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2015 The Bachelor This coming Monday Jan 5th!


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  • 2015 The Bachelor This coming Monday Jan 5th!

    I have been so excited waiting for the New Bachelor It starts on Jan 5th.
    A Carmel Indiana girl is one of many ladies on the show this season!
    Samantha Steffen, a Top 10 Contestant
    in recent Miss Indiana USA and Miss California USA ...
    How many more Bachelor viewers are there here at SC?

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    There's a lot of beautiful girls but I think it's not fair for Chris or the girls with a total of 30' gals.
    Girls are getting intoxicated! Girls are Talking crazy about other girls! The beautiful girl Britt whose a waitress got the first impression rose. Now I can see a target on her arm!
    There's a live audience this season and I think it's kind of neat! Plus former winners (couples) and former bachelors and bachelorettes!
    There are people that Chris keeps talking to my Iowa and he asks their views, especially the first impression rose and the kiss Chris planted on Britt!
    Here's the first rose ceremony! My girl Samantha got a rose, formerly from Carmel Indiana.
    Chris walks away with anxiety and the girls are like oh crap.... One girl Tara is so intoxicated she's scratching herself all over , almost falls and she's a bundle of nerves, she first got out of the Lemo with short shorts on cowgirl shirt and boots. Tara told Chris this how I dress, than she went inside and changed into a gown. He'd told Chris he didn't know what to because Tara was a falling down drunk than comes back and gives Tara a Rose...
    I felt so sorry for the girls that didn't receive a rose! One girl went out than came back to talk to Chris, I think her name is Kimberly. << Won't find out what happens until next week!
    Well until next week.


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      Previews about this season has a lot of turmoil involving sex and other girls really upset! Looks like a season to remember... I wouldn't have thought Farmer Chris would backdoor girls he really like by others throwing themselves at him...
      Can't wait to see how this season comes to a end!


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        ^ You didn't think FARMER Chris would get the vapors??.......... He's a man, right?? Especially a man living in a "lonely" (he said it) world. Any and all these women knew who they were getting into it with. It wouldn't take MUCH game to get Chris' motor running, but it will take an amazing game to keep him interested for the long haul.

        HoosierGirl, I love your posts about the season opener! I was surprisingly excited about how interested I was/am in the upcoming season. I REALLY like Chris, I liked him during Andi's season.... and I hope he does well and NOT fall for the okeydoke with these thirties.

        I like reading the spoilers for the Bachelor(ette) and I'm writing this BEFORE I've read any spoilers. I can't wait to read up and find out who the virgin is... it looks like Chris may have shoplifted the goodies. I picked a few favorites and I was surprised that the secret admirer/ballet dancer got the boot. Kimberly was/is also an early pick of mine, so I'm eager to find out whether or not she gets a second stand. I think that would be a franchise first.

        I REALLY like Britt... She was first to be introduced to US and to Chris... She also got the first impression rose. She is an early pick of mine, so we'll see how this goes. I have a few other faves, but oddly, TARA was an early pick for me, BEFORE she got drunk. I'm on the fence now, but I'm glad Chris gave her another chance. Nerves can get the best of you....

        Thanks for starting the thread, Hoosier!!


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          Okay, so I've FINALLY read the spoilers. For the last couple of seasons, I was able to locate an episode-by-episode spoiler, all the way to final rose.

          Not this time. I could only find Final 4 information, plus winner. Overall, I'm not disappointed.


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            Your welcome He'sAliveToday, you are one of the best posters there is on soap central board!s I'm wondering how tonight show goes! I read who Chris's choice is! Wish I hadn't read the spoiler, but I'm liking Chris as the new Bachelor Farmers do spend a lot of time in the fields (we use to farm plus held down full time jobs) and if they are single they do have needs! It's like the old westerns when the men came to town after herding cattle, horses; etc, they hit the bars and the ladies! ... 👠
            i wonder how Chris feels now that AndI and Josh split and the engagement is over! Y
            My girl former Miss Indiana contestant Samantha Steffen won't be his choice :-(


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              ^Awww..., I DOOO declare!! Thanks for that, Hoosier. I hope you got to take in the last episode.

              I knew that Ashley S. had issues when she first stepped out of the limo on the season opener. Something about those eyes just tells an interesting story...

