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  • Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Bravo did a TV advertising on RHOA....its airing in November 8th at 8pm (I think). Sadly, Nene won't be on the show but it looks promising though ........

    The returning ladies are:

    Kenya Moore
    Phaedra Parks
    Kandi Burress
    *Sheree Whitfield returns as well!!!!! Yay!, my all time favorite housewife!

    New Girl in the House:

    Kim Fields

    I am looking forward to seeing this season! The preview looks trashy but exciting!

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    I know this is the week or upcoming Sunday that the Housewives of Atlanta starts! Before I write for the whole season...I was surprise that Kim Fields joined this show! She said that she was not going to join it...but here she is! Also heard that Nene, is back for few episodes, as a friend, not as a castmate. I do have to say...Nene reminds me of the white version of Bethenny Franklin...Why? Because of the success and one day, coming back as full time to the show...if its still around! This ought to be a good season!


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      I don't watch this anymore, but I will say I'm glad Nene's back! She is favorite of mine and I get the feeling that it's boring without her.


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        From what I read last Nene will be back during the season. I read that she wanted to be on Beverly Hills Housewives. It doesn't look like she will be on there.
        Her attitude really stinks and I don't care for her.


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          First Episode

          Sorry if I am way late to talk about this show! Saw the first episode of the season. I thought to myself, how am I going to watch this show when there is no main leader…talking about Nene. Apparently, the cast did well over the years, that I believe the show can survive without Nene! Looks like Kenya, fit well in to deserve her crown this year as the main leader of this season!

          The show started off of Kandi and Todd, going to the doctor to see their unborn baby! Kandi is pregnant and excited to have a kid. Hoping it’s a boy! It also seems that Kandi is on the outskirts of her friendship with Phaedra. Phae and Porsha are now “bestie bestie”. Cynthia’s marriage is in trouble! Papa Smuf has been cheating around! Kenya brought a foreclosure home, and its not in a good shape! She is now neighbors to the soon to be Sheree. She also did not moved into the house, due to financial reasons! At Cynthia’s party of her new business venture for her sun eyewear, Kenya and Sheree was fighting. Plus Kenya and Marlo, got into argument with Peter, aka Papa Smuf. Kenya told Peter, to treat his lady with respect. And he did not liked that. Anyway, the current episode has been taped onto my DVR, and I will write about the second episode soon!

          I have to say though, I am excited for this season!


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            Originally posted by He'sAliveToday View Post
            I don't watch this anymore, but I will say I'm glad Nene's back! She is favorite of mine and I get the feeling that it's boring without her.
            You should watch THIS SEASON! ITS GOOD!!!!


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              Second Episode

              Highlights of the second episode:

              - We got to see Kim Fields and what she has been doing! She has a lovely husband and two boys! She wants to be the only girl in her family, which means, no girls! Kenya gave her the tape of her first episode. I am still wondering if that will ever go through. It is more like a movie to me, then the show, hmm…

              - Peter does not want any confrontation of what happened to him! And Cynthia is soo upset. Then again, her sister brought something up which is very useful when in a relationship. Or it can break one it self!

              - Sheree visited Kandi at the Kandi’s store, TAGS. They were discussing about Kenya and if she is always like that! In the tea store, Phae and Cynthia also visited. Surprising though, but it seems bygones be bygones, but still, Phae can not forget!

              - Now, I don’t know whats up with Porsha! She threw a party for her boyfriend! Her boyfriend seems less interested and wanted to get away! It is clearly, that this relationship is not going to work out! Porsha, get it together!

              - Phae and Kandi finally talked! Finally hashed things, but Don Jon, still believes Phae is shady!


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                The major highlight of the show was Kenya and Cynthia!

                Kenya, was launching her hair product line. The problem with this was, the party that she created, did not sit well for the people who got invited to the event. The place was hot and the products, was not fully developed! One of the person said it was water in the product and wanted to drink it, instead of use it for her hair. Yep, big red flag for Kenya, was not have time to sit down and fully focus of whats goes into her products. She also made up with Sheree. Good good....

                Cynthia, well, she and Peter talked and is willing to fight for their marriage. She has the right idea of a divorce. The problem is, she really has not fully thought, of what her relationship would be like with Peter. Sure she has a intelligent mind with Peter, but if she really is not into Peter, why did she bother to get married? She did told her sister, which may be to aired or has been cut out that she does not like Peter, when he is naked. Wendy Williams also gossiped on this and I do agree with her, Peter would be crushed with his self esteem. Then again, its really life and sex really sells. I think Cynthia, should have found someone, her own age. Not someone, who is older and expected to die soo soon....ouch, did I say that? Well, thats the truth....


