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  • Maine Cabin Masters

    Season 6, episode 5.

    Who else loves those down-to-earth, creative, fun Mainers? I didn't watch in the beginning because I wasn't into the beards! But they are just the salt-of-the-earth folk and they work very hard. They have renovated cabins in the worst New England winters: props. I love that Ashley's the only woman and they treat her with respect. " Their dogs are part of the crew too.

    "After watching many many episodes on TV..." That's funny, he called the producers because he knew they were right for the project. I wish I could call Nicole Curtis for one of her homes!

    This camp was different than most. Jacked up on posts as part of the expansion. This looks like the biggest camp they've ever done. Even the basement will have a great view of the lake.

    It's amazing that people cover up their unused gorgeous wooden floors.

    I love seeing what Ashley does for the art piece she goes to learn how to make. The red fireplace! Barn quilts: whoda knewn?

    I can smell the pine from here. "Gus is the best assistant anyone can ever ask for." Doggie love.

    It's a nice piece but I would rather it be on the outside.

    The basement flooring was interesting.

    I still would have tried to match the stain in that corner.

    The wood is so pristine. The owners are floored. No pun! "Never did I ever ever!"

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