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Bachelor In Paradise.... Why Is There Always A......................


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  • Bachelor In Paradise.... Why Is There Always A......................

    Token Black person? Ok, I'm a black woman and it infuriates me that there is always a token black person that the bachelor or bachelorette will not keep around. They may stay around several weeks, but they will NEVER be the chosen one. I don't know why any black person will continue to even be a part of this franchise. So upsetting. We need a black bachelor or bachelorette and not on VHI or BET-on a major network like ABC, NBC, CBS.

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    I can't say I blame you one bit. I am a white woman, and thought at times, how you would something like this, done time and time again, make you feel? Now I know. I agree that there should be a Black Bachelorette or Bachelor.

    Write the show... I would gladly watch.

    I have to agree, it's about time!
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      Wth, no bites???????????????????????????????????


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        ...I'll take a lil' bite. Here is MY opinion on the selection process of any of these shows. The powers-that-be are lazy. Their selection process is super dismissive and downright disrespectful to the idea of "diversity". Respect the demographic!!! I don't consider 15 of one brand, 5 of another brand, and 1 or 2 of another "diversity".

        Specifically, when choosing the person.. and sometimes they generously throw two or three opinions in the mix, nine times out of ten, that person is a mark. A character of some sort. That option is RARELY the best of the best. As if the best of the best is intimidating to the majority on the panel. Or perhaps the best of the best is too far back in line; therefore, by the time their number is called, the slot is already filled by the mark.

        We like all kinds of looks and personalities. But we are force fed the mark. Sometimes the mark is okay, but most of the time, the panel is just checking the box. Another slap in the face is when EVERYBODY is getting the slob down EXCEPT for the mark. The last Bachelorette slipped her tongue in every man's mouth... except for any of the marks.


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