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Married at First Sight - Season 12


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  • Married at First Sight - Season 12

    I'm sucked in again! Five new couples, some younger, some older. I can already see some immature men and women so we'll see how ready they are.

    They had the men and women really become friendly as a group beforehand.

    Meltdown ahead!

    They book these giant halls with few guests.

    The blindfolds are a little weird.

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    Clara: Gemini and Capricorn isn't a great match but stay tuned...

    I don't see someone like Eric whose older and has been married traipsing around the world like a 20-something. I personally would prefer someone who loves pets but doesn't have one, yet. Virginia: stop playing with your hair! Can she put the alcohol down long enough for a photo? She is very high strung.

    Briana's mother seems down to earth. I really really hate the Miami Vice, no socks look. She's only worried she won't be attracted to him at first glance. Good thing she likes that look, it would do nuffin' for me. Lol. I'm not so sure about Vincent handling business then letting her know. I like that her dress has pockets!

    Drunk Virginia is holding on for dear life! "What do you do for fun?" GET BLOTTO. His conservative parents are watching her drink like real closely.

    Vincent wants to cook with his wife.

    Clara's father gave a nice speech.

    Paige and Chris marry. Ugh, he's still talking about being used by women for his money. Maybe you come off superficially, ya know? Grandpa knows what he's talking about. Chris got her an infinity necklace and she has one tattooed. Her dad seems nice. I wonder if he thinks she's pretty enough........


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      Chris finds Paige attractive (phew). Chris likes nice things. She's an accountant who needs to reel in his spending. Lol. A honeymoon baby. Yowser! You see, the pastor has on socks! Nice vows. That was sweet that he asked her if/where she wanted to be kissed. Ok, stop talking about your ex. She is a bright girl.

      Last up: Haley and Jake. Dog lover. I can't date someone with dog (s). They will always put their dog above you. It's better if you acquire pets together, IMHO.
      Her dress is pretty awesome. They are the mature couple...who guzzles from a flask with her dad. I think they will look good together. Oh geeze, a larger nose? She's pretty, live with it. He has a false smile. WTF? No laugh. He's either a depressive or isn't attracted to her. Carp! He looks like Steve Martin up there.
      Sorry but this is how I feel about him: Steak and eggs every meal? Where do they get these people from?

      Paige is already not feeling connected with Chris. Well he is in love with himself. He asked her if she was a virgin! "Are you on contraceptions". OMG. This poor girl.

      Haley doesn't know what she likes about Jake right now. Like nothing. Photo bombs. He's a Libra? They ooze charm. Him, not so much. And he's the middle child. Usually the peacemaker. She likes to travel. He likes a weird house.

      Meanwhile back at the receptions:

      Fellas: take a dance lesson beforehand!

      Chris, "On paper we match..." Uh oh.

      Briana & Vincent. Briana's dad seems cool.

      Clara & Ryan. How are you in that department?

      Ugh, all this religious talk is boring me.

      All these seasons and I still don't understand why you can get the marriage annulled, only divorce?

      All Jake can talk about is his house; all Haley can talk about is travel.

      Virginia should be blotto by now. I hate people who are chronically late.

      Chris is OBNOXIOUS. He needs to stop talking. Again: where do they get these losers from?

      Eric's friends are as nerdy as he is.

      I had a horrible boyfriend once and not one friend had the guts to tell me to leave him. Believe your friends, they know you.

      Briana and Vincent seem happy together.

      As do Clara and Ryan but I worry they don't balance each other out, both a lot.

      Virginia: do you put the drink down when you go to the bathroom?

      Coming up this season: holy carp!

      Chris has a kid on the way? He's trash.


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        Time for the honeymoon.

        Virginia drinks and drinks and drinks and drinks. Eric is giddy. Love is blind.

        Haley and Jacob: "Ready for bed!" no sex. He's not the verbal as expressing emotions. He's dull; she's bright.

        Clara and Ryan: She has energy for days and he needs quiet time. I get that. I wish she wasn't a bleached blonde. Brunettes with caramel highlights is so pretty...said this blonde.

