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    January 17, 2016

    Aunt Loree, SHOULD have been a major influence to her sister! No excuse to ignore her daughter! Nor did Kenya wanted to bring up the past! There is a underlying problem here!

    Glad that Nene and Cynthia can work it out!

    Kim should have stayed home with her kids, if she was not ready for Washington DC...


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      I have a bit of concern with Kim Field's No Makeup Party! When her friend came over and told her that most women are without makeup at home, the show started showing Porsha, Phaedra, & Kenya with makeup And I said, "This is not going to work for these ladies, Kim". Really! Those girls likes to glam themselves up! The party was okay but what Kim should have done, put the party in the Spa where the ladies can enjoy! That would have been a real treat and Miss Kenya Moore, would not have been insulted! I am sure that Kim Fields mean no harm! Now working with Kenya on Cynthia's eyewear advertising, Kim was not thrilled! She showed up to Cynthia's meeting. Cynthia also asked Kenya, but she was a no show! Cynthia was a bit upset that Kenya was not there for her, but she showed highly interest in Kim Fields! And by the way, Kim Fields is professional when it comes to work! Cynthia was impressed by that! Cynthia also asked Kim, if she liked working with Kenya on the eyewear line, and she was frank about it! Kim is a team player but does not like negative environment! And believe me, Kenya does have a negative vibe! She thinks she knows it all....Mmmm Hmm....Anyway, next week, I think there is tension with Kim Fields and her husband! I guess her life is not soo sweet, after all!


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        This episode, DID NOT DISAPPOINT! NO WAY! I can't really explain it because it was that darn good! Cynthia invited her so called friends or co workers to Jamaica to shoot her eyewear video! She chose Kim Fields for it...because she was professional enough to be on time to her meeting, if you saw in the last episode! Cynthia wanted to tell Kenya of the plans of going with Kim, and that she changed her mind of asking Kenya to be working along side with Kim Fields. Kenya was clearly upset and let Cynthia have it at their next meeting in Jamaica...along with Kim Fields! Then she turned on Kim Fields, which was not her fault at all. After that, things became very tense with Cynthia and Kenya. Also with Kim Fields too! You can see how frustrated or better yet, shaken she really was!

        Then later, Cynthia surprised her friends with Nene and Greg showing up! It was powerful and got more powerful when Porsha said to Nene that Cynthia was best friends with Kenya! Even Kenya thought Cynthia was her best buddies. Apparently, Cynthia was side ways along the best friend topic! Clearly Cynthia was working on her friendship with Nene and wanted to side with her. The next day, Sheree went to see Nene. Info was exchanged about Cynthia I think. Went to see Kenya, told of the info, along with the info I said that she thought of Cynthia as best buddies. Kenya was upset again and confronted Cynthia! Cynthia told Kenya that she and her are a work in process but Nene is still her best bud. Kenya said something like that Nene will backstabbed her in the front and don't go crying to her...I think...

        Anyway, next week will look more interesting! I don't know what happens between Cynthia and Nene.....and I thought there were some insight of what Kim Fields husband did???? Is the preview playing games with me????


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          Shady Sunday is the theme for BRAVO's Housewives Shows! Oh yes, this show did not disappoint today...or I would say, yesterday! First, I would like to say that last preview of this show threw me off! I thought Nene walks away from Cynthia! But boy was I wrong of my girl! Nene stepped it up for Cynthia to tell Kenya that Cynthia was upset of their last conversation of friendships! I believe Cynthia was not strong enough to admit that her friendship with Kenya was real! Kenya, on the other hand, was pissed off that Kim was helping with Cynthia's product! Kenya, if you were at the meeting back in Atlanta, you would have enjoyed in this project too! Its your fault that you were boy toying at your broked up house to be fixed! Her man got hazed by Peter! I believe Peter was jealous that this guy was built and he was not!

          I am disappointed in Kenya though! She told the girls about Kim's hubby being gay! And the next day, all women was talking about how great her husband was I don't know about Sheree. She basically told Kim the truth and the girls looking at her with such hate in their eyes. Oh Sheree I guess this is called Shady Sundays! Next week is supposed to get more interesting.

          The highlight of this episode was that Kenya's boy toy, told her that her boobs looks nice.....yikes was more like it! Oh my here! It was too funny.........


