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  • BGC: Back For More

    I wonder if anyone watches The Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Channel?

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    I wished I would have started to write this few weeks ago...Normally, when I watch the next season of BGC, I am not used to the girls, but at the end of the show, I am! This cast though, its surprising that how much I am in tune to these girls. So, here are the names of these girls.

    - Jela (She is a wannabe Beyonce in my opinion)
    - Kat (She's gay and a tomboy)
    - Jasmine
    - Lauren (A hillbilly type of girl)
    - Tina
    - Shannon & Shannade (Twins)


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      Recap of Things

      As I can see...Jela and the twins has bonded together. Jela is very snotty and she really wants to be in the entertainment world. I think she can be, but we will have to wait and see...Jasmine, Lauren, Tina and Kat has also bonded. Jasmine also has some issues about being black. Lauren is a total hillbilly. I don't know what to think of Tina and Kat is gay.
      Lauren has issues with Jela and the twins. And Jela thinks that they should bow down to her. And the twins are in their own world has well and wants to do the same like Jela.

      Today's episode: September 1st

      Jasmine had her birthday with the girls. It was not as funky as the twins birthday party which was last week on the show. Jasmine somehow wanted to help Tina, because she lost her card for the club. Jasmine met this guy who would get all of them into the club. Gave her the number and she told Tina to hold it. Somehow the number got lost and then things went out of control. Eventually Jasmine found the number but was pissed off. She got into the fight with one of the twins in the limo. The security guard place Jasmine in another van to go home.

      When the girls got home, there was another fight, but eventually Jasmine said sorry. She also talked to Jela, cuz she is butting heads with her too. The twins who does not like Jasmine, was upset with Jela. They also argue but Jela told them in the end, that they are friends and should not fight. All is forgiven.

      The next day, Jela decides that Tina should go home. Throws all of her things out and locks the door. Kat is with her outside with her too. Kat wanted to go to the bathroom, but could not, so she started to smash the windows to get in. As for Tina, she gave up fighting and went home. Forgot to mention that Lauren and Jasmine was out shopping in Wal-Mart. When they came home, Jela told them that Tina went home.

      Jasmine then decided to move in with Lauren. Got all of her stuff out of the room that she shares with Kat. Kat seems upset. But that night, Lauren decides to tell Kat that she wanted to throw her out of the house instead of Tina, but now realizes that she is cool and Tina was boring. (In the prior episode, Lauren told Jasmine that Kat had to go). Kat, who now knows of the new info, is mad and pissed off as hell. Start to throw things around. She thought Lauren and Jasmine was her friends, but clearly they may not be.

      ...I don't know if Kat may be around next week but there is a new girl coming that the twins may not like! We will see how this new girl is. So stay tuned for next week when I talk more about these ladies...


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        September 10th

        Sorry if I am late in this. Had to DVR it because was not on the timer. Lets see what happened:

        Kat was crazy but calmed down. Then there is a new girl, Jenna. She fit well with Lauren, Jasmine and Kat. Jenna called the twins, a "Victor twins copy". (The Victor twins was previously on the show before). One of the twins, did not liked it and started to fight Jenna. The Jela had to step in, which turn into another fight the next day. Jela threw out the girl's Vodka. Then after replace the vodka and apologize to her. It was after the producers said no fighting. Now, Jasmine wants to kick the twins out...we will see the next time....


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          September 15th

          Today's episode was something....I really did not had to see the twins, spots on their faces. Clearly they are not lovely without makeup. I think when they were younger, they used lots of makeups, thats why there may be spots on their faces. And I did not understand why Jasmine was upset that she had sex on a camera. Some other girls has on the BCG! That does not make you (Jasmine), a whore!!! So what if you wanted sex....

          The next episode looks promising...but I think thats in two weeks The four girls that is outs with Jela and the twins, decides to do a LOTS LOTS of damaging! Hehe, is all I can say

          P.S.--------> I really don't know why this show needs a life coach, when the girls are very destructive by nature towards each other. They really are not improving themselves!


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            September 29th

            This WAS the best episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Jela and the twins decided to go to the club, the rest got ready too, When Jela and the twins went inside the van to go to the club, the others followed but soon saw right in front of the eyes that the van left them! They were pissed off and decided to run the girls stuff, and they did! And also succeeded of throwing them out of the house!!! Jela and the twins were very mad...of course they were rich and their stuff was ruined as hell!

            The next morning, the producing team scolded the remaining girls. And the life coach, was upset because she invested her time in Jela and the twins. Anyway, the life coach made them wrote apology letters to Jela and the twins. After that, two new girls came in, which were Amber and Beatrice. Amber is a instigator! Of course that night, Lauren and Jasmine got into it and Amber was pushing for Jasmine to blow up on Lauren. The situation was the fight that Jasmine had on the first day to the house and Lauren did not had her back. Anyway, that all settled down because Jenna solved the problem.

            Next week....another girl is coming to the house.....


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              October 6th

              I thought the show today was alright. The best part was when there was a birthday party for Kat, and one of her friends decided to stir the pot and tell lies to Lauren and Amber who were patching things up! All the signs pointed to Alicia, who just came to the house as the new girl. And Jasmine was on her a**ss which I think next week, the girls would throw her out of the house....Oopsie Alicia!


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                October 13th

                The show was all over the place. I do have to key in to what was important. Jasmine became the biggest bitch in the house YOU WOULD THINK! The two lesbian girls, now have feelings for each other...can't remember their names! And the other girl...can't either remember her name, so I would call her Gothic girl, well, she went home. Jasmine and Lauren threw her things in the trash bags and send her out before the girls left for a ship cruise in San Diego. Next week is the Season Finale. Man, this show has short episodes. Thought it would roll into November. Have to say the show is boring with out the twins and Jela.


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                  I did not see the season finale of this show, because my brother deleted this thread! I don't know, if I will ever watch it. It was the most boring season when those 3 girls got kicked out of the show...yeah, the twins and Jela was the show! Sorry Jasmine and Lauren!


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                    The first part of the reunion was good!!!! Alli got into it with the host! Yikes! The twins did not showed up and Alli was like, its not good to make fun of them! Tanisha, the host, was like, 'nope, its my show and I do what I want to do'. Ginger aka Beatrice and Kat is not together! However, Ginger has a attitude for the other girls! She did not liked what they did to the twins and Jela. Jasmine, was full of herself!

                    I am glad that the show did not do, the get together type and have 2 other parts talking! They did that for about 3 seasons and finally got rid of it! Anyway, next week is going to be a blast!


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