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  • DVF.......Season 2

    Who's watching DVF on E!??????......I'll be back for what I thought of this episode!

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    I thought first episode of season 2, was scattered around. The show got the candidates from East coast and West coast...I think I got the picture that Diane wants the bests of out the best. Clearly I was disappointed in the brand that they decided not to pick the contestants that the recent Ambassador Britney chose. A male and a mother. A male contestant, would have showed that he can hang out with the fashion people of DVF. Sure the male guy was sloppy with the results, but Diane and her employees could have helped him out later. Clearly, Diane was not fashion forward ready for a male to be a ambassador of DVF. The mother though, had some fashion sense. I don't know why Diane cut her loose. Was it for her child? Yeah! But sure does not give a right to cut her loose!

    Right now I see Cat as the leader of the pack that was featured today! Here is the final contestants who made it in DVF Ambassador Program:

    - Hanna Beth
    - Leigh
    - Cat
    - Chantal
    - Cree
    - Maytee


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      September 20th

      Obviously, there is a lot going on I am going to narrow down to want I saw was meaningful. Kat thinks she is the best one for this company. Clearly its there! She is looking sidelines to most of the girls, except for Chantal. Remember where Chantal came from...Vogue that is! Diane wanted the girls to take pictures of what the brand meant to them or like in their eyes. When they came back for presenting and did present, Diane chose Leigh and Kat to come with her to Paris because she was guest editor of some magazine in France. She did wanted to take Cree, because of her design work from the presentation, but she thought she would be perfect with the other girls for their next project.

      In Paris, its obvious, Kat likes to be demanding and chirping every second she got! Even Diane saw that. Leigh though, was quiet. And quite frankly, I see something of myself in Leigh which is that people in life will walk all over you! Leigh should speak up and take control of her life wheel! Otherwise, she won't have the opportunity in DVF! Diane talked to her about that later one on one.

      Then there was a showing of DVF's collection in Paris. Jessica Joffe, Style Editor, started to observe Kat and Leigh in action talking to other guest about the collection. She saw Kat over talking when Leigh had something to say. And she scolded her Its a life lesson to be learned for Kat! Diane though, guessing looking for how the girls are doing. She does not know that Kat's behavior, is not soo good. I believe in the next episode, Diane says something to her....


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        DVF,DVF? I watch a whole lot of TV, but what is DVF?


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          Originally posted by tvaddict4965 View Post
          DVF,DVF? I watch a whole lot of TV, but what is DVF?
          DVF is fashion competition show on E! Network. It comes on at 10pm Eastern at the moment! It used to be at 9pm but since they are showing The Kardashian 4 part thing and Dash Dolls, it moved to 10pm. DVF is a brand clothing company...I would say for the rich people. Its high with Chanel, Louie Vuitton, Prada, & Miu Miu. Don't know if you are interested in this show, but its good show to watch, if you are into fashion


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            September 27th

            Last week, I may not have understood where the girls stand. But this week, I can tell it better!

            Hanna Beth, her engagement is off but she is sad. Okay, but she is young to get into a relationship in and think its the one. Maybe its the guy's fault...She is crying at DVF company, and that does not look good when in the work environment.

            Kat got her scolding from Diane. Jessica, Style Editor, saw her talking down at Leigh when in the showroom with other important people. I thought Diane was going to send her home, but decide to get her another shot! One thing I don't like about Kat is that she thinks she knows it all and can tell what you are doing is wrong. Other contestants in next week show sees that of her. I don't feel sorry for Kat

            Cree....she can draw real fashion!!!!!!! But took it the opposite way! Diane is keeping her because she loves how Cree draws...

            Alli & Maytee.....I felt bad for Maytee when Diane took them to CFDA Awards! Maytee thought to go the extra mile and take pictures and send them to Diane, so she can put it up on the website. But thats not what Diane wanted! She just wanted them to enjoy the show and get some inspiration of being in the fashion world. When Diane told her and Alli to explain of why they should be here, Maytee just did not say that she will learn and grow from this experience. Basically she said that she was honored to be at this program that Diane made, which is to mentor them and make one of them into a fashion ambassador for one year. Maytee did said that she tried a internship in Miami in one of the DVF store, but turn her down. Diane said to try again, which makes me think...maybe she would get in or maybe not which is a sad thing.

            Whats more sad is that Maytee dressed better than Alli! Diane is not sure of Alli! Alli did said the right things to Diane of wanting to stay.....I think Alli is the next person to go! I just don't see her fit well with Diane and her team


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              October 4th

              On this episode, Diane wanted the girls to be involved in her eye-wear. There was this expo coming up and she wanted the girls to know about how to sell eye-wear to the customers. There were some bitch cattiness going on with the one or two girls in the group. We know Kat is a know it all type The girls already told her that less is great, instead of more. I guess it went from Kat to Cree. Cree felt insecure with the girls, did not follow the rules of selling, and she quit the program in the end. Diane did say that selling is the big thing if becoming a ambassador.

              P.S. I thought Ally from the Valley was going home! Maybe its her next week!


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                October 11th

                The episode starts off that Hanna Beth’s ex fiancé says negative things about them in the press. Its all over the tabloids. The girls are talking about it, and so are some of the employees. It gets Diane attention and she wants to talk to her about it. Meanwhile, the girls really wants to know whats going with Hanna Beth and her ex fiancé. Hanna Beth does not want to talk about it and runs off. Leigh gets emotional and Cat keys in on her and uses that against her. She thinks Leigh is the biggest fan of Hanna Beth. Of Hanna Beth, the reason why she has many Instagram followers is because of her ex fiancé. Which is very very true! And of course she blogs too and have a sense of style.

