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The Voice: Fall 2015


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  • The Voice: Fall 2015

    Anybody on soap central watch The Voice? I haven't seen any threads on it.

    I just finished watching night one of the live playoffs. It's weird watching the coaches now knowing that Gwen and Blake are a couple...

    ...anyway. Jordan Smith from Team Adam got the "pimp spot" and he absolutely killed it tonight ! Above and beyond the best performance of the night...maybe the season. JMO

    Can't wait to see Team Pharrell and Team Blake compete tomorrow night. Especially looking forward to Morgan Frazier from team Blake.

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    WOW.... Whata bloodbath on the Playoff results show!! There are so many good singers on each team. The winner this season will most likely be a guy considering how those votes went. In my opinion, off the top of my head, the only girl in contention is the 17-year-old on Pharrell's team. She's sooooo good.

    My favorite performance was the superman/Elvis dude on Blake's team; however, my favorite overall contestant is the slim dude on Pharrell's team (the one that likes singing for the seniors). SO much talent all across the boards.


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      I knew Jordan was a shoe in. Everybody knew that, but he delivered on the finale selections. I have to respect that he started strong and he got stronger and stronger with each week. He blew me away with "Mary, Did You Know"!! Congratulation, Jordan Smith.


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        I'm watching the Voice 5, 0216 and it is fantastic. Nearing the end and
        soooooooooo hard to decide the winner. They are all fantastic.
        Love it.


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          Sorry, should have said 2016.


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