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    RHOC: August 31

    I saw the show...and have things to say, like I always do.....

    First off, Vicki should have took a seat back and listened to Megan and what point she was crossing at. I am on Megan's side with this chemo treatment situation. Of why Brooks does not want to have it, because his organs can deal with the medicine, while Jim's ex wife can't because her organs can not take the treatment. Megan is not coming from a bad place, but with a concern. I guess this is a life situation where some deal with natural treatment like Shannon, while most are not. And they think the medicine that the real doctors recommend, is a right way to go. By the way though, natural treatment, DON'T work most of the time! Sorry folks...

    I thought the sex party was fun....I just did not like that Brooks treatment was brought up again. And Jim and Vicki, had no right to discuss it. As we can tell, one problem, becomes more problems.

    I also saw a insight to Megan's relationship with Jim....its uh, not looking good! Vicki is on the money on this one, this won't last! Anyway, thats the highlight of the show!


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      RHOC: September 7th

      Its nice to see Shannon and Heather having lunch together. Never saw that since last year, they were at each other throats. I do kind of see that with Shannon and Megan. Maybe next year, they may be as well be friends. I did liked how Heather and her hubby teamed up for a new beauty product! Hope its successful as they are I am really liking this Heather a lot! Good job, Heather

      Megan made dinner for her hubby and discussing Vicki's problem with Brooks. And then she went to see a doctor for her lump in her breast. She said that there is breast cancer in her family. Uh Megan, you better pay attention to your health and I know she is.

      Vicki was in Oklahoma to see her daughter. Interesting to know about tornado though. She even brought her daughter a car! How sweet ....About her daughter's hubby, well, I am iffy on their relationship because both stupid heads got to get married right away without knowing each other. Really, Brianna

      Anyway, next week looks good!


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        ^ I forgot about Tamra and what she told her hubby! She wants to help her son out with his financial struggles of moving from Northern Cali to Southern Cali. Eddie was upset and may seemed like any husband that she got. Apparently, he is fed up with him as well Tamra has no say in this, but she knows, it may not look good in the end. Her son better get up and start supporting his family! I don't think Eddie will let him back to Cut Fitness, even though its also own by his mother.


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          September 14 Episode of RHOC

          I thought this episode was the banger hit for the viewers! It was entertaining and would like to know, whats going on with Brooks! Megan...well, she shouldn't have went into Brooks business, whether he had cancer or not. And I feel that Vicki is upset with Shannon, of not trying to defuse the situation. Shannon is in wander question mode too. Tamra, well she did had the right to defend herself when Brooks called her indirectly "the source". I am surprised that next week is not the season finale Yay...another episode is on its way!


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            September 21

            So the girls are still dwelling on Brooks theory if he is lying of his cancer or not. Plus, Shannon was upset that Vicki and Brooks left before blowing out the cake at her party. Shannon had a Aries party, if I forgot to mention it...She thought she and Vicki could share in the fun so cute of Shannon of including Vicki as well.

            Lets see what else was there:

            - We got to see Tamra's son apartment rental...very nice!

            - Heather wanted some advice from Lisa Rinna...Then they talked about Heather's relationship. Heather feels that Terry, her husband, should thank her for the hard work she has done in their relationship. I see a red flag here! Heather, is not a bread winner in the household, but Terry is. Sorry honey, but you ain't getting a thanks from your hubby ....Her hubby though, may thank her because he seems like a nice guy. Um yeah, Heather, you really need to know that this guy may not think of a thanks to you....

            - Vicki & Shannon's lunch....Vicki did not wanted to discuss Brooks accusation of cancer. But Shannon wanted to know and may want to help Vicki in some way. You can see Shannon did not wanted to step on their friendship...But Vicki, was just pissed off. Honestly though, I do have to question of Brooks now. Her friends are questioning of the rumor, and even her daughter said that a person who is really sick, should not be traveling on the plane. There is also another red flag here like the one I said about Heather's. Um Vicki, you really start to wake up! Even Megan, has dug something that is in very much in question...

            I am soo glad that next week, is NOT the season finale!!! Another episode here


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              September 28th

              This episode sort of deals with whether Brooks is telling the truth or not...Shannon was having a lovely date with her husband and she was saying that she has good ties with Heather and Tamra now and her friendship with Vicki is falling apart ...Gee I really liked their friendship a whole LOT!

              Heather and her hubby Terry, was unveiling their new products on a Home Shopping Network. Terry was nervous of being live on TV and his rehearsal felt short prior to being live. Luckily, Heather gave him a pep talk and the next day, succeeded with their product and talking on air! And Terry acknowledge Heather as his partner which I think WOULD NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS HAPPEN!