                Diane finally talks to Hanna Beth and she breaks down. She says that her ex fiancé brought her down and she wanted to somehow help him, but could not. She also said that she had to walk away from the relationship. Then she talked about being bullied in school and being different. Diane saw something special through her discussion of her life. Anyway, all was well again and both women decided to see World Trade Center Memorial. For me personally, it was sad to see and have very strong mixed feelings of the memorial.

                The girls had a project to do. Which was which place they would style themselves. They had to pick dresses from DVF to be shot by the camera in the location. Since the locations were far away. They had to pick each location in NYC that had that place vibe. Jessica Joffee, was very particular on Alli, because she dresses, unusually and not accordingly to DVF brand. I actually liked how Jessica tries to help Alli. In the end, the girls shoot their location with the camera.

                After that, the girls were brought back to the DVF store, where the other project they have been working on, which is designing their clothes, came to live. Diane liked most of them except for Leigh and Chantal. Then the girls should the shoot location photos. Diane was not impressed with certain girls. In the end, Diane eliminated Chantal due to the jewelry wear on the back. Remember, Chantal is a jewelry assistant at Vogue. Diane gave her a personal card and that she is welcomed back to DVF headquarters that Diane is located in. I thought it was sweet. Anyway, I felt bad for Chantal.


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                  October 18th

                  Today’s show was juicy and a bit in doubt. The show started off as saying goodbye to Chantal. Now I thought she would take the cake and be the ambassador for DVF! Apparently, Diane is strict in her design work or something. Chantal was talented and could have given more as a Brand Ambassador.

                  …..Well, after the goodbyes, the girls are instructive to go to Boston, MA, and promote DVF in the cute Fiat Cars. And then, open a pop up shop of DVF and merchandise the store. The girls was slow with the fixing the store, before opening it. One of the employees, can’t remember her name, came in and was really upset that the girls was not 123 with fixing the store. With her help, the store was open to the public! The reason of this challenge, I would say, was to test the girls of the sales. Hanna Beth was shy, but she came out of her shell and sold clothes to the customers. Alli, did well, but I still think, she does not fit into DVF standard. Nope, sorry! Cat was stealing sales, two of girls blab to the employee of DVF. That employee, told Diane! Diane was upset with Cat, but somewhere, in her heart, she actually liked how aggressive Cat really is. She had a talk with Cat, in which Cat realized of what she was doing to herself, is a eye opener! The news of Cat, was a gossip at DVF! The employees knew, and Jessica Joffe told straight to Cat, of her behavior! Cat was not happy and now thinks, DVF does not like her!
                  Anyway, the show ended with Leigh going home! Leigh somehow resented the fact that Cat did not went home before her. Honestly though, I would pick Cat, any day over Leigh. Its because the way Cat carries herself. Oh god, I hope I am not wrong!


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                    October 25th

                    The highlighted show of DVF today:

                    - Hanna Beth coming out of the shell and interviewing Naomi Campbell!
                    - Cat being scrolled by Jessica Joffe
                    - Hanna Beth mother was the cool one here
                    - Alli did not followed her plans for what she was supposed to do

                    The interesting part of the this show was, Diane let the girls battle out of who wants the job and she also said it in Alli’s face that she thought that Alli would not come this far!!!! This does not surprise me at all!

                    My thoughts of the show…I don’t believe Alli is a right fit for the job! I don’t see it! Cat, she knows it all and how to carry herself, but most importantly, fits in this company! Diane has her back! Hanna Beth, um…even though she did a good job with the interviews in United Nations, I don’t believe she is a right fit for this store. I believe Chantal should have been there, instead of Alli and Hanna Beth!


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                      Season Finale

                      I did not know that yesterday, would be DVF season finale! Well the girls challenge was to get a lunch party together and do a presentation of why they would be a right fit for this company! Alli was in charge of the decorations for the lunch party! Cat was in charge of the music. I don’t know what Hanna Beth was in charge for. She brought art to the lunch though. During the preparation, Alli got the wrong outfit or shoes for DVF. And the decorations was not on point, because Diane was upset with that. The table was not right too, but like what Tim Gunn says, “Make It Work”.

                      During the party, Hanna Beth made presentation that Diane was impressed with! But there was a bump in her presentations, first one of the employees who saw the presentation, thought Hanna Beth should not be showing the work that the 3 girls made during one of the episodes. Second, it looked like Hanna Beth wanted to claim that the singer that Cat brought, was her idea. I just did not liked that!

                      After that, the next day, was the Met Gala! Diane was going to take the winner to the Met Gala…but before that, she had to make the decision of the 3 girls! She chose Hanna Beth! The reason of this, and I believe too, is that she wanted to take a unknown girl, and make her into the DVF type! I do have to say though, I saw the impression on Cat’s face! Yeah, she may be a know it type of the girl, but Diane chose the different route! So don’t sweat it Cat! Alli was gracious of her reject…


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                        What I Thought of This Season.....

                        What did I thought of this season???? I thought it was on a boring side. Could have been a better choices of girls! I have to say that the ones that stood out of the competition was Cat and Chantal! I was impressed that Chantal did not made it to the very end! I thought Alli, just don’t know the brand! And Hanna Beth, sure she was a fashion blogger, but in no way was she into fashion. I saw her Instagram…even when she is elegant in her dresses, something about her is very gothic! Do you want that in DVF to represent…a gothic girl? I thought DVF was elegance….not gothic look, if they are going in. I swear, Cat should have been a better choice for the company! Diane may have not chosen her due to the fact that her employees, were not fond of her! So Cat, you did yourself a big mistake. Anyway, I hope there is a season 3!


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