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Growing Up In Hip Hop -----Season 6


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  • Growing Up In Hip Hop -----Season 6

    Growing Up In Hip Hop, Season 6 is here on WE, Thursdays at 9pm Eastern....It already premiered on May 13th....Going to list the cast soon....

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    Here are the cast;
    • Tee Tee
    • Egypt
    • Jojo
    • Briana
    • Vanessa & Ang
    • Boogie
    • Savannah Jordan (New Cast)
    • Cree (New Cast)


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      First Episode
      Jojo & Sam have this beef. News to me it ended with Jojo not agreeing to what Sam is thinking. Sam thinks Jojo should respect him cuz he is with the Pepa crew. That he is somebody great just because he got with Pepa crew and Pepa's daughter Briana is somewhere laughing at this, lol!

      We got to see Savannah Jordan...Stevie J's daughter. She wants to put her clothing out for the public.

      Sam got into Only Fans app. Directed by Egypt. He wearing a thong and cooking...He says that he makes 30k a months! I wonder who watches his profile?

      Easy E Jr got himself into weed business! Okay okay here! At least he ain't doing Only Fans

      Oh yeah, back to the beef...Pepa thinks Jojo stepped on her family??? Protecting Sam also, lol! Has she lost her mind? The boy is just riding on her coattails! Can't Egypt see?????


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