for you), I will mention EmilyBrooks. I know you were rooting for her,probably just as much as I root for Jeneve. She wasn’t the only one that didn’t show her best self during the duets, but it’s sad that they didn’t look at the full package before letting her go. The still have the “Wildcard”situation. I have a funny suspicion that they use this as their Ace in the hole. They let Emily go for a reason. I believe she has a fantastic chance to get that wildcard. and that, I believe, was their intention the whole time.


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                        SHEEEEEEESH!!! That last show was broootile (brutal). Only on the rule of "who was the least of the worst", will these seven be chosen. It's funny, because I generally take notes during the performances, then, of course, the judges say their piece. Well, I believe I and the judges agreed on about 98% of the critiques. They were reading my notes!!

                        1. Shelby Z, "Work Hard, Play Harder". She's consistently good, but I wasn't excited.

                        2. Manny Torres, "Adventure of A Lifetime". I'm on the fence. NOT a good song choice.

                        3. Kory Wheeler, "Let It Go". He is quirky (which was a comment OVER USED on the show, but I wrote it FIRST). I really like him, but he should have sang a different song.

                        4. Amelia Eisenhauer, "Wake Me Up". She is better than that song/performance.

                        5. Jenn Blossil, "Sorry". Ironic that she sang "sorry" because it was one of the sorriest performances of the night. If I as just channel-flipping and happened upon this performance, I would have been like ...what is THAAAT???

                        6. CJ Johnson, "I'll Be". One of the only good songs, good voice combos.

                        7. Lee Jean, "Runaway". SO boring, but one of the better voices.

                        8. Trent Harmon, "What Are You Listening To". This dude KNOWS he can sing...

                        9. Tristan McIntosh, "Good Girl". I go back/forth with this one. She has a decent voice, but she is corny as all get out.

                        10. Adam Lasher, "Black and Gold". He had good vocals, but the judges didn't seem to care for him.

                        11. Dalton Rapattoni, "Rebel Yell". MORE MORE MORE!! The only performance I replayed. Out of the twelve, he has the confetti.

                        12. Olivia Rox, "Confident". She can sing, but I don't believe her for one minute.

                        I picked a shaky seven. I'll know more after the duets.


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                          I have been watching the last few weeks and thought the talent was really good.
                          I like seeing Ryan Secrest rap last night on the show.


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                            ^Yeah, Ryan was funny with The Remix To Ignition…

                            My picks for who were going to stay this week were off. I think the most shocking was Shelby Z. I thought she had the final 10 all sewnup. Boy, was I wrong!

                            This is how I felt about the Duets:

                            With Kelly :

                            Amelia: “Suds in The Bucket”. I thought they both did a real good job and I’m surprised Amelia didn’t move on.
                            Tristan: “Best Days of Your Life”. I did NOT like this one, but Tristan moved on.

                            With Haley:
                            Kory: “Benny and The Jets”. This was a thumbs UP for me, but Kory didn’t make the cut.
                            Adam: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Thumbs UP as well. Adam didn’t make it.

                            With Chris:

                            LeeJean: “Home”. Thumbs up. Loved the yin and yang of the duet. He made it.
                            Dalton: “Higher Ground”. GREAT Chemistry. Thumbs up . He made it.

                            With David:
                            CJ: “The World I Know”. Thumbs up. At this point in the comp, I was blown away by the solos. CJ didn’t make the cut though.
                            Olivia: “Light On”. Thumbs up. Olivia made it. I knew she would make top 10 LAST week.

                            With Jordin:
                            Manny: “No Air”. I LOVE this song. I did NOT liketheir solo. The judges did though. Manny made it.
                            Trent: “To Love Somebody”. Thumbs up! Trent reminded me of Al Green on this solo. Congrats to Trent!

                            With Constantine:
                            Jenn: “Funny Valentine”. I was on the fence. Jenn made it.
                            Shelby: “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The judging was suspect on this one. I thought it was okay, and I thought for sure that Shelby was okay being that she’s been consistent. Shelby got the boot though.

                            I believe, overall, The people that have made it to the top 14 are those that we've been talking about all along. The only surprise is Shelby Z. I haven't heard anything about the Wildcard. With that, if there IS a wildcard, Shelby and Emily will have a nice little showdown.


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                              ^ Thank God you posted this!

                              I have to say that the judges explained it better that they were picking the top 7 from the solos and the next day, is the enjoyment with the former contestants! I have to say though, this second half, disappointment me! Few was a standouts!

                              Trent blew me away with this song I never heard at all! His vocals was powerful!
                              Dalton....he was decent, I would say. He really knows how to connect! Jennifer is falling in love with him, hehe!
                              Olivia...she did a decent job as well! The song is current and she rocked it! Keith was right, the show started!

                              * Lee Jean, his voice was not powerful, if it was, then its a vote for me! I still like this kid though!
                              * Still bummed that Emily Brookes did not made it! What is wrong with the judges


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                                I found it disingenuous when Jennifer said that all the judges believed that Hailey would win the competition when she competed, because they were always putting her down and only seemed to like a few of her performances, like Benny and the Jets. They liked her scat duets with one other competitor, forget his name, but they seemed to really want a country singer to win that year.

                                Haley was always had two sides though as a singer. She could over blast out her music using growls left and right but also had more talent in her pinky than most people do overall. Since then, she seems to have learned moderation and how a growl can be a nice accent without having it overpower the song.

                                I found Amelia intriguing and Shelby is already performing like a star. Jenn auditioned really well but her nerves got to her last night, so I would have chosen Shelby over Jenn, but will enjoy being wrong if she can really clock some great performances ahead.

                                So far, of all the mentors, I found that Fantasia gave the best advice of all. Kelly Pickler was a hoot to watch. I found Daughtry to be a remarkably selfless mentor. He was humble and with good suggestions.
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