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The Real Housewives of NYC -----(Season 13)


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  • The Real Housewives of NYC -----(Season 13)

    The trailer is out for Season 13 of RHONYC. The show starts May 4th at 9pm Eastern on BRAVO TV Has a newbie on it! No Dorinda for this Season Going to list the cast soon!

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    Here are the cast to Season 13
    • Ramona Singer
    • Luann
    • Sonja Morgan
    • Leah McSweeney
    • Eboni K Williams (New Housewife)
    • Heather Thompson (Friend)
    • Bershan Shaw (Friend)


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      Eboni might be a Fox contributor so she may have something in common with Ramona.


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        I heard that Heather is not filming for this season no more due to Leah.
        She said that Leah is acting in front of the camera to make drama.


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          I read a nice article on the newbie on Page Six Site. I hope she brings it to the ladies this season. This might be interesting...wished Dorinda was not left out. Hopefully Andy brings her back for Season 14!

          The show premieres this week!


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            First Episode

            It was a mild episode Just plain and boring like usual. Luann got a new place. Sonja is back in her townhouse. Her new assistant is clueless and probably will learn not the business dealings, but cleaning the house, lol. The new gal is interesting and bringing her black education along with her. Nothing wrong with it cuz NYC, is not all about the rich people having dinners and buying stuff on 57th Street or 5th Ave. Leah got a new apartment as well. She is also converting to Judaism. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Luann, is keeping tabs on her drinking now. She refrains from it....anyway, a okay premiere. I uh was hoping more direct sayings from the newbie. Maybe she will say it later on....


            • namers
              namers commented
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              Sonja's "assistant" looked like her and I thought it was her daughter! I feel for Sonja and her losing big time with her collection.

              I absolutely do not agree with anyone converting to Judaism. So shoot me! You can never know the pain and suffering (not that Catholics don't have a bunch of that) that comes with generations of neurotic families! And an "orthodox" rabbi? So she's going to wear a sheitl (wig), long sleeves, not mix meat with dairy with 2 sets of dishes, and walk on the other side of the street or behind men? That's like D'Andra from Dallas told Brandi, "Don't be a 'cafeteria Christian".

              I don't particularly like Eboni: she seems like a self-promoting windbag. 😁

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            I just don't like Eboni and the episode just started. Sonya was not looking you up and down, she was complimentary. Defensive much?

            Leah wants to have a Burning Man party because she couldn't go to the drugged out, nekked, blowing sand festival?

            Sonja's healer comes. Nobody says, "leaky gut, crazy mind". Bells, chimes, drums, oh my!

            Ramona invited the girls to her Hamptons house for 5 days! She's got the party planner of all party planners!

            Leah's grandma isn't doing well and she feels cranky. Nothing wrong with that.

            Nice convertible you got there, Luanne.

            Heather tweeted something nasty about the girls.

            Ramona has a listening problem. Ya think?

            Everyone likes Eboni.......that's not gonna last.

            I do wish I had a house like that and can invite all my girlfriends.

            Wait, she heats the pool to 90?

            Luann was upgraded from the basement to the penthouse.

            THE OUTFITS!

            Ramona has a healer too. If she'd only STFU! Lou: I'm not buying her BS either.

            Leah needed to scream. I had a couple of them myself today.

            Naked swim followed by brick oven pizza. Jelly.

            The circus has come to town!


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              Third Episode....just watched it now on my DVR, and it was shown last week on the network. Eboni explained to Ramona what "the help" meant. I just think at this point, there is no need to explain or correct a white woman regarding black issues. Either they get it like Luann or Sonja, or really not. Other black folks feel the same way.

              What else was there...yeah Southold and Greenport are the hidden gems on the Eastern of Long Island than the Hamptons. Leah is pissed that Heather is coming into town the next day. She told the gals what Heather thought of them. Very hypocritical of her...saying 'holla' is bad enough to act black. Eboni should address that about Heather. Sonja blew up on Ramona because Ramona said something positive about Wells Fargo than JP Morgan & Chase. Really did not cared about Luann near the drinks and not drinking. Girl, you should not be there, lol! Anyway, I would see the episode soon.


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                Originally posted by tiff5555 View Post
                Eboni explained to Ramona what "the help" meant. I just think at this point, there is no need to explain or correct a white woman regarding black issues. Either they get it like Luann or Sonja, or really not.
                Black women need to stop calling their girlfriends "bitches" as vernacular unless it's warranted like when Ramona to Sonja and Leah to Ramona. It's devaluing.

                Leah is undignified; she comes off as low class.


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                  Fourth Episode....well here is the recap
                  • We saw Garth, (Luann's boy toy), lol! Sorry but the girl just looks for another young guy, lol! Sonja seems awe of him
                  • Sonja and Luann was fighting over Tom!
                  • Ramona brush Leah away over Sonja yelling the other day in the restaurant to Luann
                  • We got to see Heather and Leah telling the ladies of what Heather said .....

                  ^ Uh, this does not look good for Heather! Can someone say, "Holla", lol


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                    Egads, fighting over Tom. I guess the upper east side and the Hamptons have run out of available men. Next they'll be fighting over Mario.


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                      I would hate to be "friends" with Ramona. She wants Leah to edit herself? Pot meet kettle!

                      Garth is an Adonis? Yeah, no. But he doesn't drink as well, is stable and can cook.

                      I don't think I like the "Black girl hair" defense for being late, Ms. Attorney.

                      Painting a nude guy makes Sip and Paint sense.

                      Kudos to Ebony for comforting Leah. She really needed a good cry. My question is, can't someone face time with Leah by phone?

                      Luann you need a drink. However, it is her house.

                      OMG, "White fragility". And, "Angry Black Woman". Wow, just wow. And again: wow.


                      • tiff5555
                        tiff5555 commented
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                        namers I forgot that Lu was a nurse....did not strike a cord in me or that I was not paying much attention too.

                      • namers
                        namers commented
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                        Which lawyer would win an argument, Eboni or Jackie? Eboni, hands down!

                      • tiff5555
                        tiff5555 commented
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                        ^ LOL! You should have included Tom as well, lol! And even Frankie Sr......

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                      I'll wait for your take, Tiff.


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