              The other girls had a party to see Heather and Terry on TV. Before I say anything, I would talk about Vicki and Brooks. They went to some doctor and the doctor said that Brooks has cancer and was doing things take the cancer out of his body. Then after, Vicki summons Tamra to her house and Brooks showed her the doctor's papers and Vicki told her to tell the girls that Brooks does have cancer.

     at the party, Shannon was talking about her health issues, when Tamra brought up Brooks! Megan, stopped her and told her that she called the doctor that Brooks go to, and said that the treatment that doctors do, has stopped in 2008. Megan called two times. Tamra said that the doctor's papers, she could not understand and thats when the light bulb turned on, why didn't Vicki showed the papers to Shannon, who knows some medical terms or Terry, Heather's husband, which I think in my opinion, he may not know because he specialize in one or two things. Or even Megan, to see if what Brooks is saying is true. Shannon got upset and Tamra told the girls to just leave it alone.

              Next week, Tamra talks to Vicki's daughter, who really despise Brooks This ought to be somewhat interesting!


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                October 5th

                This episode was gearing to the season finale of the OC, which is next week, that Tamra would baptized! The highlights of this episode was that Vicki's daughter came with her family to visit her. She and her husband was talking about Brooks, which both do not like for Vicki. Megan was without her husband again. Shannon told Heather and Tamra how she felt about them now. That they are friends and don't know where Vicki's head is. Plus her marriage. Shannon is hurt of what Vicki is doing. Siding with her ex without realizing from the girls and even her own daughter that Brooks is shady. Tamra, finally said of why she told Heather, to lighten up on Shannon last season, because she was going through hard times So now, Shannon understands!

                I saw the sneak peak of the season finale. It looks like Vicki told her family of Shannon's problems, and her friend or family member rubs it in Shannon's face at Tamra's Jesus party, I would say. Shannon is yelling at Vicki which is shocking to me. I did liked them together and its such a shame that Vicki does not see any good from her friends! If the rumor is not going anywhere, its not a rumor no more. ITS BASICALLY THE TRUTH! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


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                  October 13th (Season Finale)

                  Out of this season, this final episode was the BEST EPISODE EVER! You would think its about Tamra being baptized, but NOPE, it was that lie that Vicki made to her friends about her ex boyfriend now and the fact that she told her brother and his girlfriend about Shannon's marriage vows. And that when her brother was talking to Shannon and few other women, the girlfriend just rubbed it in to Shannon's face! And Shannon, was pissed off. At first, she told Vicki whats up, nicely! THEN, SHE TOLD VICKI OFF!!!!!!!

                  This season was about Brooks and whether he had cancer or not. Well the latest one and its through Heather telling the girls what Vicki said. She said that Brooks had pain and called Terry (Heather's husband), for help. Terry asked someone else, to go to Brooks home or Vicki I would say, and give a IV to him. Apparently, the story, was told to Shannon by Vicki and Vicki told her daughter the same thing! So, this whole story, is a lie and it came out of Heather's mouth which makes it TRUE! Looks like, Brooks is lying. Now, its whether Vicki had been duped or she knew certain things. Who knows because I am watching the reunion!


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                    Reunion of The OC

                    Normally, I would not go into reunions, because they are pointless to me! I do the overall thought of the season. Since this season of the OC was interesting, and I did watched the first part of the reunion. I would got into this.

                    - I did not knew that Tamra was having a bad relationship with her own daughter who is now 17 years old! I thought they were very good. Apparently though, stupid Simon fed into lies to her! He seems bitter that Tamra has moved onto a good relationship with a partner. (Hopefully Eddie is her final one). You just don’t do that to the mother of your child! The girl has now issues of her mother, based on lies! Simon, you look like the biggest devil of all!

                    - Second, who is Alexis to judge Tamra of this whole Jesus experience???! Sure, it was a bit weird, but the woman just found Jesus in her time! Support her, you idiot!

                    - I don’t know whats going on with Vicki….she has a silent look and we know very well that the next week episode, is all about her and the lies that she told to the OC! I wonder what Andy would think….then again, he likes the gossip on the Housewives Franchise!


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                      Part 2 of the Reunion

                      Part 2 of the Reunion was something...First, clearly I think Tamra's daughter may be onto something with her mother. Tamra sure does some things that may offend the youngsters (her children). Maybe thats why Simon has custody of them. Vicki knowing that she is a liar, doesn't want the spotlight on her and apologize to for certain things! Glad that Heather said it like she means it! Then Vicki's daughter comes out and says that Brooks had been hitting on her while she was pregnant! Also says that her family never approved of Brooks which Vicki said that they did. So I don't know who is lying Obviously with the clip of Brooks interview in NY, Brianna, Vicki's daughter, may be telling the truth! Another shocker was that last season, Tamra was not at fault of spilling out Shannon's mess with the girls. Yeah, that was something...hope Shannon apologized to Tamra! Anyway, sorry if I was late of writing this. Tomorrow or other days, I will watch Part 3 and discuss to you what happened!


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                        Can't stand this jewels character at all....poor countess will be heart broken ....Ramon's kinda ditzy as usual...and Bethany's her usual obnoxious butter gal.....of course it's all play acting ....and rehearsed now


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