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    Here are the final 20:


    1. Marissa Milele
    2. Edson Juarez
    3. Jim Nowakowski
    4. Alexia Meyer
    5. Derek Piquette
    6. Darion Flores
    7. Gaby Diaz
    8. Hailee Payne
    9. Kate Harpootlian
    10. Moises Parra


    1. Alain Lauture
    2. Jessica Rabone
    3. Ariana Crowder
    4. Virgil Gadson
    5. Eddie Eskridge
    6. Jaja Vancova
    7. Megan Alfonso
    8. Burim Jusufi
    9. Liliana Frias
    10. Yorelis Apelinario

    Someone posted this about Asaf and I highly agree:
    Look, “Hebrew Breaker” Asaf Goren has a world-class torso. He’s got some killer b-boy moves. But his rant against Nigel Lythgoe’s half-finished critique — which might’ve easily ended in a compliment — was so grimly off-putting, I wish Twitch had stood up and declared, “Nope, not working with him” right on the spot.


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      I am very happy with the gal who won, the tap dancer...she tried out last year but didn't make it

      Finally she did!!!!

      I love tap, use to tap really well....then, I got OLD
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        Originally posted by He'sAliveToday View Post
        ^Hey, tvaddict, I'm with you on BB17! FB can take a hike up a rattlesnake-riddled hill, but you do you. As far as me "knowing" anything, it's all in the NOTES. lol I sit here in front of a lot of these shows and take notes like I'm back in college. Otherwise, I'd be so lost, I'd drop out (like back in college ). Joking. I hung in and finished, like I hang in for these shows, but I need these notes to keep track.

        Penelope, you're so right about Ryan's hips! They were as wild as his mother's temper. I look forward to seeing what he's going to do in this comp.
        Hey H.A.T.

        I use to take notes, big note then came the COMPUTER....HAHAHA


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          I hope that this show is renewed but with more interesting judges. I liked the integrated show more than the stage versus street format. Including more street is really good but I found that I didn't save as many YouTubes as in previous years.


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