        Paige and Chris won't be Paige and Chris for long. He has foot-in-mouth disease and has/will reveal himself...

        Briana and Vincent: He's smitten. At least they can appreciate the view.

        C&R didn't sleep well. She moves a lot in bed. High anxiety. I don't blame him. I did not like Breaking Bad and I am a TV-aholic! Her parents are both minsters. Oy.

        H&J: she looks thrilled. Neither eats breakfast; he's on the carnivore diet. OMG, no wonder. She's bored to tears and so am I!

        V&E: he's never seen her in regular day makeup. He fesses up to another unconventional marriage. What time after breakfast does she grab a drink?

        P&C: he split on the way to getting menus. He's just nasty. RUN, PAIGE, RUN. He had a panic attack? "I don't think the attraction is fully there for me." After having sex twice!

        Clara and her in-laws: isn't religion something the experts look for.

        Virginia and her in-laws. Her dad seems ok with Eric. You should be concerned about her drinking! "A pilot's wife." Yeah, she'll be in a bar. She's 50-50 on having kids? Again: experts!

        Ryan and his in-laws: mom said they didn't give her relationship skills?

        Haley and her in-laws: He's never raised his voice to his parents? They have nothing to talk about.

        Jake: the house. Her parents are like but she can sear a steak. Lordy.

        Paige and her in-laws: if it was a blind date, it would be one and done. She's very brave to share what he said to her. Dad: perhaps he should not have slept with her, ya think? They are supportive of her. Very sweet. Chris needs to be smacked on the back side of his head!

        Briana and her in-laws: Vincent's a workaholic. Hmm. Well if his tagline is, "Legacy Builder" you're in for something. Oh, he gets pretty mad, you have to calm him down. Uh oh.

        Vincent and his in-laws: Talking a good game? He's also working on his real estate exam.

        Wow, Chris' dad is confronting him! His mom isn't having it. But he might not be wrong about talking about sex with your mate's parents. "I just want to make sure you don't hurt her." I love this guy!

        I can't listen to Jake talking about meat. Staaaaaaaaaahp!

        Oh geeze, Chris is cryin'! What does being from Chicago have to do with the price of beans? She talked to her male friend's too. Would it be ok to talk to the experts? He's a blamer. He did apologize for his demeanor, not sleeping with her. Self-described most-awesome-ist person.

        Eric was crazy in college? Why did they match someone in two different decades of their lives? He's very communicative and open minded.

        The last time I was in Vegas, I stayed at that hotel. No, my room did not look like theirs!

        Haley went to Vegas 7x last year for work. Yeah, Haley would have swiped left with is speaker fanny pack.

        Not for nuthin' but these episodes are too long!

        Meeting the other spouses for the 1st time.

        OMG Chris STHUP!

        Haley left her phone on the plane. I would be HYSTERICAL!

        Vincent's mee-maw had a heart attack. Briana is being the wife he wants.

        "Jake is mellow, easygoing" and bo-ring!

        Virginia "is always going to be a drinker," I mean alcoholic.


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          Clara's marriage is "10 out of 10" Matchy matchy. Ryan sounds rigid and her job as a flight attendant has her missed holidays/birthdays. "You can stay routine and I'll just pop in and out when I feel like it." WTF!

          Virginia is an horribly insecure, self absorbed flake. Yeah, I do not do late. "We're the best." OMG, they are just delusional!

          Chris: religious hypocrite. "Leave it alone and don't bring it up again." Why do these fools sign up for the show but then, and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he just doesn't want to talk about it on camera?

          Vincent's grandmother is doing better. He and Bossy Briana are closer now.

          Chris: paranoid much? Boom guys are right at the door. Oh, I remember now: an ex is preggers! He's just tacky. She might have grounds to annul the marriage.

          Depressed Jacob and smiling depressive Haley are quite the pair. Kettle bells, yoga. They have so little to talk about.

