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The Jacksons: Next Generation


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  • The Jacksons: Next Generation

    This show comes on Lifetime on Friday's on 10pm, I to check the schedule for this one. I thought this would have been good on E! Network and could have very well worked there! The show is not even bad...then again, its the first episode! The show tells about 3 sons of Tito Jackson. They also in the band called 3T. They had one time fame in the USA, but they were massively popular overseas. I had their first album and thought it was good. I did not understand why people did not catch onto them! They could have been great with their uncle and auntie.

    Well the show starts off that they all have families. Forget to mention their names, which are TJ, Taj and Taryll . They are all fathers to their kids. Taryll, is the one who wants the group 3T, to make a second album...which I thought they did, but is overseas. The other guys are too busy or something. Taryll is frustrated because he wanted to focus on his solo stuff. Plus he did shared that when he had a problem in the past, he could talk to his mother and Michael Jackson. Now he can't because both are gone and its very hard on him...He really needs Jesus for sure! Taj wants to do a documentary on their famous uncle. And TJ, well he wants to be a part of his own family. He really does not care about re-joining the group and he is a bit harsh on Taryll on the weight issues! Hello TJ! Taj is big too, you know.

    Anyway, I want to see if their second show lives up to the first episode hype.

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    I really like the Jackson family and I do watch this show. It's a shame what being a "Jackson" has done to most of their whole family. Do any of these three men have college educations?? Do ANY of that generation have college educations?? I know the Jackson money is long, but dang!!! EVERYBODY can't be successful on wax. I know music is the driving force in that family, but, if you can't write ONE song a year, or poop out after completing a project, then this is not the place for you. The world moves on while you are still trying to put on buckles and craft a curly Q on your forehead....

    All three brothers are cool, but if I have to choose one character on the show to dislike, it's that "partner" of a girlfriend that just wants to spend money. She is something else... and she's IN THERE because she has at least two kids by this man. Titto should have encouraged his sons to go to school! Do the music after school, and on the weekends, but GO TO SCHOOL!


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      I believe all three of them went to school! I read it somewhere. Maybe got a education in music.


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