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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 6)


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  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 6)

    I am excited for this season of RHOBH! I am not sure of the new woman or women, but we will see! Hopefully its a good season!...........I was also shocked to hear that Yolanda is divorcing David Foster! Thought they had a good relationship.....anyway, I will post soon!

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    Yeah, that was a HUGE shocker to me. She seemed so devoted to him. Maybe he couldn't take anymore of her health issues, which he signed up for when he said for better or for worse, right?


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      Ken was such a butt to mention that Yolanda looked terrible. What a first class jerk. She at least came to support Lisa and she stayed for awhile. So sorry you had to look at her face without makeup Ken Poor baby.


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        We have only just started getting on free to air here in Australia, they have started from Season & I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Tonight we have a double ep......very happy, We also have The Real Housewives of New Jersey......yikes!!!! also started from season 1. I think they heave been on Pay TV for while but I only have free to air.


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          I must admit that I was hoping Brandi and Kim Richards would be back on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
          Oh well.


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            Sorry if I am not been posting week after week...I thought the first episode of season 6 was watered down! I don't know why...nothing was exciting for me to tune in. And this franchise, does a poor job of getting the new women, even though they were spot on with Lisa and Eileen last year! I don't know if I would be liking the new women, but my mind changes after. It happened with Phaedra, Kenya from RHOA and Kristen from RHONY. I agree with the post above of me! Brandi should not have been let go!

            And I agree with another poster! Ken should not have said those things, but I think he was being realistic. Yolanda did not looked good, however, she did made the effort to join the table! Kudos to her!

            And I agree with another poster, David just did not want to deal with Yolanda's sickness or they had time commitment issues! Sad that their 4 years of marriage ended...


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              Second Episode

              Sorry if I am late again...and the same for episode 3. Going to give you highlights of the second episode.

              I did not know that Kyle is out on the skirts with her sisters. Then she does want to talk about it may mean that Kathy Hilton has a power over her sisters! Of course because she is married to one of the Hiltons. Hilton has the power and if Kyle's family is in major debt or something goes wrong, Kyle's family would want the Hilton family to help them....

              About Yolanda...I know many viewers does not like that Yolanda's business in public, but don't you want to hear her story?
              Anyway, those are the two highlights of this episode. I am not sure of the new woman. I think for this franchise, they do a poor job getting newbies, except for Lisa, Brandi and Eileen....


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                The New HW

                Erika Jayne is a trip. I've never seen her before and she is out there!

                Yolanda should have gotten off the show until she is healthy. No offense......... but she is not easy to watch and don't we all watch for entertainment?

                The little horses are just dumb. Horses in the city limits?


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                  I don't know if I talked about the 2 recent episodes.....The horses was lovely. I agree with the other post of Yolanda. Now she run by Lisa under the bus. Not really feeling this new housewive. And I agree with Ken. He will care for the pets because Lisa walks around the house as a queen. I wonder if Yolanda and David brought a new house in Malibu.....


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                    Well this episode was interesting. Yolanda talked that her two kids has Lyme Disease. She also introduced Erika, to the other housewives. She was displeased with Taylor & Lisa!

                    Erika also shocked the housewives with her husband, hehe. 76 is a bit to shock if she is 44!

                    Now, I see why Eileen prefers Y&R over Days! A sweet room to herself from CBS! I don't think she would be coming to Days any time soon.


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                      It's interesting how Kyle wants to shut down all talk of her family issues while continuing to be paid to do a show about your issues with others. Maybe she should quit.


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                        ^ I have yet to see the two episodes. I am being so lazy....I agree with you on Kyle! She does not want to bring her family up! I guess it's now a Hilton thing. No bad will make the Hilton looked jealous as hell.


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                          This is late.....Since Kim Richards is not on the show, she is the topic. She got arrested and Kyle was upset with it! Lisa Vanderpump was there for her but also wants juicy details. I kind of feel like Lisa wants to be in the middle of the situation and wants to give advice when Kyle or others don't want it.

                          Yolanda, went to the doctor to take her breast implants out! It was affecting her whole body of getting better...I think...Her now ex, David Foster, put his hand on her breast to say goodbye before the surgery....eww!!!

                          And the ladies went to the Hamptons. I am guessing to celebrate Lisa Vanderpump feature in Bella. A Hamptons magazine. All women was going to stay in the hotel, but Eileen had a problem. So did Kyle, so Kyle's hubby, rented her a mansion! And Kyle invited Eileen to stay. And Eileen invited Lisa Rinna as well! Eileen wrote a note to Lisa V., that they all be staying at the rented mansion. Lisa V., was not thrilled. That's because the party of Bella, was going to be held at the hotel in the Hamptons, that they supposed to stay! Anyway, that was the episode...
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                            So I knew that Lisa V., wants to be in the middle of other people's situations. She asked Eileen about her past husband and she felt uncomfortable with it! Eileen did addressed it to her but she got no reaction of sorry. Lisa V., should be focusing on building her relationship with Brandi...I am a bit surprised that Kyle is friends with Bethenny from RHONY. Bethenny comes off like a know it all....and she was judgmental of Erika....Honestly though....I really don't like this new housewife! Can we have Camille Grammer or Taylor back?......


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                              Eileen made me cry when she told the ladies that she has been abused in a previous relationship! Never thought could, because she has always been classy! She wanted to say this last year but Lisa Rinna & Kim Richards got into it!

                              Kyle opened up a pop up in The Hamptons in NY. Just to see if there is business booming in NY. Then she will open up in the city. I am thinking like, The Hamptons, isn't like the city and you don't know if you will succeed!

                              Yolanda did her surgery and she feels much better! Don't know of how long, since she got that disease. And then we meet Kathryn. OJ is a topic, she is too because Faye wrote about her in a book. Kyle asked Kathryn if she knew Faye, and she said no...but there was a bitterness there!

                              More is to come, since I am late!


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