          Clara and Ryan meet Sophie. Sophie eats 20 lbs of fish a day. No veggies? She likes belly rubs. You are not going to name your kid Elton. Good for Clara, she said exactly what I would say, "sexual preference". Raised in the church? Church not homophobic? She won't force to be a certain religion.

          Paige tells Briana and Chris tells Vincent. Wait, you can tell the public you had sex 2x? Paige: you are way too thoughtful a person. It's time for an "expert" talk. Briana is right: even before he was to meet his future wife, he was thinking about other things. Mmm hmm.

          How long before drunk Virginia comes out. "I'm not a good communicator at all." Have another glass of liquid courage. I agree with her: pick up your wet towels. Eric's true controlling, "I'm not controlling" behavior rears its head.

          Messy Clara with furballs, etc. So slob? I would do everything in my power to find a new neutral place to live. Ryan: actions speak louder than words.

          Mandalay's fake beach. Vincent's cute. "Last night was like magic for me."

          The Goonies? At Vegas? On your honeymoon? Jacob and his pink thong.

          Chris apologizes to Paige for the 2 hits she took. I think secretly he wishes she'd quit. JMHO. But asking her if today was decision day is smart. I do feel bad for him because he's got the wrath of his parents to deal with! I bet his ex was shocked he was married. Paige is asking all the right questions. He's like, "you're my wife." "I've gotten more attracted to you."

          Eric, you are so delusional. You know she's a drunk and you're ignoring it. Goals? Geeze, I had a couple of dates with a guy who was 10 years older than me. He must have said, "well I'm 10 years older than you" at least 3x. I rather be with ♪"My Generation" .Virginia: he's out of town for 15 days a month and you can then party for 15 days. Like it or lump it!

          Chris, "I concur" with his hand over his mouth. Chris sees that everyone is only supporting Paige but not him. Poor you.

          Clara: "Stockholm syndrome." No poop!

          Let's see: Paige was just a step-parent and she's in for round 2? Desperado. You see how religiosity blinds people; everything is someone else's doing.

          Dr. Viviana is perty.

          Chris is "stuck in this". Again: poor you.

          I ended a friendship with a girlfriend because she was always late. These people are not late for work though, huh? So I don't get the same respect? Staaahp!

          Oh, Eric/Virginia don't know! Yeah, it's for sure his. Chris is right, inappropriate. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ​​​​​​​


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            Episode 6.

            Eric is still talking like perfection with his alcoholic wife.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

            Briana and Vincent are's new yet.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

            I hope to see the experts come in to mediate.

            Clara & Ryan. Why are they talking about high school? She dated guys who she was into more than they did. Welcome to my world. Ryan was "taught that Love was reserved for"...blah blah.

            The guys are having a craps lesson and the girls will drink.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==

            Clara, "if anyone was going to have a secret love child, it would be Chris". Ouch.

            Vincent gushes over Briana. Jacob realizes it's only been 4 days. Eric: are you high? Virginia: WTF would they match a conservative with a liberal? Oh yeah, good TV!

            Jacob is so into Haley? He can barely muster a smile.

            The guys share their sex lives with their wives, sort of.

            Poor Paige. She wants to honor their vows. "We're at subzero now so it can only go up." Riiiiiiiiiight.

            Eric: STFU before I smack him!

            Haley is starting to like Jacob. He's duller than dirt and she's too airy. She's not the clingy type.
            Chris commends Paige on how she handles ish. He does try to be mature. Should have used a condom.;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ No dogs in my bed! "You take him out and I'll play with him." He is so stuck on his 'stuff'. Split everything 50:50. He only believes in single accounts. DIVORCE THIS LOSER. She deserves better.

            Eric: what is the prob? "We're drinking every Thursday, Friday and Saturday?" Boundaries!

            Briana and Vincent: trouble in paradise? Don't rush the bear. Vincent's taking the bossy to far; I understand he was slow. "We're each other's safe space." That's cool.

