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    ^Moore, I'm sending you a cyber kiss square on the lips (don't report me.) right now because I so agree with MOST of what you wrote. I like Rayvon's voice as well. I try to keep it objective about Jax, but dang that chick is being force-fed to us . Every since the start of the comp, she's gotten the meat of the attention and it's NOT deserved, in my opinion. It just irks me that she's the last female standing because they will protect her til the very end, just on the strength of wanting estrogen on the stage.

    The two that brought it on the last performance night: Nick and Rayvon. Sadly, because I love him, Clark didn't bring it. Clark kind of acted like a mix of the street performer ( that he is) and a temperamental homeless man that has all the answers, but no pot nor window. In my mind, that made sense, so I hope it was clear. I still stand by my feelings that it should be a Jax-less finale. Where is the "prayer" emoticon when you need one.

    and YESSSS, Harry DOES owe Q an apology.


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      ^ I agree with Clark...he is...just wearing me out, basically. I might be iffy, but he might stay next week....I do believe Jax will win and Scott will make her famous. Nick is the wild card here....didn't thought he would last, but he is by far the humblest one I have ever seen. Could say the same thing with Rayvon....


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        I hope Nick wins he is the only real genuine person left. He sings with real emotion. I can't say that about the other 3. I think Jax is cute but she hasn't really sung well since the Beatles song. Clark seems to be going downhill fast. It's like he started off strong and has gone in the reverse instead.

        I miss my girl Teyanna so much. And my 2 Q guys, so maybe they can't sing as a well as Rayvon. But they had true emotion in them. I just find Rayvon really fake.


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          I didn't see American Idol because I DVR it...but the radio spoiled it the next day for me...Rayvon went home. Oh well, pretty voice does not cut it for this show. You need personality along with it. I thought Scott choosing U2 song for Clark was weird. He should have picked something ol' school for him...Nick did another great job and American Idol title is written all over Jax...I think she may win this year!


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            American Idol has been cancelled. Next season will be the last.

            I'm not sure how I feel. On the one hand, I've watched the show for a long time. On the other, Keith Urban is the ONLY thing that keeps me tuning in the last few seasons because the crop of contestants they've been pushing forward just haven't had a lot to offer IMO--especially the year they didn't let one WGWG even get into the Top 48. I haven't really been enthusiastic about a contestant since maybe Kris Allen. The last time I was really enthusiastic about someone was David Cook.

            So I can hang on for one more year, but I think maybe it's a good thing it's coming to an end because they haven't had any "greats" in a long time. Isn't the last really commercially successful artist they produced Chris Daughtry--who didn't even win.


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              ^ I thought Philip Philips was the last successful one to get exposed to music media ....

              I thought Jax would be in final two, however, Nick beat her to it! Never thought I would say this, I want Nick to win! Ryan told Harvey, earlier on TMZ, that American Idol did not got canceled, but decided that next season was their last one....who knows, we may see this show in 10 years. FOX is bringing back X Files and brought back 24.....


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                I said "really succsessful." Philip has had a few hits, but I haven't heard anything from him in a while. Chris has had several hits, several albums, got an opening spot on a Bon Jovi tour which meant massive exposure and is now headlining his own shows. He's still around ten years later. Most of the winners and contestants barely make a blip--especially the later ones.


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                  I have been watching all season 14 long..and am really sad that the AI tour will not be coming to DC
                  this summer...Why not? I am hoping that Nick wins.


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                    I was sorry to see Jax go; I thought she would be a finalist with one of the guys, but I think that Jax will end up having a successful music career.

                    Both Clark and Nick were really good last night, with very different styles. I'm torn now, but I think I'm leaning more toward Nick. He really knows how to work the stage and seems to engage more with the audience. Just generally more approachable, or likable, or something, but it's a close call.
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                      Originally posted by extracat View Post
                      I said "really succsessful." Philip has had a few hits, but I haven't heard anything from him in a while. Chris has had several hits, several albums, got an opening spot on a Bon Jovi tour which meant massive exposure and is now headlining his own shows. He's still around ten years later. Most of the winners and contestants barely make a blip--especially the later ones.
                      Is it me or I have not seen one big thing from Chris in the mainstream music. His first album was successful....


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                        I know he's successful enough to headline tours because I have a friend who travels around to see him. I also know I hear a new song from him every few months on several of the pop stations I listen to on Sirius satellite radio so I know he keeps releasing new songs and they keep getting airplay. I do a lot of channel surfing and he's definitely got a presence on the radio.

                        Anyway.. who won tonight?


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                          Nick won Season 14 American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew the feeling that he was going to win. He was the dark horse of in this competition and blew Clark away. Clark came from being a street performer, but he has not grown out from it. Plus, he screamed in all of the songs he played and performed. Nick, I was skeptical of because he was 29...and I thought he may not succeed on American Idol, but he proved me dead wrong! He got better each week and actually took out Jax also from the number 2 spot. I am happy that he won American Idol.


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                            ^Thanks for the "spoiler". I'm tickled. I wanted either of these guys to win OVER Jax. She should have been gone a LOOONNNNNNNGGGGG time ago.

                            I haven't even finished watching the last performance show. I started watching my recording and thought the show I was watching was the performance finale, but it was actually the results show. I didn't realize what was going on until Ryan asked Jlo about "last night's show". I was like WHAAAA???? So, now I'm watching the performances... and after learning that Jax didn't make it, it really didn't matter.

                            and by the way... GREAT FINALE, from the parts I've seen so far.

                            I liked or loved Clark and Nick at different points in the comp. The thing I loved about Nick was his consistency, what I didn't like was that he reminded me of Chris D., but Chris D. is way better. The thing I loved about Clark is that he didn't sound like anyone, what I didn't like was his inconsistency. So there you go.

                            Congratulations to Nick for kicking butt all season! and congratulations, Clark, I'll be listening for you.


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                              .... and as far as this being close to the end for AmId... I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that the producers didn't really TRY for these young talents. I don't really know if an effort was made, but I seriously doubt it.

                              If Simon, Randy, and Paula can get it together, I would love for the show to continue or come back. There is no shortage of talent out there, so the problem is with the show/judges panel/mentoring. Get the production/judges panel/mentorship together, we have a nice show again.

                              One of the beautiful things about the team of Simon, Randy, and Paula, and I believe it was a winning aspect, was the fact that they weren't competing with the contestants. You didn't hear about or see either of the three peddling their stuff to distract you from what was important. That goes for other shows like The Voice, etc. STOP competing with the talent!

                              Simon/Randy/Paula knew the business all around and all offered invaluable insight into what worked. The mentors took care of the voice stuff and assisted with song choice. It was a simple formula and it worked. Go back to that.


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                                Aww my bf was sad that Clark didn't win, he really liked him. I did too. But I figured Nick would win. He is more outgoing than Clark. I think a lot of people thought Clark being reserved meant arrogant. (I read comments to that effect)

                                I loved all the performances with stars except for Jax with Steven Tyler. I felt like everyone else was having fun but respecting the more established artists. Jax came across as disrespectful to me. She seemed to be trying to get the spotlight all on her away from Steven. Turned me off!!


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