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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 6)


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    ^ Yeah, David is fed up......maybe he did not put the time to getting to know Yolanda or the relationship! When ever I see them together, it's more of a boyfriend/girlfriend thing!


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      It was a beautiful gala for Lyme Disease in NYC. The funny thing is, that Lisa V., and Lisa R., never attended to it, to understand where Yolanda is coming from. But still, my eyes are on Yolanda because there is no need to put business on Instagram People are going to question why? And Brandi, you need to not say anything because you don't know what Instagram is actually for. Its for good memories, not for promoting things or having really sad pics. Even though people all around the world does it, its not a photo album and business for other people to see. Instagram is taking pictures in the moment, its not a photo album, even though some believe it to be so. Look at Instagram account and you will see!

      The ladies hit it up in Dubai! And did not know that Atlantis is also in Dubai...interesting...Anyway, its still about Yolanda and her disease. Next week, we are going to get exposed to Lisa Vanderpump of what she actually is....likes to stir the pot!


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        This episode, shows the revelation that Lisa Vanderpump likes to stir things up! I knew about this, two years ago, I believe and there is more things to say! Lisa V., is a socialite in Beverly Hills! She knows the top people and they really respect her! She really does not care what goes on in this ladies circles! The other ladies, ARE NOT SOCIALITES! Clearly, you can see Kyle Richards and Kat hanging onto her coat tail because she is well known in that town! Lisa Rinna, believe it or not, she has other friends in the social circles and she really does not care no more of Vanderpump! She had lots of respect for her...but she is not stupid to know that she is stirring things up to just get a kick of laughter out from it!

        Kyle would think she is one, but her sister is, the one who is married to a Hilton! Kathy also has power because of her husband and may not want to share it with her sisters. That is why Kyle's relationship is strained from her! Kyle may be going on to become one because of her own husband. So really, she does not need her sister!

        Eileen Davidson...clearly she is a normal one like us and really does not care! She can walk away from this show...that is all I can say about her.


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          What I got out from this episode was that Lisa Vanderpump is still mad at Yolanda because she was rude to her husband in the last season of the show! Not only that, I can get a sense that Lisa V., wanted to twist things around for Yolanda because she thinks that she may be a weak opponent to her! Both women are socialite but Lisa V., sees things differently with Yolanda. Hmm…very interesting and don’t know if viewers sees this. In life, some people will twist things around for those who are weak in judgement stance. Just saying folks!

          Now lets get to the juicy stuff! Shall we? Lisa V., wanted to throw her good friend…don’t know if I should call that, Kyle, under the bus! Is that a good friend there, Kyle? Sorry sweetie, BUT ITS REALLY IS NOT! Kyle does not feel the hurt that Lisa V., is putting her under bus too? Obviously, like I said, its all about who’s who in Beverly Hills! Lisa V., DOES NOT NEED KYLE RICHARDS as a good acquaintance! SHE CAN FIND OTHERS! I also am amazed that Lisa V., finds weak people, to be her friends, to try to get them in her friends business! That’s right….she did that with Cedric and Brandi! Brandi called the **** out on her….so now is Lisa Rinna! Anyway, I don’t trust Lisa Vanderpump! Sure I got lots of hate on Facebook over this! They are still siding with the Queen, but clearly, has not seen the truth!

          Next week is the season finale! Lisa Rinna says to Yolanda that she is the biggest opponent in all of this mess…hmm interesting…but then again, what Yolanda has been posting up on her IG…is truly in question! IG is used for good memories or beautiful moments. Not for ugly things! Sorry sweetie, but I had to call you out!


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            Season Finale

            So here is what happened:

            - The ladies talked about Lisa Rinna fallout with Lisa Vanderpump!
            - Lisa Rinna faces Kim Richards....ouch!
            - Yolanda is getting a divorce from her hubby!

            There is one good thing to say! Erika said that Kat is drinking Lisa V's Kool-Aid....and that is soo much true! I have a feeling though, if things go down with them, it won't be pretty for Lisa Vanderpump....just saying!


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              Reflection of This Season

              I give this season: Grade was utterly boring and did not like the two new housewives. What is more Yolanda's sickness was a big issue and it was her fault of posting things that got people's attention! Millions of them...And Lisa Vanderpump...likes to stir the pot! Her fans still thinks she is innocent...but for me, and I stand by my own truth, she is really not! Lisa Rinna opened her eyes and saw the truth of Lisa V, which was very good! I don't understand why people trash her?????????? She was actually telling the truth! Anyway, I hope next season, we get Brandi, Camille and Adrienne back and lose Kat, Yo and Ho...hehe that's what the viewers are calling Yolanda and Erika....


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                Reunion Part 1

                I am utterly disgusted of what I saw today! Lisa Rinna was saying about Yolanda's problem in front of the group and Lisa Vanderpump denying it! Even if you don't see it, it DOES makes Lisa Rinna looked bad! Why? She was kissing Lisa Vanderpump ego! And poor Yolanda walked off the stage because she just did not want to hear the ugly words. More like bullying form I would say Even I was confused if Lisa Rinna was forced by Lisa V., to do this thing. I believe both are at fault! Shame on you ladies!

                And Kyle Richards, just because Faye is soo soo your best friend, DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS A GREAT PERSON! Her life was displayed in front of millions to judge her. Maybe I may be going overboard and cameras mislead people....okay, I may be a tiny sad for Faye. And Erika...I have to say, she is soo full of it but she is a great friend to Yolanda! Yolanda, was looking frail and Lisa Rinna does not want to get all the blame from her. And Lisa Vanderpump does not really care what really goes down at the reunion Like I said, she is a queen b in the town called Beverly Hills! Yolanda also talked about her divorce. She is still sad over it. And Kat.....I really don't want to see her back for the next season. Neither Erika....


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