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  • Married to Medicine

    Season 8

    It's back in Atlanta with the Pandemic and George Floyd.

    How the doctor's do their jobs as front line workers while taking care of their families.

    Heavnly, "I don't need your instructions, I'm married to Dr. Damon." Alrighty then. She starts talking about Simone and the husbands get up and move!

    Looks like Simone and Jackie are still on the outs. I really hate it when folks make up and don't stay made up!

    Simone's son Micheal got a basketball scholarship to a small school in a small racist town. Oy.

    Toya loves her 1950's neighborhood with their golf cart. Her husband makes more money than the families with 2 doctors? Poor Eugene at the ER. What does she want him to do? She now has tennis calfs.

    Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott. Wow, she finished that Masters program already? In a year? Took me 3! They added his niece and friend to come to help. She's a guru!

    Jackie and Cecil are back under the same roof. They are wiping down food. I remember when I was doing that. They renovated and Jackie got her glam room. I need a glam room. I need glam.

    Heavenly, cover your nose! Her kids told Damon he was the best dad. "They don't' say that about me..."

    Anila and her husband are introduced.

    All of them are talking about Jackie and Simone seeing each other. .

    It's Dr. Damon's 50th. Interventional Pain Medicine. Pool with mermaids. I don't understand: masks or no masks?

    They're talking, isn't that a start?

    Heavenly, "we have sex on the regular".

    Wow, Damon has had a gun to his head by police twice in his life. Cecil too.

    Gross, can't watch Drunk Toya eat crab legs.

    Didn't Heavenly and Simone bear hug it out on the floor?

    I can't keep up with who's pissed at who.

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    The way the doctors had to deal with Covid and their struggles was inspiring. Thank you. Heavenly, who reached out to that poor girl who was punched in the face by the police during a protest, really showed up.


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      Cornfused: they are in a pandemic and Michael is going to college? Michael "cooks" with a microwave. Miles came back from college on a "gap year": read: tossed out!

      Sorry to see Jackie and Simone on the outs. Subborn is as stubborn does.

      Anila expanded their 8000' to 14,000'. Rich, rich, very rich! He mother is a PITA! I do like her husband stands up to his inlaws. If mommy lives with then, "I'll get divorced". Ouch.

      Jackie and her patient who helped herself with contractions.

      Why is Toya waking up her husband to take a bath? Toya: snappy? Say it ain't so. Eugene is the coolest cat.

      Heavenly is teaching her son about wealth building and generational wealth. Good for her! I heard, "You and your father are two peas in a pod, you're never know the meaning of a dollar" and I still have issues. Coke and Crown: bleck.

      Dr. Cone-tessa and Anila want to discuss. Black people think honking is aggressive? Bullpuppy, Anila's mother was not "putting her hands on her".

      Jackie reaches out to all for a basketball get together. Kids and dogs allowed. Curtis shows his support. Yeah, why is Toya bringing strange folks to her house?

      Toya, "no forks, no napkins." No class.

      Kids vs. Adults BBall. Keran took 4 ibuprophen beforehand.

      Cheaters gonna cheat!

      Heavenly: STFU! Mom-shamer. Toya needs her to sign an NDA 'cause" copycat! Heavenly reminds me of Ramona Singer: no filter, no self control, just bash people. Quad spilled some tea.

      Poor Anila, the newbie.


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        Friendship foes and marital woes.

        Anila's mother

        Contessa's kitchen is a hot mess. He recruits the guys to put furniture together.

        Poop party and Toya's. Her face does not match her sunny outfit. Old cast member Lisa Nicole came. Lady with her British flag suit can't play tennis. Eugene is cooking up baked oysters on the shell. Simone falls off her float and her wig comes off. Wigs and pools don't mix.

        Contessa feels like she can't come home to his support. So how does a TV help their relationship? Daddy Damon felt his therapist sided with Heavenly. Typical guy.
        Scott, you can talk about ish with your boy but not a therapist?

        When Heavenly makes sense! She persuaded Jackie to call her to meet and become friends again. Simone isn't the calm one...

        Anila's house seems to be coming along better than Contessa's! Kiran's clientele has dropped 90% while building a manse. Lady, cover your nose. He thinks she's nitpicking in every room. "You morphed into your mom." A treatment so you don't slip on your marble floors?

        Eugene, "you can't have a temper tantrum every day". CLEAN UP! He's getting testosterone shots? Man-o-pause! He's right about the "andropause" hormones for men too and Toya has to give the shot. Her kids think that she's the doctor in the house. Next time wear a nurse outfit. I dunno, are you hot for your co-workers?

        Simone and Simone moved Michael's stuff. She did the best she could with Miles. 🤷‍♀️ Cleveland Tennessee. Not like Spellman College. Maybe he'll influence Miles to go back to school. No girls in the dorm buddy boy. "I'm ready to get away from y'all."

        Damon Jr. has decided to become a dentist. Very cool! Miracle. And Heavenly. Wait, wasn't the woman from last week who was punched by the cop and he knocked her teeth out? Sigh.

        Too bad the message you give them, "all we want you to be is HAPPY". No pressure.


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          Allz I can say is I am glad that Jackie and Simone made up. The "unbreakable bond" really got to me.


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            Just came to say that I really enjoyed the scene with Anila and her daughter about feeling less than because she wasn't blonde with blue eyes. I can tell you from my expericence that being blonde with blue eyes did not bring me happiness or success. Sometimes I wished I was a brunette!


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              Reunion part 2: very enjoyable. I have to say I really love this series; I like most of the women (!) and most of their husbands. Next week is part 3.


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