              Now, I've never taken Ambien, but based off the things I've heard, I wouldn't be surprised if THAT was Ashley's issue on that date. She was so loopy! If you rained clues on her, she couldn't fathom a drop.

              ...and Chris is the bachelor of second chances for certain! He allowed both Tara (drunk) and Jennifer (returning boot-off) to slide by last week, but he ousted them this time. and this week, he's allowed Ashley S. to stay (she'll more than likely be gone soon...) after her antics. But nevermind all that jazz....

              WHAT IS UP WITH THE VIRGIN (Ashley I)!!??? Granting wishes and slobbing Chris down like 9000! She sure isn't behaving like a virgin. There are a lot of hottish virgins out there that just can't wait to give it away, but generally, they wait until they have that perfect "alone" time. She was trying to give it all up to Chris right there on that wooden bench! Virgins everywhere clutched their pearls!


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                Chris sure likes to kiss the girls! The previews from ET show the girls and lover boy getting all dirty. looks kind of silly... Girls in wedding dresses to boot, getting all dirty running and Chris with them.


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                  Ok so there is 1 black girl that you probably dont notice and never see. Why do they always have to do the 1 token black chick. Oh, by the way I am a black woman.


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                    ^You don't notice her nor see her because she was already sent home. It's amazing how... when there's a general interest, there's either none or just ONE representative, but when it's NEGATIVE stuff, the AA is the majority or there are at least two or more represented.


                    • #11
                      He is sooooooooooooooooooo sexy and a major hottie !!!!


                      • #12
                        OMG! That was the most fake ass panic attack I've ever seen!

                        I have suffered countless panic attacks in my life and I have never lied down on the ground moaning like that. For me, a true panic attack you get so anxious you pretty much are pacing around your entire apt. in a panic state feeling like the walls are caving in and the last thing you want to do is lie down on the ground and moan!! I often feel like I want to jump out the window or if if I'm outside I just want to turn off the world. But I've never started moaning like that. Watching that was just insulting to me. I don't know, maybe some people do have panic attacks like that. But I just found it really fake.

                        Kelsey is just plain bizarre. My bf thinks she's psycho. Especially after she started smiling about her "story". I felt like that was fake as well.

                        Truly weird episode.

                        The only 4 I really like are: Kaitlyn, Witney, Becca and Jade. Oh and Carly.

                        Britt, I can't understand how she doesn't shower.

                        Ashley seems like a drama queen.

                        Mackenzie seems really young.

                        Samantha is a mystery to me.


                        • #13
                          ^This IS the season of weirdos, isn't it?? Shoot, I thought Ashley S. was a doozy of a deal, but I believe Kelsey upped her. Kelsey had done NOTHING but complain about NOTHING for the past few weeks. She had lain in that floor for attention, plain and simple. That eerie junk about her "story" was ridiculous indeed. Like we want to tune in each week to see your saga unfold. Girl. Bye.

                          and the BIGGEST issue of all is that dirty girl!! When it was mentioned that she hadn't bathed in WEEKS, I was flabbergasted. From her sleeping in makeup (ala Dolly Pardon) ... panting/kissing on Chris with morning breath... to her jumping out of that bed, not washing her tail, and putting on those crunchy socks,.... and Chris was all hugged up with her in bed smooching and taking a nap... I wonder what HE was thinking after it was revealed that she isn't so farm fresh. NASTY!


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                            Its getting more crazy insane every week and next week looklike more crazy insane too.


                            • #15
                              They sure have had a few Weirdos this season! It's disappointing! Kelsey The Black Widow should have gone home after her fake passing out stunt!
                              Mackenzie and My Samantha got sent home, I don't think either one really got enough time with Chris.
                              Wow they're going to Deadwood SD. We've always wanted to go there! Oh wow the Back Hills of SD
                              Boy Kelsey is such a villain! The camera crew and the set can see how disturbed she is, I'ld be scared. People just let things slide concerning Kelsey!
                              Oh good Kelsey is trying to cover her a*s the girls are finally telling Kelsey what they think of her!
                              Kelsey says, I'll remind myself to be mindful... Really Kelsey!
                              Megan really looks quite upset.


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