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            This episode never failed me! Nene and Phaedra was helping Kim how to school read Kenya Moore! In the end, thought Kenya was hesitant enough to say I am sorry to Kim, but she did! And she also apologized to Cynthia, which was cool! Have to say that this trip that the housewives in every season, was good! Very good! Next week is the Oscars, that means, NO HOUSEWIVES FOR NEXT WEEK! I still have to catch up on RHOP aka Real Housewives of Potomac. And I saw the RHOD aka Dallas that will be out in two months! I don't believe I can handle more housewives!


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              Well Kenya's house was looking good than ever before It still needs a lot of work! Her love life is also looking good ...Her 29 years old boy toy has lots of common in a 44 years old woman future plans. I guess it will work and I sees this! I just hope Kenya can keep a man and not lie that it was her friend or stranger who wanted to be on this show.

              Phaedra let her boys see their father....She also again brought up divorce but he did not wanted to divorce her. On the side note, I feel like there is something more to this relationship. I feel like Phaedra is the one, who let her man go to jail. She was of course knew of the stealing process...she could have went to jail. That may be the reason why he is not letting her go!

              Anyway next week is the conclusion to this finale....I really want to see more! I guess I have to wait until next season. Next week, something explosive is going to come out...I guess it has to do with Kandi and Phaedra. I just hope their friendship is not ruined. Well Phaedra DID came to Kandi's baby birth in the hospital. Or I should say the after party of the birth.


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                Season Finale

                The Season Finale has me in questions of Phaedra! The reason is....the feds should be after her, but she already twisted around so she won't get herself in trouble, giving her a bad name. Plus, of who would take care of her children since they are too young. Anyway, here is what went down....

                - Phaedra planned and hosted a Christmas party. She enlisted Dwight in the party planning....

                - Kenya's man got her two dogs! Twirl and King....She was also a Grinch at the party. She also thinks that Phaedra called the feds to get her husband things from Kandi and Cynthia.

                - Kandi and Todd visited the grave of his mother. Talked about the unborn boy that is named after her.

                - Dwight and NeNe talked about for the first time at Phaedra's party.

                - Nice that Kim Fields extended her help to Phaedra I wonder what she will say about what Phaedra said about her at the reunion....oops...

                - Kandi has her eye out for Phaedra because of the "rumor".....

                ^ Anyway, those were the highlights.........
                Last edited by tiff5555; March 13, 2016, 10:38 PM. Reason: Forgot to include Kim Fields


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                  My Thoughts of This Season

                  Grade: A+

                  This season was the blast! It was interesting and I thought it would fail because of no NeNe. But I do have to say, Kenya replaced NeNe, as the villain of this show! I was happy to see Sheree! Sad that she did not had that peach! Phaedra was in high spirits and her bond with Porsha tighter than with Kandi! Kandi was pregnant and Todd got along with her mother in the first time ever! He is involved with her family to open the restaurant. I am wondering if that is in the works. Kenya finally has her sad that she and her mother never got any opening or closure! NeNe was back in action and was surprised that Cynthia and her was working on their friendship! Oh yes, it was a delight, I would say! Glad that Porsha got her peach back! I wonder if she was still with her Latin man. Kim Fields, I was worried about her, but she knew how to handle herself with the ladies!...Anyway, this season did not disappoint! I am looking forward to the reunion! I don't normally comment on the reunion, BUT THIS ONE I WILL!


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                    Lets Go Talk About The Ladies: First with Phaedra Parks!

                    The question is: Did Phaedra Call The Feds on Cynthia and Kandi?

                    This is what I tend to looks like both Apollo and Phaedra was in trouble! And she did not wanted her name to be in bad ways or tarnished from the society in Atlanta! Somehow she bargain with her husband that he goes to jail for EVERYTHING Now that the feds were looking for his things, they may have pinned it on Phaedra that she too, could be in trouble if she did not followed the laws. I feel like Phaedra wants to keep things out of the limelight, but I feel that something is brewing that she does not want everyone to find out.........BUT WAIT, THEY ACTUALLY DID! I AM A LIVING PROOF BECAUSE I SAID IT HERE!

                    Besides of all of this, I like how Phaedra befriended Kim Fields. I don't know of what intentions but they were lovely together and she did helped Kim to find her groove balance with family, her own time and her career! I am hoping that they can be life long friends but I am not too sure based on the reunion this upcoming Sunday. Sometimes, friendships can get ruined. She and Kandi are prime examples! I don't know if Kandi and her that close no more. It is clear from Kandi, that she feels that Phaedra is shady. And its also surprising that Phaedra is that good friends with Porsha! I have to hand it to Porsha too, that she got out of some dump and saw that there is more to life than Kordell
                    Anyway, I hope to see more of Shade Phaedra on the next season!


