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Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 12


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  • Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 12

    The NJ Devils are baaaaack! Man, the opening sequence is enough to make one grab for their double tequila with pineapple shots!

    So the quiet, unassuming Bill Ayden had a 2-year affair when Jennifer was pregnant with their 4th child? And who gets a nose job abroad while on vacay from a doctor you find on Yelp?

    You know the earth is off its axis when I'm agreeing with Teresa Guidice?! I mean, bygones. The Yentas have made "the video" (presumably Louie's ex uploaded) the "pink elephant" ! of the year.

    Margaret is still the poop stirrer she's always been.........along with Deloras.

    Deloras, hire an outside contractor already!

    Jackie, Evan and fam seem ok...

    The Real Housewives Husbands Tour. I gotta say, I thought Joe's line was funny but who'd pay to see them? Drunken Jerseyites.

    Teresa's dawters want an apology from Uncle Joe about the stuff he ranted about Juicy Joe.

    Can't wait for next week!

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    Ugh, the husbands are disgusting.

    It's good that Jackie is getting help. It's good she understands how she's hurting her heart. Anorexics die to their loss of heart muscle. It's been 7 months since taping, I hope she's doing well.

    Teresa telling production to buzz off is rich. She probably gets paid the most of them and knows she can't just pull off her mike.


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      Just read an article about Jackie's anorexia recovery. I knew it was 7 months or so since taping so it's good to know she's really doing much better.

      She certainly could have died just like Karen Carpenter. Just let me say this: my baking teacher in high school (ironic, I know) died of anorexia 8 years before Karen. .


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        Looks like Season 11 and 12 got mixed up so I'm posting here to bump up the current season thread.


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          Reunion part one: a bunch of rage-filled liars with Theresa leading the way. Even Joe Gorga had enough. Melissa held her own and Theresa was at a loss for words. Jackie was quiet: she's the smart one of the bunch. Jennifer needs to butt out.

          Louie is p-whipped!


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            If you look up Narcissist in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Theresa Guidice. Run, Luis, run!


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