            The girls are grilling Chris and they act like they know Paige forever. He doesn't owe them an explanation. "And you're a drunkard!" Clara, because she has no self control. It's nun-ya-business. Chris is in a really bad position and I'm sure he's mortified. He's not wrong. I don't like Chris but he's not wrong! Don't poke the bear.

            They are holding hands...Paige, you could have said something positive about your husband. Nice speech.

            "I need a shot, Paige do you want one?" Drunkard. Now Eric is going to push his buttons. They are exaggerating! I gotta say this feels like a Black thing and he is proving their point!

            I hear you Clara. Slam, Ryan!

            Jacob is sensing Haley's reticent. Your conversations are hitting a wall because you're both BORING AS HELL!

            Eric is rediculously delusional. Virginia and her, "never in my entire life!" The shame.

            Chris lays a bombshell that he still loves his ex! Run Paige Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a lying liar face. When in the last 4 days did he have those conversations? He's such a CON-man. He's "spirtually attracted" to her. My god he is FOS!


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              Day 7 of marriage. The honeymoon is ovah!

              Insecure Jacob accused Haley of having a boyfriend. Sheesh. But, apparently she's lied to him. He didn't want to be matched with her high anxiety. He's a depressive if I've ever seen one.

              The apartments are like corporate housing.

              Briana, I did that with a new boyfriend: cleaned his house. That is a no-no.

              Eric "knows how living together works". She gets alone time because he's gone a lot...while she's out drinking with her male friends.

              Chris got on a flight to Chicago.

              Clara: 10:30 is early for me too. But, my ex went to bed 2 hours after me and woke up 2 hours after and that gave me mornings free.

              I'd never date someone with a cat. Period. Virginia is not ready for marriage. JMHO.

              Why is your mother's clothes in your closet, Haley? Jacob's into neon. I bet his house is a true bachelor pad.

              Egads, Eric's house is all black, save for his colorful fireplace. 2 dogs and 2 cats and 2 people under one roof.

              I also don't date a guy with 3,2, or 1 dog. They will put their dogs before you. I rather get one together. He's stuck in the 80's. Nothing like untrained dogs.
              See, she even said her dog comes first.

              Ryan's place is nice. So not that neat. Ease of access? And wrinkled clothes. I think they make a good couple; he'd be stupid to not give it his all.

              Pastor Cal visits Briana and Vincent. I think he gushes a bit much over her. He's gonna be rich, rich.

              Boxed wine, Virginia? Tacky. Pastor Cal is going to call you out indeedy. Glug, glug, glug. Sleeping on your friend's couches is not ok.

              Back to Paige and Chris, dun dun dun. Prayer's not going to solver your problems. No cameras, no mics. He's still in love with his ex and he spoke to a divorce attorney. POS! Wow, Paige let him have it!

              Briana has a lot of shoes! Her closet is unorganized! All my shirts are together; all my pants are together; all my skirts/dresses, etcetera!

              Paige is naive. Sowwy. The guy doesn't use a condom with an ex. She felt like it was her "duty" on their wedding night. Pastor Cal is SHOCKED that Chris had sex during the process. She's still having sex daily with him? UNPROTECTED! Ditz. Pastor Cal is genuine that he's not just a TV counselor. Speaking of the devil.....Chris just didn't want her. You're free Chris, go. Liar, manipulative POS! He waits until Pasto Cal leaves.

              Pastor Cal meets Jake and Haley. There is zero connection to him.

              Pastor Cal meets Ryan and Clara. Not true: you DO have things you disagree on like religion. They haven't done the deed yet. He explains what love actually is.

              Vincent's champagne exploded. He wants his own space; she senses something has shifted........"I'm just tired of your smart comments." What now? He's more sensitive than she. "Very Vinny of you." It is what it is. When the going gets rough, the weak get going. Baby, baby stick your head in gravy.


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                Do I like any of these people?

                Two weeks and 6 to go? Oy!

                I'm not sure about this 3-way conversation with Paige/Chris/baby mama.

                Brianna and Vincent need an intervention. I'm glad Vincent came back but he's nitpicking. "That won't happen again." Uh huh.