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                      Kenya Moore

                      I have to say that she is the biggest villain in this whole cast! I thought a tough act was to be followed after Nene was gone! Glad that Kenya stepped it up! And am glad that she actually found a man who would actually cater to her. I don't know how Matt, if that's his name can handle her. But hey, I am glad. She was also the one who brought Kim Fields into the girl group but their friendship just fled away like the waves to the Atlantic Ocean. Looks like Kenya can't handle someone to her level of standards. Kim Fields can sure handle hers! Kenya was also jealous that Cynthia chose Kim to work more on the eyewear line. What else is there....I felt bad that her mother could not meet her and resolve the issue of abandoning her. I am surprised of how her aunt who is her sister support THAT? Her sister should put things into perspective with Kenya's mother of Kenya. Kenya is acting out because her mother did not told her right from wrong! Being strong and hiding it, does not do good, boo boo Kenya Anyway, I will leave it like that!


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                        Kim Fields

                        I thought Kim was interesting addition to this girl group gang. And she handled it on her own with class. Seems that everyone is forgetting that...including Phaedra Parks! Sure, there was adjustments to this, but so far, Kim is coming left and right with her emotions. I liked how she and Phaedra became friends. Am hoping it lasts unlike Kandi. She also stood ground with Kenya, but I think she will do more at the reunion which I am seeing now. I have a whole lot to say about the reunion. Something seems fishy or its well known when you put a bunch of girls together, someone who owns the show, gives ideas to throw. Uh huh....Anyway, I am disgusted by Phaedra Parks of what she did to Kandi and Cynthia. Obviously she knows about this legal issues because she is in it! Come on Phaedra, don't lie to us!


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                          Reunion Part 1

                          I don't know where to begin. I thought Kandi and Phaedra was cool. But I guess it looks like the cameras are making them close but off camera, they are not. I thought they were real friends, but you know how the producers wants you to do, to keep the ratings high. Not that I don't mind because I loved this season every bit of it! Phaedra was still talking about Kandi's man Todd and the checks that she is not giving him. Kandi got real protective of Todd, and glad that she did! Clearly you see that they are lovey dove in their relationship and the fact that Todd drank Kandi's breast milk that he was feeding to his son. He said it taste sweet....oh my, what nature does for human beings. It was nasty to me but the ladies liked it, a lot. Kenya, stop denying it! Clearly Kandi and Phaedra may not be friends after this. Phaedra did not knew about her hubby stuff because he told Peter and Todd to store them. Come on Phaedra, you knew and wanted to pin after those families. I still say that she may be involved in Apollo's bullcrap. Was going to say, sh**t, but not sure if its allowed here. So I have to respect the boards.

                          Then it went to Kenya and Kim Fields and oh boy....THAT WAS THE JUICEST OF ALL! Clearly those ladies could not see eye to eye. And Porsha DID defended Kim to Kenya of the way that Kenya was acting. And yes, Ms. Kenya Moore, you are a truly a bully! You got to Porsha and trying to get to Kim Fields. You even got to Andy Cohen, but if you think he would not kick you out, you may have a thing coming! He can replace you with Sheree, WHO WAS THERE, and Nene, since she got nothing going on for the hot moment! Andy is a tricky one, I would say! Don't mess with Andy who feeds you money, Ms. Kenya Moore!

                          Anyway, looking forward to next week! I have to say that this part, was juicy...or wait, I already said that! Well.......see you next time!


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                              Kim Fields Leaves The Show

                              I am soo sad to hear that Kim Fields says that she is over of this show I thought there would be another season of her in it! I guess Andy, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE PEACH TO OUR LOVELY SHEREE!


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                                HOT RUMOR & Reunion 2

                                I heard that Nene and Kim Z., may be back for season 9 of RHOA!!!! If this is true, I WOULD BE TUNING IN! I am sad that Kim Fields is leaving...It was very funny when Andy talked to Sheree about Kim Z hair pulling and Kim Fields thought it was her, LOL. It also looks like more issues from Cynthia and Porsha over the recent fighting on the boat! And I knew Andy was going to go there for Phaedra's son! In the end, Andy talked about Tammy's nephew! Phaedra made a point that it was Kenya's fault, which it was that the boy was hyped towards her. However, Kandi shut it down and said that regarding what happened, the boy had a mouth and his legal issues, so it was not Kenya's fault. Phaedra had nothing to say! The conclusion is this Sunday...See you then!


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