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The Voice Fall 2014!!!


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  • The Voice Fall 2014!!!

    I hope I'm not going blind, but I looked (fairly well) for a Voice thread, but didn't one...

    I'm LOVING this season so far. Like every season, duh. But I am REALLY enjoying Pharrell and the actually competition that he and Gwen are bringing to the panel. In the past seasons, I felt like some of the singers were judged by the team they were on and not on their merits of talent. THIS SEASON is different in that there is not that background static and we are actually getting to see (or hear) the truth in the voices presented.

    I have a few favorites so far, but by far, my favorite singer is Taylor Phelan. Pharrell made the mistake (in my opinion) in letting him go (to Adam's steal) and keeping Luke. Luke is a favorite of mine, as well, but not like Taylor P.. Taylor is tops for me. I also love Danika. I am on the edge of my seat for her to sing some Tina Marie songs..... I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the other Taylor J. Williams (Gwen's team). He won me over with "Heartless". I'm in love with two Taylors.....

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    I fell in LOVE with Ricky tonight.... he tore Recking Ball UP!! I'm so glad Gwen stole him. I don't understand what Pharrell is doing with his team, but HE'S the professional.


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      Originally posted by He'sAliveToday View Post
      I fell in LOVE with Ricky tonight.... he tore Recking Ball UP!! I'm so glad Gwen stole him. I don't understand what Pharrell is doing with his team, but HE'S the professional.
      I agree, Ricky was fantastic, and I hate that darn song. I think Pharrell made a bit mistake letting him go, but was glad Gwen stepped up.


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        I HATE that wrecking ball song as well, in fact, the ONLY renditions of that song I have liked, have been the ones on The Voice.

        In my opinion, Pharrell is blinded by Sugar. To his detriment, he's so focused on what he want to do with her. Perhaps he'll prove me wrong though...


        • #5
          One of MY favorite shows. Watch it faithfully. I love all the judges and get a big kick out
          of the way they treat each other. The talent is so great that I have a very hard time
          choosing who I think should win. Pharrell and Gwen have been wonderful additions,
          although I have to admit I miss Usher very much. Blake is my favorite.

          Can't wait to see who will win.


          • #6
            Still waiting to see WHO the winner will. How they can choose is beyond me.
            Love them all.


            • #7
              Who will win on the Voice?


              • #8
                Country voters did it AGAIN...... I can't be mad THIS time though; Craig put it down and did his thing. Weeks ago, when Blake took Craig back on his team, I was like: . Because not only was the Country voters going to eat Craig like cookies, but that he deserved it. Good job, Craig.


                • #9
                  I thought Craig was FANTASTIC. I am loving country more and more.

                  BUT as I mentioned before enjoy them all.


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