                Virginia is out of town at a wedding; Eric's going to a wedding. What is up with all these weddings?

                The guys and dogs meet. Eric KEEPS SAYING they're getting along well. No.they're.not!

                Chris is meeting with his pastor and friend. You should be nervous. He totally wasn't attracted to her so g'head then sleep with her. Please. Fellas: HE IS NOT THAT INTO PAIGE! If he stays with her for duty, he will definitely CHEAT.

                Haley: the excitement of the wedding...when this guy couldn't even smile during. Emotionally immature? More like emotionally stunted.

                Virginia just splits. Why did she get married? Will she miss him? Yeah, he does come off like, he's so experienced and older. Daddy.

                Vincent's happy with his marriage. I do see his point. I do think he expresses himself well. "You were 'bout to go home over that?" His friend Jalen makes a lot of sense. "You got to respond better. I don't want to see you mess this up."

                The guys and girls meet. The girls are the big drinkers.

                Ryan is how old? Clara reveals they haven't done the deed.

                Wifey Virginia is back. They talked every hour or two? I am with her on this one having had a very controlling boyfriend.

                Chris and Paige: she needs to make it right with God. She is way to mature for him. She needs an older guy who will worship her. He's scum.

                Time for the housewarming! Jake gulps the drink. Haley's friends tell him she's a commitment phobe.

                Eric meets the GUYS! Eric: she's an alkie, hun. Wait, whose friends are those guys? "Try not to come off as controlling." Group hug!

                Jake and Haley are soo damn boring. Axe throwing? Alrighty then.

                Clara and Ryan has folks over. What is up with "SHOTS!" Did I drink that much in my 20's? Yes, I did! She hasn't seen him w/o his shirt on? He is uptight.

                Too bad that Vincent's mother/brother wasn't able to make the wedding. Briana is open to learning Spanish to communicate with his family.

                Oh geeze: THE MEETING! Paige is suspicious... Why would Mercedes have ill will feelings towards her? "Seven weeks ago you all had a moment." That's funny.
                "Pregnant by who? Chris?" THEY'RE MARRIED. Paige is a very smart girl. Joke's on you, ha! Mercedes seems to be a nice chick.


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                  The L Word

                  I see conflict ahead!

                  Haley is just not into you, Jakey.
                  I want to like Ryan. Clara: pottery in love only works when you're both on the pottery wheel. Her schedule is going to be a problem for most partners...if she was married to Eric they'd never see each other at all!

                  Paige meets with Chris's pastor. Not only was Chris on a flight, he slept with his ex! "I love him as a brother. He is not stable." Paige, "you didn't think that before he was married?" Engaged before! I want to see the scenes with him and Chris now.....Paige doesn't believe she's actually pregnant! Say it! "I'm done." Maybe.

                  Vincent and Briana are in;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==He bought her a bike!​

                  H&J: pool party. Eric and Virginia have drunk fun. Jakey gym with dummy.

                  Paige: why are you meeting with him? Religion: does a mind bad. JMHO.

                  Clara and Ryan aren't on the same page but did take her to donut shop. She ate dough. They are very opposite in their eating habits and motivation. Uh oh. She's just stuffing her face and he's rambling on. I don't see them staying together.

                  Oh geeze. "I'm really intrigued what he has to say." Really? Chris is pissed about Pastor White and like a typical Narcissist, has "nothing to say to him ever again". I HATE NARCISSISTS! The producers are making her go back. Why isn't "I'm done" not sufficient? Chris: have you taken a DNA test? Then STFU!

                  Haley: Jake is not a happy person. Run!

                  Briana and Vincent take a dance lesson. She was a dancer. Vincent: your other left. I bet you my bottom dollar that Vincent is a Moonchild. He is moody.

                  Eric says his feelings are growing for Virginia. Hun, you're the stable person. How is his ex the greatest love he had when it was an arranged marriage? They're in love too. I hope they can come together with his job and her drinking. Lol.


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                    Day 24

                    Oh shoot, I can't watch Chris beat up on Paige anymore.

