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  • The Real Housewives of NYC/OC............

    Do you guys still watch The Real Housewives of NYC or OC?

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    The RHONYC, is probably the hardest to watch out of all the franchise. And also the Miami one, but its not on no more, thank god!
    Have to say that this season, is really interesting! I was iffy with Dorinda, but she is growing on me! Ramona...its interesting to see her life as a single confused woman. And Bethenny....she whines too much! Heather, should not say "Holla", no more! Its soo old now Sonja...still has to figure out her life...And I love LuAnn She can not do wrong!

    The RHOC....well I love Shannon and Vicki's friendship! Its blooming! Tamra, well, she is calm this season. Heather...she has calmed down her ego as well. Shannon, should just get a divorce....And Megan, she needs to get off reality TV! Sorry, I don't like this newbie! And I feel bad that Vicki's mom died...did not know that it was taped in February. So this stuff we are seeing, is in February.

    ....There is more to say, so stay tuned!
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      July 20 Episode on RHOC

      Gee, I felt soo bad for Vicki...she mentioned her mother to Tamra because she wanted her daughter to have a good time. Her friend, Shannon, which I love about her and Vicki, having a this friendship thing, she wanted to tell Vicki about the natural ingredients to her boyfriend. Shannon truly cares about Vicki's boyfriend, since he has now cancer...I am excited for the group Tahiti trip! It would be magical, so this would be good!

      Megan, well, she is rubbing me the wrong way! She is too young to be in a relationship with a man who already has a 17 year old daughter. His daughter, does not go to school, and Megan wants to level with her. But the truth is, she has to toughen up. You can't be this cool person to wanting the kid to like you and level too with you. Megan and her man has to talk about his child. Include her dying mother too, who also has cancer.

      Tamra and Eddie...well they are having relationship trouble. Thought that Cut Fitness would be a success, but its not. trying new things to get more people mini videos, I don't know it would help. Can it????

      Anyway, looking to next week show! Hope I can get members to communicate with me on here


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        July 21 Episode of RHONYC

        The episode was on the boring side. Nothing new and special about it! But there one or three things that were a highlight!

        Ramona....well she was asking why her jewelry sign was not up in the fundraising...I was asking that same question myself! She had her jewels on Yummie wear jeans that Heather owns. she trying to be cool for the younger generation? Ever since she came on the show, her tagline is "Holla"...and no older woman says that. Now she tells Ramona, "Bye Felicia", she needs to sit down because she is not 17 years old girl, hanging out with other kids with the slang terms.

        Dorinda & Caroline....I like how they are bonding over dead people! Plus, I never knew Caroline knew John Jr. and his wife!

        Bethenny...well she needs to stay in therapy. Actually I don't need to see that! I did, however, dug on her house in Manhattan!


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          RHOC: July 27th Episode

          I uh did not cared for Heather shopping with her husband....I did cared for the Tahiti trip! I am glad that some of the girls were picking on snotty Megan! Megan has no clue to what to do in her marriage. She should have been with her husband in St. Louis, and leave the kid up to her aunts and uncles....Plus, she should not have quit her daytime job like Vicki says!

          Shannon I see a divorce coming! And I don't believe what she says on E! News!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what happened to Vicki and Donn....the same thing will happen to her and her hubby! Sorry but no sorry!

          And I would really liked it if the old OC cast came back! That would be more entertaining! RHOC should have never let Gretchen go! She was ratchet like Brandi from RHOBH.....hmmm


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            RHONYC: July 28, 2015

            Dorinda and Caroline trip to London, was very boring! However, I liked their bond over their dead husbands. I liked how Bethenny throw her party for a new line of Skinny Girl. Liked she was focus on finding Ramona a hot which she did not liked none! Hello, there were tons of good looking men! Sonja actually loved them and so did LuAnn....Anyway, that was the highlight of the show...


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              Sonja and LuAnn like young guys, because they like to be the ones in charge. Ramona wants an older man to whom she can feel would be her equal. He needs to have status and success in his life already. At least that's my take on Ramona. She doesn't have any desire for a boy toy.


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                Originally posted by GoodWillTalking View Post
                Sonja and LuAnn like young guys, because they like to be the ones in charge. Ramona wants an older man to whom she can feel would be her equal. He needs to have status and success in his life already. At least that's my take on Ramona. She doesn't have any desire for a boy toy.
                You have seen last week Ramona was out with her restaurant partner last week and she was asking whether it was a date or not. The restaurant partner said its a date if they had a good time together and had sex afterwards...and Ramona decided it was not a date no more....she was afraid of the sex part....


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                  RHOC: August 3rd

                  I liked how the women had fun at the sea with the sharks and sting-rays! It was interesting because the host of the boat said that those creatures does not bite, which is hard to believe...I loved how Tamra, Vicki and Shannon bonded in the end at the table! Megan, well, she needs to chill out. She does not know anything when it comes to parenting and all. Let the nature takes it course, girlie

                  I am pleasantly surprised at how I am liking Heather this season! She is very chill out person from last year, where she was a know it all. You go, girl, hope you don't change next season!


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                    RHONYC: August 4th

                    I honestly don't know whats going on with Sonja's clothing line! Her staff can not make out where her outfit stands...either with Ralph Lauren or other good name brand. Even Kristin did a great job with her business in nail polish...