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                  Thought this episode was on fire! I had to laugh at Porsha…she got dressed up for her man for the webcam, but he was a no show and full of excuses. Porsha had no signal that her man, is just not into her.

                  I liked the starting of the friendship of Phae and Kim Fields. Phae thought Kim would be all glamours, but is more down to earth.

                  Thought Cynthia’s blond friend, was just crazy…she knew what shade really was and then asking Kandi to sign her boy to Kandi’s label. Kandi was like, huh and ran away.

                  Now with Porsha and Cynthia fighting on the boat…now that’s interesting and was the highlight of the show! And Kandi did not know that Kenya was best friends with Cynthia. The whole show made my night…can’t wait for more!


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                    12-6-2015 Episode

                    Today's episode, WAS GOOD!!!! This is the best episode out of entire franchise shows, EVER!!!! Looks like Cynthia and Porsha somehow made up! Kim Fields, felt in question of the other ladies. Kandi pointed out something real to Kenya at the end of the show! Kenya feels that she is right, but have to say, Kandi was telling the truth! I also felt with Porsha and Kenya conversation, did not go soo good because Kenya felt like, a self entitlement of telling the truth. Anyway, next week is going to be good!


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                      Have to say that this season, this show is bringing it! Its interesting that Tammy, the one with the blond braids who acts ghetto, has a white husband. I wonder if she bosses him around! She could have been the next great addition to the Housewives if they permit it!
                      Thought Kim Fields was right in what she was saying at the dinner table in Miami! She stung it to Kenya. Kenya, shouldn’t be the one messing with her! Did I say I liked Phae and Kim’s friendship! I sure do!

                      Now, at the end of the episode, Tammy invited her two people in her family on the boat. And Kenya was interested in one of them that she snapped her fingers at him and he did not liked it! LOL! Can’t wait for next week!


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                        This episode, WAS THE BEST EPISODE IN THE ENTIRE OF THE HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISE! The thug nephew was not having it with Kenya when she was throwing him and his other nephew out the door! Kandi also became uncomfortable around him too. Kim Fields later left that situation. I know some are saying that Kim is a boring housewives, but she has a smart mouth, I believe she can handle around the girls!

                        I also don't know, whats up with Kenya's new house. It seems like a broken box that can't be fixed! It should be demolished and start all over again. But as we know, Kenya does not have the money! Nor does she wants to spend because she knows when BRAVO would give her a boot!

                        I thought this season, would be boring because of our girl Nene, but they are doing just fine! Can't wait for the next week episode! The next one, would be boring, unlike this one.........


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                          I thought this episode was boring. But it had two highlights! Kenya playing basketball with her date. Something low key. And Phaedra taking her kid to school. That was touching to me! This upcoming week, it will sure be on fire!


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                            Jan. 3th 2016

                            I thought Kandi getting pissed off with Posha, would be good! It was but Posh, wants to be in her life! Of Phae, I believe she is playing games! She should be in jail with her husband! She was a part of his scheme. I can't wait to see Kenya confronts her mother....thats next week.


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                              Jan. 10th 2016

                              There was two main highlight of this episode! Mama Joyce going to Phaedra to fix her friendship with her daughter and of course, Kenya's family reunion. As much I want to talk about Mama Joyce....the Kenya's one, is by far, in question! Kenya has planned a family reunion in Detroit, Michigan. She wanted her father side and mother side to come together for a new beginning, I think. She also wanted to reach out to her mother as well, again. She also has a support of her aunt, Loree. She did came with her to Michigan, but not to the family gathering, which is now in question.

                              Aunt Loree...I am hearing now that she is the sister to Kenya's mother So if she is, then she is a powerful tool to get her sister, to reconnect to her daughter, Kenya! Why isn't she? I understand that Kenya's mother, is full of scar due to her family not wanting others to know of the fallen disgrace, but if her sister, Loree, is able to have a connection with Kenya, why can't she, come to her senses and talk to her kid. Even Kenya's father was saying its time to face her problems and talk to her daughter. Kenya just wants to new beginnings. Yeah, she has questions for her mother, but she wants to move on and start again!

                              Kenya's father, well, he did not wanted to go, but he went for her daughter...that's a big improvement right there! Next week, I am interested to hear what her aunt says! Her stupid sister calling her to stop Kenya, from talking to her...I mean Loree has no reason to be mad at Kenya! She should be the one to talk to her sister because like I said, is a powerful tool. Anyway, I am done for now....


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