                    So why do new newlyweds say I love you when they have big things like kids between them.

                    Virginia, why are you telling the world your password? Eric ain't too keen on her texting male friends, other male friends. Tens years age difference is a lot.

                    Dr. Viviana is checking in on Briana and Vincent. He apologizes to her and she says he impresses her by being himself.

                    Paige: fool. He will jerk you around every time you let him. "I hope he decides to show up." Paige: if you listen, a man will tell you the truth. He's telling you six ways from Sunday that he's just not into you.

                    Jake and Haley are sooo dull. Could they be sitting any further apart?

                    Frustrated Clara and controlling Ryan. He wants built-in trust; she wants sex. She's talking about a previously rough relationship and she is actually is talking about this relationship......

                    Oh geeze, a marriage vision board for Paige and Chris. I'm bored to poo listening to them watching TV on Thursdays. If there were no cameras, he'd be like, "see ya."

                    Haley is staying over a girlfriend's house? They had sex but only because she felt obligated. Ugh, how do you stay with someone who you're not physically attracted to? She doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Egads, she went shopping for his clothes! BE HONEST! This is why you don't have pets in the bed! They get in between you; you use them as a buffer.

                    Virginia talks about compromise; she wouldn't give up her boys for anything. He's still "It's so awesome!" They're having political differences. They both sound fixed. "She has the problem." Eric talks from both sides of his mouth. Remember when you were a kid and a kid was in 1 grade ahead of you? It is lightyears. Now imagine 10 years age difference. It's a whole different generation.

                    I could do w/o the whip cream mess.

                    WWDr.Viv do for Clara and Ryan? I hate when he says, "sure" like he's not sincere. He needs to get out of his head. She asks to talk to Clara alone. Wait, Ryan's a virgin? I am lost with these two.

                    Dr. Viv pulls out Haley's questionnaire where she says she's picky!

                    So now Eric is worried about cheating. I can see his concern. Virginia's parents had a nasty divorce; she's scared to have kids.

                    Paige got all decked out for bible study. Watching them eat: Chris is so full of it. She's taking notes. Lol. Wait, what? He bought his ex, baba mama a brand new Mercedes Benz! And he's letting Paige know. What a guy!

                    Haley: "I'm not attracted to you in the least but I don't want a divorce." Jake: "But hey, we're in the same bed." Oy

                    Virginia: shhhhhhhhh.


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                      Paige: have you noticed that you ask all the questions and he isn't asking more about you? He only wants 5 business that make $1,000,000 each. WTF? His self worth is tied into money and he put that and kids before her.

                      Virginia puts together a foursome with Ryan & Clara. Ryan has a good grasp of who Clara is...without the actual clasp. I feel for her. How does someone goes 2 years without an ILU? Something is wrong with you? Clara says she's leaving after 6 months. "Friendship companion love." OMG! I really like Clara: she's a straight shooter, expresses herself well and isn't gonna take bull.

                      Paige, Haley and Briana get together. She's trusts Vincent.

                      Haley and Jake slept in the same bed. Can I get a woo hoo?! No dingbat, dressing up, freaking people out and not telling them it's a joke is ABUSIVE.
                      Speaking of which: Chris bought the ex a Mercedes but didn't have a conversation with Paige.

                      Haley and Jake go to a tarot/healer! Strong energy is causing Haley anxitey. Ooo, they are secretly trying to control each other! He couldn't even release control enough to slam her. Lifepath 6 & 8 are compatible. I'm a 3 so who am I most compatible with, numerically speaking?

                      Virginia makes a picnic. The moving in convo...... She wants no part of living together until they get a place together. THE ULTIMATUM. But she's not wrong with all the animals. Why are they waiting to even start looking for a place together? Why move twice? Put your place on the market and STFU!

                      Paige if you sleep with him again because you had a nice day together you are asking for hurt. Wow, she's been not answering phone calls. I'll give him props for not liking texting. It's the "off camera" convo. If what he's saying is true then he is making a good point. "I think that we are at a dead end."