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                      RHOC: August 10th

                      Lets see what was the recap of the was nice that Shannon and Vicki bonded. I think next week, its going to be sour for them ...No Shannon, no no no...No wonder why Vicki did not say much in Andy's Playhouse....

                      Megan....well she needs to get herself together in her relationship with her man! Plus, don't consider Tamra your friend! Tamra seems like...I don't know...iffy. I wished we could see more of the old cast. Anyway, thats all I remember. Not looking forward to next week with Shannon and Vicki!


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                        RHONYC: Season Finale of 2015

                        Here is a recap of this season:

                        - I loved Bethenny's new apartment! Glad that Carole was able to see it! Also glad that they form a friendship...
                        - I don't understand the party of Ramona...I guess the casting director put that there because it meant something to Ramona.
                        - John wanted to put the ring on Dorinda's ring...
                        - Carole is trying to make amends with LuAnn, but LuAnn does not want to...
                        - Sonja was basking in the glory after her fashion show
                        - Sonja misread of what Kristin said about her in a newspaper called The NY Post.


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                          Recap of This Season of the RHONYC Ladies....

                          What did I learned this season of the Housewives of NYC...hmm...

                          I would have thought Bethenny would have been the star of this season...but she constantly whined in everything From her marriage, to her not wanting to leave her little girl, and to not spending time with the ladies. The good thing that came from this was that she befriended Carole

                          The new woman - Dorinda....I normally don't like newbies from the get go, but get used to them. I got used to Dorinda and I actually like her! She seems like a classy lady and am glad that she and Carole bonded over their dead husbands. New friendships starts somewhere . My only question with her is...LIVE YOUR LIFE, and not worry about what your grown daughter things of your boyfriend! Pretty sure she would find somebody and may not think what her mother thinks. So Dorinda, be happy and live your life with your boy toy who loves you very much.

                          Equal spotlight - It looks like Ramona, Dorinda and Bethenny had the same amount of spotlight this season. Normally, I would like all the girls to share it, but those are the three that stands out!

                          Ramona - I am liking the new side of her...getting divorce type and moving onto hot guys I still think she is not ready to move on. You can tell that she did not wanted to have sex on the first night or so. She tends to be classic and not go the route like most do now...or do they have sex on the first night?

                          Carole - Hmm...I would say her storyline was a bit boring this season. I did liked how she found love with a younger guy that is a cook for LuAnn. Liked her friendship with Dorinda too!

                          Sonja - Oh my ....You can't everything under your belt for a company that you so wished to open! You need one thing, not several things! She should have heed advice from Heather and even Kristin's husband! I am surprised that her clothing line came out...or is it out? Her partners was clueless where to put her clothing line in the stores. I guess its better off at K-Mart like Heather suggested! I thought her fashion night, was a disaster ...and hearing that her clothes sells online, tells me that Sonja does not know anything on how to market her brand! Whats more surprising is, that she should also know that newspaper likes to create gossip for the public. So why be mad at Kristin?

                          Kristin - What can I say about her? I love her and she seems soo innocent with this group of ladies! She knows her business very well and I applaud her for that. Sonja should take a cue from her.....I am digging on her new business venture of nail polish! Do something you like and you will gain lots of exposure like Kristin! Bravo Kristin!

                          LuAnn - I have to say, SHE WAS THE BREAKOUT STAR ON RHONYC! Yeah, she broke the rules of manners, but so what! She was very entertaining and could say, the "IT" girl of this season! I want to see more of her next season!

                          .....Anyway, I thought it was a okay season. I would give it a B+

                          .....Oh my, I forgot about Heather ....She was not on that much. And seemed a bit boring this season! I know that the show was going to pair her up with Bethenny. Heather thought she and her would be great friends. As it turns out, they are not! And we can tell by their strong personalities. I wished the show could have drove more into this, but I think both ladies were nervous of doing this kind of thing...If they were ever in a fight match, both will not win! Sorry!
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                            RHOC: August 17

                            I thought today's episode with Vicki and Shannon, would take a turn for the worse. But I don't understand that Vicki can't deal with the truth that her friend gave her. Shannon was just being a good friend, thats all, Vicki. You, Vicki, need to know who are your true friends are. Like seriously!

                            Megan, you really need to keep your mouth shut Now you are going to get it from Vicki! The real OG of the OC .............anymore highlights, not really. Stay tuned for next week....


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                              RHOC: August 24

                              I thought this episode was interesting though....I am confused with Vicki shouting at Shannon at the dinner table. All Shannon wanted to do was tell her the truth. And Vicki...I believe she should really keep an eye out on Brooks. If he is really sick, my bad, but its like what Elton John said too----> "If the rumor does not go away, then its not a rumor". Clearly, people have been telling Vicki about how shady is Brooks...even her daughter!

                              Megan, ugh, she should not opened her mouth at all, but I understand where she may be coming from, when telling Shannon. Shannon, was also helping Brooks, but Brooks, never listened to her advice. Shannon, may have spilled her frustration to the girls about Brooks, THATS WHY MEGAN TOLD HER! Yeah, now I feel bad for Megan.....

                              Heather's house, one word ....magnificent! Lucky her to have a husband who is a doctor in the OC!!!!!!!!! I guess OC is everything for women's looks....its not NYC, babies! NYC, its all about the fashion! I guess, thats the highlight I have to say. I do think, it was inappropriate, for Vicki, to ruin Heather's lunch at her new house....


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