                      One month anniversaries.

                      Briana, "I'm not a control freak but I just like to know what's going on." Me, I love a surprise. A dining catamaran. Watching their wedding. I hope you'll be together forever too. Vincent has the right idea about marriage and life...Chris can learn a thing or three from him. "I love that you like me." I love that.

                      Haley & Jake go wine tasting and have a "reset". *leaves to get a glass* She looked gorgeous, "you look good though". As per Tom Petty, "You got lucky." He's not wrong: she's not attracted to him. Haley needs to split. Or he does. No, not the rest of the couples. "It's a hug." NOW he's talking?

                      Eric has his own family hanger! "Having someone to come home to every day" until he's flying and not home and she's out getting drunk. Punch drunk love!

                      Clara & Ryan take a helicopter ride. "Thanks, Pal." Wow, can't even think of a highlight? They are not aligned in values and he will reject her by not having withholding sex. Run!

                      Egads, Paige is watching the wedding video alone. She deserves better. "Choose yourself." Words to live by.

                      Ryan made an effort to make a romantic outdoor gesture...but is triggered by the siding of his house? What? But he is boring me to death!

                      "Want a drink?" "It is a celebration!" It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Her gift is her and her dog on a blanket. He kinda likes it? Yeah, the gps coordinates of where they 1st met.......maybe with a wedding photo? She worries he's going to hurt her. Maybe she should figure out why men leave her?

                      Geeze Ryan, can you not even give Clara a kiss for that? On the lips! They spend all their time "agreeing" which is not authentic.


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                        Week 5. Feels like Week 100.

                        Apparently what I wrote for last week, I forgot to post.

                        Eric, "you're married dude". Well first, she's not a "dude" doofus.

                        Ryan doesn't like/want Clara...

                        Must we see any more of the Chris saga? Let Paige live in peace!

                        Virginia's sister/nephews come for a visit. "We don't fight about little things." STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR.

                        Briana and Vincent talk finances. I do like that she's using a big screen to views a spreadsheet. Holy moly: $250 a month for your hair? Hell no! $200 for one date? Wow, she has no understanding of finances! Poor guy just started a business! He's planning for a house and stability; she should marry Virginia and they can go out every night and party.

                        No, pastor Cal, you don't want to try everything; you want Paige to suffer for ratings! He feels Virginia would be a good mom.

                        Dr. Pepper talks to Eric. Give him props for wanting to share in the dog's training. He sez he understands it's her baby. Dr. Pepper sees that Virginia's drinking is too much. Yeah, she is gonna feel a certain way and it's not going to be healthy.

                        Ryan is full of it. Liar. Can't think of anything? Please. Dr. Pepper asks about sex. Clara does feel rejected.

                        Pastor Cal and Clara. She thinks it's a great match up! Sure it is. Sure, sure. She rates it a 10. They're both delusional! How can she be in love with him when she's never had sex. C'mon! Holy carp, she's been servicing him! "Technical virgin."

                        Eric is supportive of whatever fears she may have but she's unwilling to talk about drinking. Not liking this convo.

                        Ryan sounds like a 14 year old girl.

                        Yes, Dr. Pepper, Chris IS a outrageous Narcissist. Thank you! But, 3 professionals couldn't see the mental illness in him? She said it twice. If you are so religious, you will never understand mental health and therapy. No matter what she is told, she's not getting her head around that he is SICK.

                        Oh geeze, Pastor Cal and Chris. After what I went through today with my doctor being 45 minutes, he certainly has handle it better than I did. "The face." OMFG. Someone needs to tell him he's a Narcissist. He's "not attracted to the face." That is just NASTY. Did you like her body? OMFG! Do you hear the blame? Imagine how Paige will feel seeing this on TV.

                        Paige, didn't god intend for this marriage? Weren't you so sure?

                        Vincent: sleeping more than 9 hours isn't restful. Pastor Cal says that pleasing her but not at your expense.

                        Briana sees Dr. Pepper. I bet Vincent is a Moonchild. ♪ She works hard for the money. She has high blood pressure and has concerns about pregnancy. "Your husband should know what makes you afraid." Indeed.

                        Jacob and Pastor Cal. There aren't a whole lot of things. Her determination? RME.

                        Haley and Dr. Pepper. She's just not that into him.

                        Vincent: do you want to travel? She's right about the phone. Or TV or computer. Messes with your sleep. Why must you fill up your downtime with more uptime?
                        They should visit an OBGYN together.

                        Haley has the wrong outlook on she and Jake.

                        New series: MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: UNMATCHABLES.


                        • #13
                          Seven days. If one couple is together on decision day, I will be surprised! Or zero couples. Wowser.

                          You can already tell who's sitting far away from whom!

                          Jacob left at 7am to get back to the dogs...who he cares more for than her.

                          Virginia says she and Erik are "getting to the makeup quicker". Alrighty then.

                          Clara's glad to be home but had fun. She is hanging on to "we're meant to be". I can see him saying, "no". Ryan and his "responsibilities". It's interesting that she was a Virginia but settled down, unlike her.

                          Briana and Vincent...If I had to bet my bottom dollar: Vincent is a Moonchild (as am I) and I guessed an Aires today and was correct (she enjoys cliff jumping, even after breaking her spine). She's direct and her being "bossy" was a "turnoff" to her. She's now put off by that. Uh and oh.

                          They all meet with their besties to discuss. Ryan is weighing all his pros/cons. Poor Clara talks about her feelings too much for him. Her goals are to sit and watch TV and eat.

                          Briana has 2 laptops. She calls her mom. Can you please take the cursor off of your mama's face please. Do I believe that Vincent asked the experts not to match him with someone like that? You don't have to change yourself, you just have to be cognizant of your behavior if it's a lot; if everything appears to be a lot then leave.

                          Clara is stuck on the "I love you" 10 out of 10. BULL!

                          Haley needs to start out with a tequila shot. Haley, you're an ok gal and you need to find someone who floats your boat right off the bat and you'd be smitton; he's just not the one. Jake wakes up some days and he's not ok? WTF? "He's loyal" like a puppy.

                          If you didn't like the person if you met them outside of the show, that should tell you something.

                          Erik and Tex call his bud. "I know why they matched us. I'm one of the luckiest dudes ever." I cannot believe the naiveté of some of these people. Sheesh.

                          Bullpuppy religious freak, stars DO have an impact; how the heck would I have known that girl's sign? couldn't. Clara answered no to many questions about her drive and ambition: none. Huh?

                          Vincent likes his inlaws. I didn't realize they drove 5.2 hours! Why, has she been "bossy" for the 7 weeks? I don't think so, so why are you harping?

                          Virginia invites over one of her many suitors, I mean girlfriends, I mean boy friends. Erik's place is a bachelor pad. She's not sure if she's ready to do this IRL.

                          Clara played in a powderpuff something or other as a warm body. Not for nothing, you should just go bowling. Yeah, he's a little aggressive. She is such a wuss!

                          "No matter what, we'll always have this matter what happens on decision day. He just revealed his hand."

                          Briana knows this is the fate of her entire life. Ok, Vinny so you know what you do, just don't repeat it. I think they both mean, "controlling". What the heck did he order? I think she is more mature than he is, period.

                          "I wanted to be married so bad......" Jacob got better dressed as a result of MAFS.

                          OMG, if Virginia left him, he'd be crushed. Have another drink, both of you. He rambles on and on about his list and if she'd only just do what he wants you to do! I think if there were no cameras, their fights would be HUGE.

                          These people have so many, "buts".

                          Briana, how did you get those boots on?! OMG, he cut her hair!

                          Jake is another one, "one way or another we'll be connected for the rest of our lives, right?" Yeah, no.

                          Vincent you can't even say goodnight and a kiss. Really, cause she has a personality? FFS! I think the men are a mess. 👎

                          I'll say this about Haley and Jacob: their dogs like each other.


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